Schadenfreude makes the heart grow fonder.

You know, I want to say I’ve missed Johnny, but it’s hard to miss someone when you’re busy repressing large portions of the year or so before he left.

(Hey, remember that time Johnny and Carly had a relationship that we were all supposed to take seriously? Or that time he killed a 4 year old and let a mentally ill woman he also had sex with take the rap? Or that time he framed Tracy for his father’s murder? No, of course you don’t, because LALALALALA NONE OF THAT HAPPENED.)


ANYWAY. The point is, Johnny has a lot of crap to make up for before I’ll even come close to forgiving and forgetting the train wreck that was his most recent plots. But having his prison gang beat the stuffing out of Sonny? That makes up for a lot.

Thanks, John.


And now, your daily Elizabeth/Jason moment of zen:

Jason and Elizabeth flirting

ELIZABETH: You know your pulse is racing. And your temperature is elevated.
JASON: Maybe you  just have that effect on me.

STOP. Just stop with that ridiculous face, Billy Miller! YOU ARE KILLING ME HERE.


8 thoughts on “Schadenfreude makes the heart grow fonder.

  1. Ohhh… Johnny is back. Jolivia was hot..Their romance gave my Cougar heart such hope. (I’m still waiting on my young mafia prince to sweep me off my feet!)

    Him and Carly was just YUCK…#mindblock…#neverhappened

  2. I sure hope this brainwashed, oh-so-fabulous assassin storyline doesn’t mean Jason isn’t going to retrieve his Quartermaine memories. I will be sooo disappointed and also Billy Miller’s cute facial expressions won’t make any sense because Jason Morgan doesn’t have any.

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