Five Things About Revenge: “Ambush”

1. I don’t know it’s because this show has finally become a complete farce, or if I’m just happy that something actually happened, but this episode did not make me want to scream in frustration!

David learns the truth

I mean, Emily’s whole angry speech to Nolan about how she was totally going to stop lying to her father about her identity, but then he had the nerve to lie to her face? Priceless! (We were supposed to laugh at that, right? Because as long as I can feel like the show is deliberately leaning into it’s own absurdity, I can enjoy it.)

2. Case in point: Daniel and Emily’s new dynamic, where she treats him like an annoying bug and he’s lecherously amused by everything she does. SO GOOD FOR ME.

Daniel’s been so tiresome for so long now that I’d almost forgotten what it felt like to be entertained by a scene that he’s in. But giving Victoria real talk about how her plan is stupid? Trolling Emily in elevators and letting her step on his head on her way to do a BANK HEIST? Finally, a Daniel Grayson I can get behind!

Daniel and Emily's new dynamic

3. Speaking of Graysons, apparently Charlotte’s exit last week was a permanent one? That’s… oddly anti-climactic. I’m torn, because Charlotte was useless, but she didn’t have to be. And they got rid of her just when she could have actually done something interesting by teaming up with Emily. And come on — after all this lead up, they have David and the show and she doesn’t even warrant a goodbye scene? Or make any peace with Jack? Lame, writers.

4. DIANE MILLER IS CRAZY LOUISE’S MOM! This is easily the most delightful thing that’s come out of crazy Louise’s time on the show so far.

Louise's crazy mom

I’m a little worried by Louise’s run in with Nolan, if only because these writers have a bad habit of throwing him into bad relationship plots with crazy people. And frankly, the only Nolan plot I want to see right now is one where David grovels a lot.

5. Despite all the ridiculous reasons why it was delayed for so long, I was not prepared for the Emily/David reunion to actually. Maybe I’m just happy to see someone yelling at David, but that was really satisfying?

Except for the completely useless “20 hours earlier” device — can we just call a moratorium on that one unless there’s actually a plot related reason for it? (And no, Victoria randomly getting electrocuted does not count. Just put up a cue card that reads “Sorry, we’ve forgotten how to create organic conflict for our characters” next time, writers. It would be less awkward.)


2 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Ambush”

  1. Revenge started out great this season and is now off the rails. I think it boils down to having to do 22 episodes a year versus say 15 or 16 like we see with shows on cable.

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