Climb him like a tree, Rosie.

Good news! Everything about Michael Corinthos’ story continues to be unexpectedly awesome and I’m so happy about it.

(Did you know Chad Duell could do an adorable drunk? I did not know this. BUT I WAS DELIGHTED TO FIND OUT.)

drunk Michael

ROSALIE: You’re a really nice guy, Michael. And you saved my life! I mean, when does that happen? Literally, what are the odds of me going over to your apartment to do something shady, and not only are you such a nice guy that you don’t fall for my come ons, but you save me from certain death!
MICHAEL: You were–you were coming on to me?
ROSALIE: You were standing there in a towel and I put my hand on your chest. What did you think that was…?
MICHAEL: I thought you had a problem with personal boundaries.


Linda Tovar does an adorable drunk as well, but what I enjoy most about her are her normal person reactions to SOAPS! weirdness — whether it’s freaking out over being nearly shot by hit man, laughing in disbelief at Nina’s craziness, or giving drunken advice about never sharing your deepest darkest secrets. She makes a refreshing counterpoint to Michael’s jaded soap kid.

Also, she has good taste in bras:

Rosalie's pretty bra

It was so pretty she just had to sleep in it.

And then he called her Rosie and she didn’t lie to him about anything and I enjoyed their bar kiss way more than I was expecting to. Because I’ll be honest: watching him disown his shitty girlfriend and give a recitation of all secrets she’s been keeping for months was kind of magical? But enough is enough, already. Give this kid one non-Dante person he can trust.

Speaking of which:

MICHAEL: A baby girl is born into this world and her mother and her father lie and kill the way most people breathe.
ROSALIE: Morgan could still be the father.
MICHAEL: Morgan’s a baby himself. He’s a spineless tool who can’t take responsibility for anything.

That is a devastatingly accurate description of Morgan. I love angry, no filters Michael so much, you guys!

Sonny is a manipulative ass

The best part of this cap is how
it looks like he’s praying to Viola Davis

Elsewhere on the Corinthos front, Sonny — who earlier cared so much about the welfare of his daughter/grandaughter that he outsourced her retrieval to his most incompetent henchman’s voicemail, and didn’t think it was worth mentioning her kidnapping to anyone else even when he was about to die — is suddenly the most devoted father/grandfather on the planet.

(He needs to get out of jail, y’all! Not for himself, oh no. But because his flesh and blood needs him! He has rights as a parent! I mean, if Sonny doesn’t get out of jail, how can he possibly ruin this kid’s life as thoroughly as he has each of his other children?)

Watching Alexis tell another of her baby daddies to take his manipulative bullshit and shove it was kind of amazing, is all I’m saying. How did this show get good again? Can it never stop?


15 thoughts on “Climb him like a tree, Rosie.

  1. all I could think this week as michael decimates everyone was about time and then with rosie he was different and I kept thinking are we sure this guy is carly’s child.
    NLG has been extra good lately and I loved her handling of sonny. he is such a freaking weasel.

  2. I love Rosalie so much! It has been a while since I had a new soap lady to love. The actress is great! I really started to pay attention to her after the hitman stuff, she knocked those scenes out of the park.

    Plus, her and Michael are all kinds of magical? And the fact that they got to stay in bed for an entire episode and talk and make out and then go for another round of “making ourselves feel better” ? Icing on the cake of course is Kiki walking in, I don’t know if I can express how happy I am that that relationship is over. One can only hope that after Kiki lays in to Rosalie that Rosalie stops feeling bad and hops right back on Michael after shoving Kiki out the door!

    I hope Michael asks Rosalie to work at the new clinic.


  3. I love the fact that Kiki is walking in although I’m unclear as to what happened to Michael’s living room. She unlocked the door and walked right into his bedroom. This is the 2nd time that Kiki has walked in on her man banging someone else. Can she just pull up stakes and leave town, and take Sabrina with her? I also really like Rosalie, I liked the way she just confessed pretty much everything but her very big secret to Michael in an instant, and then the way he leaned down and kissed her was just adorable. I agree with Kate, Rosalie doesn’t have a job and Michael has a new clinic that needs staff.

    • I’m so, so glad she was so open with him about all the things she’s done. And even if he doesn’t know her big secret, he knows that she has one. So it’s not like it will be a huge betrayal when it eventually does come out. I mean, assuming the secret isn’t that she’s a cannibal or murders puppies for fun or something.

  4. Not once did Kiki even really apologize. When Michael brought up that she lied for Franco back and February, did she say, gee, sorry? Or even, “I knew he was innocent then but yes so I can’t be sorry that I kept his secret then because it saved your mom’s life but overall you were right and he is horrible and I’m sorry for throwing him in your face all the time”? nope, it was just “but he was innocent and he saved your mom’s life!” Then grimaced and umm’ed at him. She’s really giving Lulu-when-she-had-bangs a run for being insufferable.

    • oh, I love Morgan so I want Michael to forgive him. Their relationship is cute and there was a time when Michael fit the same exact description, so I’m hoping Michael can forgive him in a month or two.

  5. I am so back in the GH and it is TOTALLY bc CD gives amazing drunk face. Like, “I had sworn off younger men but maybe just one more” is how inspired I am by his drunk face. Less cougarly, the fact that Michael has just thrown off the bs that is acceptable soap family dynamics where people lie and kill to “protect” their family with “You’re dead to me, you’re dead to me, you’re dead to me too and also, Keeks, I’m about to have sex with this girl again and you’re slowing me down so you can go now” is just sooooooo good. His angry drunk isn’t even tragic, it’s like sun coming out after a 20 year rainstorm.

    In less inspired news, Brit got Nick back? After she stole his sister’s baby? Does LuLu have feelings about this? Is LuLu still a character? If so are they going to recast her so the perfectly decent Dante actor can have some chemistry and storyline with his wife? So many questions after a long hiatus.

    • Jason took Sam back after he threatened to put a bullet in her head after she terrorized baby Jake at gunpoint and watched a BSC woman steal his kid. Long term character history goes out the window (Jason, Carly, Nik, Elizabeth…) for whatever crap the writers decide to throw on our screens. Lulu gave Lucas her approval to be with Brad, and I think it has a lot to do with there being more chemistry between Lucas and Brad versus Lucas and Felix. Nik is a tool.

  6. There is not a CAPS LOCK loud enough to express my soapy joy as this dpi unfolds lol. Carly and Sonny still don’t get it that they mucked up alllllll along since Michael was born, they think their big mistake was not killing Franci before he told Michael the truth. And KiKi believes that the appropriate response to your man basically being like “and on your way out, leave the lights on bc me and Rosie like it like that” is to put down your purse and continue speaking. And Michael obviously thinks they alllll crazy. AND he goes all anti-slut-shaming when KiKi calls her names. Carly doesnt have Sonny, nor Franco nor Michael. There is a genie granting all my GH wishes. Oh, GH, I’m sorry we quarreled. Let’s never fight again.

  7. I hope RC sticks to his story and does not come up with some BSC nonsense that someone else murdered AJ, so that Sonny can weasel out of jail time and off my screen for longer than one week!

  8. Michael’s line about thinking Rosalie didn’t have personal boundaries was definitely one of my favorites that has come out of his mouth in the past week. A soap character thinking about personal boundaries! Hilarious!

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