A good minion is a gift that keeps giving.

Oh, Britta. You beautiful human train wreck. Why do I still love you so much? It must be some sort of instinctive pity reaction to seeing someone so incapable of making a single good decision, because it’s not like I can really fault Nikolas from kicking her to the curb. But I also still just really want things to work out for her somehow.


Britt and Brad are besties

BRAD: Why didn’t you call me?
BRITT: Because it was Thanksgiving and you were with your boyfriend. I didn’t want to bother you.
BRAD: Even if I was having the best Thanksgiving ever, you and I? We’re besties!
BRITT: We are?
BRAD: When the chips are down, we can’t count on each other, who can we count on?

I’m going to miss these two so much when Kelly Thiebaud moves onto greener pastures.

Sadly, Britt’s impending exit probably means Nikolas is back in play in the Elizabeth/Jason/Sam/Patrick quad. And with Ric about to be miraculously resurrected, that’s a few too many dicks on the dance floor of Liz’s heart for my taste.

Speaking of Jason, this section of dialog was amazing:

Sam and Patrick fight

SAM: Why did you shoot my husband?
FAISON: It was pure business. Of all persons, your husband would understand.
SAM: No, Jason would not understand. He had honor. He had a code. You–you shot him in the back!
FAISON: It was business.
SAM: And then you kicked him into the water like some kind of animal!

Yeah, Jason had a code! When he shot people, he had the courtesy to do to their faces! And he always gave them a respectful burial in an unmarked grave in the Pine Barrens afterward!


Jason and Helena

St. Jason is suddenly looking much Jason-like, by the way. Expanding neck size? Check. Hair sticking straight up in the front like he’s just been electrocuted? Check. Dark t-shirt and jeans? Check. I mean, it’s not black, but I guess some minor brainwashing is bound to have an affect on a man’s personal style.

(I’d say that a complicated brainwashing scheme seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to just to get a quality minion, but given Sonny hasn’t been able to find anyone better than the Max, Milo, and Shawn brain trust, good help is obviously hard to find.)


Elsewhere on the canvas, brace yourselves, because I am about to type a sentence I never thought possible: I am legitimately enjoying a Franco plot.

Franco Nina and baby

He literally talked Nina back to sanity! And then he cooed at a baby! And kidnapping is wrong and all, but that is a seriously cute baby. I would probably kidnap her too.

Plus, Nina may be a mentally unbalanced criminal, but she made some solid points her other parental options. I mean, would you wish Ava and Sonny and/or Morgan on your worst enemy? Ava’s the kind of person who didn’t think naming a child Kiki would create a monster, Sonny tends to forget his girl children exist, and Morgan has the emotional depth of a donut hole. A semi-reformed serial killer and a bionic woman loving nutcase really do sound better in comparison. TEAM FRANCO.

I feel… so dirty now.


13 thoughts on “A good minion is a gift that keeps giving.

  1. Nope, Morgan might be a dunderhead, but he would still make a better parent than those two. May Franco and Nina die in a fire, after Scott finds out that Franco isn’t his.

  2. May Franco and Nina die in a fire, after Scott finds out that Franco isn’t his.

    I would love for that to happen, but, I think that we’re stuck with them


  3. Howarth and Stafford and that insanely adorable baby are making this improbable baby-napping story work. I’m as surprised as you are, since I actively hated everything connected with Ava’s pregnancy, Nina and Franco up until Nina and Franco landed in Canada. It is pretty entertaining to think that the baby’s legal parental candidates are actually worse options that her current crazypants kidnappers.

  4. KMo’s acting with Patrick the other day was the best she’s been in ages – too bad I found it infuriating that it was all on behalf of Jason. She seemed to be starting to gain some awareness about Jason and his line of work for the past while, even if she still loved him, but it went all out the door again.

    lmao at “expanding neck, check”.

    Gotta go with ambrosefolly, I think Morgan would be a clumsy parent, but he’d try. Plus I don’t trust Nina to not accidentally bit the baby’s arm off or something in her scenery chewing.

  5. I hear you…liz and nick are so overdone…and then some

    she and the new Jason have excellent chemistry even better then becky and steve….but then again, becky has chemistry with anyone, and so does billy…..


    Plus I don’t trust Nina to not accidentally bit the baby’s arm off or something in her scenery chewing.


    • I will miss britt too..i hated her at first, but she is the first character in a very long time that they have actually made grow….so in that way I am very sad that they are not keeping her…she was really good for nick, she got him, where liz never will…they were from really the same kind of family, their parents, (well not laura) wee all idiots…and then some…..and all that…

      and yes, please, pretty please, tell us that heather was lying after all that scotty really isn’t franco’s dad…..and real fast…

      but first clear up this stupid fluke stuff…..I’m tired of it, like yesterday…

      oh and end the brainwashing stuff, too, it got old when Helena did it to lucky…


  6. I have hated every single Franco moment, but I love watching him with Nina. They’re like their own little (side) show.
    I’m sick of the Fluke story, too, and I understand TG has been out of commission for awhile, but at LEAST have him reveal to the real Luke who he is. We at home deserve that final piece of info after the long wait. I’m more convinced than ever that it’s Bill Eckart and not someone with plastic surgery.
    It is a shame about Britt. When Spencer says she won’t do any of it again, I truly believe him…lol.

    • I don’t get it, why on earth did she let the jerk out of her sight….

      I didnt’ see yesterday’s show, so…didn’t hear that comment, but that is funny…love her wit, tracy’s…

      and yes, I am bored with the fluke story too…….and I have seen spoilers…revealing who he is….


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