What a twist!

No, I don’t mean the big Bill reveal at the end. I’m talking about the surprise twist that the combination of Sonny, Julian, Franco and Ava forced to spend time together is actually… not terrible? Like, I legitimately guffawed more than once while watching Sonny’s pained expressions as Ava and Franco bickered in the back seat.

Sonny is pained

The face I normally make when Sonny talks

We are talking about three characters I normally can’t fast forward through fast enough, and one who is useless when not half naked and ripping clothes off of Alexis. And yet somehow, together, they don’t suck quite as much. I know! No one was more surprised than me!

Maybe it’s just the novelty of not having to listen to all of them having the same arguments for the 800th time? Because at this point, I really would rather watch Kiki try to explain quantum physics than have to sit through yet another scene of Sonny and Julian threatening to kill each other. At least now that they are the long-suffering dads of the jailbreak posse, it’s something new.

Franco and Ava bicker

Don’t make Julian turn that car around, you two!

Meanwhile, Bill Eckert is probably a mummy and real Luke is most likely — brainwashed? Suffering from a split personality? A secret alien clone? I don’t even know, you guys.

Dante sees Bill

Bill Eckert's corpse

But I am enjoying the exploration of Spencer history, whether it’s learning more about Patricia, or this little bit:

FLUKE: Your daughter got the whole clan over there to honor dear Aunt Ruby. Dear Aunt Ruby, who taught your sister when she was 15 to turn a trick and keep the johns crawling back for more.

I mean, I loved Ruby too, but he’s not wrong? And it was kind of weird listening to Bobbie wax nostalgic about everything Ruby did for her without acknowledging that pretty big teenage elephant prostitute in the room, you know?

Anyway, this twist is either going to be so ludicrous that it will be fondue mask melting levels of AMAZEBALLS or so ludicrous that it will be Franco’s brain tumor levels of terrible. TIME WILL TELL. Two things are for sure, though: 1) it will be ludicrous, and 2) the GH props department remains the best.


13 thoughts on “What a twist!

  1. My hope is whoever this turns out to be is who fathered Ethan and was responsible for all the I was never faithful to Laura and hated being a father. Luke loved Laura and being with Lucky.
    I will put up with all sorts of terrible of Luke and Laura is respected again.

    • Yeah, I’m kind of hoping for that, too. Undoing all the terrible Luke retcons of the Guza era would be the saving grace of and sort of DID story, no matter how stupid it ends up otherwise being.

    • I don’t see the retcons being undone because AG clearly wants his character far away from what made LnL popular in the first place and back to being the sleazy man that raped a teenage girl on a dance floor. I dislike LnL, but the couple was very, very popular and to have Luke basically go back to his days before Laura is a crime. It makes me irritated since Laura/GF returned to the show supposedly years ago, because Luke without Laura would not work and we can’t even get GF back on contract for some reason!

  2. I’m hoping when Helena said she took care of it she meant she stashed Luke somewhere else and left bill’s corpse there to throw off whoever might find him.

    Also – didn’t this storyline start off with the Fluke being dead set on destroying Sonny and everything he cared about? When did it switch to a Luke Spencer vengeance?

  3. I giggled at the ridiculousness. I love GH, you can’t get this type of cray anywhere else.

    Oh and Helena having her guards knock Nikolas out was also a highlight!

  4. Also, for my mom, the prospect of Luke just being crazy was the best. The absolute best thing! If Laura can go crazy, why not Luke?

      • Truth! Like..after a year of being in a looney bin and pumped full of drugs only to realize that no one missed you? Why the hell not? Luke has saved Port Chuck like 5 times and when he finally needed saving, no one came for him.

        I find that more than reasonable motive.

    • that’s why I’m okay with this plot. Of course the writing will probably say that Luke’s mental illness is “stronger” than Laura’s somehow

      • Well.. plotting to murder all of your family relations is a bit ‘stronger’ than going catatonic. It makes them both sad.

        What I would love is if Laura came back to save the day. But that’s because I miss Laura.

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