Five Things About Revenge: “Atonement”

1. In the interests of putting the spoilers underneath the cut, I’ll start with the second most important thing to happen in this episode:

Nolan and Louise


Look, it is the little things, okay? Also, his friendship with Louise is kind of adorable except for how she is still probably going to kill him and wear his skin as a coat at some point.

2. In other news, HOW DARE YOU, REVENGE. How dare you make me cry about goddamn Daniel Grayson. Could you not have killed him off during any the three and a half years he spent being a useless lump? I mean, seriously. By all means kill him, but give me more than three episodes of awesomeness first!

(What am I supposed to look forward to now? Marguax going on a revenge campaign? The further adventures of Officer Stalker? A dozen more episodes of David and Emily not actually having a conversation that lasts longer than a minute?)

Daniel dies

Daniel dies2


But whatever, at least he got in decent moment of realization that his life has been a series of escalating garbage choices. I especially appreciated the way Daniel’s decision to support the good old boys crony network over a rape victim was positioned as the definitive moment in the battle for his soul. Also, old Arctic Pools himself showing up in flashback form to dispense more timeless wisdom from Grandpappy Privilege van Patriarchy? Amazing.

3. Did Victoria just… experience actual character growth? I mean, aside from blaming her decision to frame her lover for mass murder on his keeping a minor secret about his mentally ill wife. Aaaaand she did sort of just breeze right over the part where she bribed a doctor to have his daughter institutionalized afterward. Or how she (awesomely) murdered Emily’s boyfriend and left him like a hilariously posed gag gift in her living room.

Victoria's confession

But still! Actually telling the truth about anything is a That’s a huge step for her! Which… I’m sure will be immediately nullified by her blaming Emily and David for Daniel’s death and going into some sort of crazy revenge spiral

4. Speaking of which, so David really has been playing Victoria this whole time? I’m so confused, because he also seemed genuinely surprised by her confession. And if he was gunning for her all along, why not just tell Emily what he was up to instead of needlessly arguing with her about it? Why not let Victoria just die when she was electrocuted in a real, freak accident? WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DAVID CLARKE, AND WHY IS YOUR PLAN SO BORING?

5. Poor Jack. Another girlfriend bites the dust. But it was nice to see Emily outsmarting a worthy opponent.  And it’s not a fight at Grayson manor if someone doesn’t fall through the railing (you’d think they’d get that thing double reinforced or something).

Emily and Agent Evil


Apparently, I have a type, and that type is Emily Thorne pushing brunettes up against the wall.


6 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Atonement”

  1. Sadly my fav part of the show was when Emily casually mentioned that her best friend was a genius. I will take Nemily however I can get it.

  2. They’re going to make us care about Jack/Emily by killing every person in their orbit. I didn’t like Aiden and Daniel became a jerk, but Emily had way more chemistry with them than Officer Boring. And I loved FauxAmanda, she made Jack more tolerable.

    • Unfortunately, I read a comment from the showrunner that indicates they think Officer Boring is a legit romantic choice for Ems. Which… again makes me think the writers and I are watching a very different show.

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