Crack open the soap cornucopia!

It’s that time of year again, gentle readers, when we all take stock of the things in life that don’t suck. But the real world is full of some depressingly horrible stuff right now, so let’s count our fictional blessings.

Quartermaine Thanksgiving 2014

This year in Port Charles, I’m thankful for righteous tell-offs and just desserts and everything Michael Corinthos Quartermaine is choosing to be.

CARLY: Everything was about protecting you. And you know what? I’d do it again. You want to know why?
MICHAEL: Because you’re a horrible, deceitful person?

I’m thankful for his hatred and this unflattering shade of orange.

Sonny in prison

I’m thankful for Julian FINALLY telling the truth, and for Alexis finally getting to say everything I’ve been screaming at the tv for months.

Alexis tells off Julian

JULIAN: He told me that if I didn’t do it, the shooting wouldn’t stop with Lucas! That he would kill you, Sam, Danny and Molly and everyone else I love.
ALEXIS: No. No, sir. You do not get to use us as an excuse.
JULIAN: An excuse? Your lives were at stake. What was I supposed to do?
ALEXIS: You call the police. That’s what you do! You tell the truth. That’s what you do. You follow the law. That’s what you do!

I’m thankful for the look on Julian’s face when Helena threatened her, and I’m thankful for the squee in my heart every time these two goobers are on screen together:

Liason Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for Liesl Obrecht’s magnificent hair and Helena Cassadine’s delicious gams.

I’m thankful that Franco the Crazy Whisperer doesn’t make me want to stab myself in the face every time he’s on screen.

Franco and Nina

I’m thankful the TJ doesn’t have to emote very often because wow, he is terrible at it.

And I’m thankful for my sweet SIZZLE getting to share some wine before they’re inevitably at each other’s throats when the new Liason/Jasam wars break out.

SIZZLE Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, guys! May your day be filled with good food and no surprise visits from super villains.

(You know, unless that’s what you’re into.)


8 thoughts on “Crack open the soap cornucopia!

  1. the villians are boring to me, always were, always will be…

    and I want to know who luke is, now…..

    this dragging it out now that AG is back, is just stupid as all get out


  2. I too am grateful for, and then some, the new Michael Quartermaine. I am grateful that Tony Geary is back from his ailments so this story can move again. And I am also grateful that the year in (not?) suck/soap is coming up in the not so distant future – one of my most favorite things in the soap universe and the thing that caused me to discover this site in the first place. No pressure.

  3. Happy ThanksGiving!

    I am grateful Michael is on a roll yelling and snarling at Carly and Sonny!
    I am grateful this Fluke storyline is finally moving on!
    On a shallow note, how in the heck can Becky Herbst look so gorgeous (and have a flat stomach!) after having three babies?!

  4. Oh but I do wish it was John McBain instead of this Other Guy from the WSB investigating Anna Devane…

    now that I could totally dig…..

    I think that silas and anna would make an awesome couple……..and him and ava, aren’t that bad either…


    but the story as far as I’m concerned is still moving way too slow, like they really should have told us who fluke really is,……

  5. I loved Julian and Alexis both his confession and then going off to rescue Luke. I love NLG and TG scenes! Love Natasha and Helena scenes and that scene with Julian tossed in the mix was just awesome!

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