Okay, maybe not everything is terrible.

Look, show. I am totally down with Sonny and Julian braiding sparkly friendship bracelets for each other in prison. I am even cool with them staying reluctant frenemies now that they’re on the outside again. But Julian joining the official church of Saint Sonny is taking things a step too far. Possibly ten steps.

Thankfully, Michael’s telling off skills remain top notch:

Michael and Julian

JULIAN: Maybe I’m the lucky one. Because my son appreciated everything I did for him. Guess you can’t extend Corinthos the same courtesy, huh?
MICHAEL: I’m not sure Lucas would feel the same way if he knew you’d signed off on a hit against me. I’m not sure he’d be forgiving if his situation was remotely similar to mine. Tony Jones? Died nine years ago today in a hospital bed. Not from a bullet you fired at him when he was standing in front of you, defenseless. But we can agree on one thing. It’s none of your damn business.

jon stewart clap

Michael Corinthos Quartermaine is totally the hero we deserve, guys.

Speaking of righteous tell-offs, Elizabeth finally, finally bought a clue about Ric. Was it his goatee of evil that tipped her off? No, although it totally should have.

But before we get into that, let’s all take a moment to bask in the cuteness of her coming down to the police station to yell at Jake, immediately deciding to believe him instead, and then marching all over town to recruit her past and present boyfriends to help him out. Which bucked up poor Jake’s spirits so much that he decided not to go to voluntarily go to prison for the rest of his life.

Jake and Liz in court

RIC: Oh, so you’re gonna go against the advice of your attorney, is that right?
JAKE: Well, unlike my attorney, Elizabeth believes in me. I wouldn’t want to let her down.

Sing it, Jake. SHE BELIIIIIIIEVES IN YOU! You’ll never know just what she seeeeeees in you! (Tell me you didn’t immediately bust out the Kenny Rogers at that line and I won’t believe you.)

To be honest, all of that would have been good enough to satisfy my tender ‘shipper heart all on its own, but then Ric went and basically ratted himself out, and it was beautiful and so, so good for me, you guys:

Ric's true colors

RIC: I had just come back to you, Elizabeth. We were starting to build the life that we wanted all along — the life that I used to dream about while I was in witness protection. And he was in the way! Come on, deep down, you’ve got to know that that’s true. I did this for us! I love you.
ELIZABETH: I thought our days of lying were over. I thought I could count on you to be straight with me. God, I thought I knew you! But now, listening to you? It’s like you’re a stranger. I feel like I know Jake better than I know you.

Oh, Ric. Here’s a pro-tip: any time you find yourself using the phrase “I did this for us!” you are going to crash and burn. That’s is SOAP 101 right there. Nothing actually defensible ever proceeds those words.

Of course, I’m also not sure why Elizabeth was so surprised to find out the man who once secretly fed her birth control pills for months while imprisoning a pregnant woman in her house would lie to her. I mean, this isn’t even the first time she’s had this exact same revelation in this exact same courtroom over him trying to get rid of the exact same romantic rival:

Come on now, girl. There’s denial and then there is denial, you know?


16 thoughts on “Okay, maybe not everything is terrible.

  1. I was also super disappointed that Sonny was released from prison, UNTIL we were treated to that basically making Michael hate Sonny 1000x more than he already did. I can live with that. What I can’t live with is the disappearance of Rosalie.

    Double yay about Elizabeth dropping Ric. And damn girl looked fine in her courtroom outfit! No way Jake was gonna say guilty with her sitting there. I know this is all leading to some horrible heartbreak but can Jake and Elizabeth at least kiss before it all goes to hell???


  2. Yes, let’s root for Liz to dump Ric for Jakeson. Because Ric imprisoning a pregnant woman – which Sonny also did and was cheered on by the woman Ric did it too – is so much worse than killing people for a living.

    • I’m not sure what about this post gave you the impression that I was in favor of kidnapping pregnant women under any circumstances. Rest assured: I am not.

      But if we’re going to directly compare the two situations, I do think Ric was worse with Carly than Sonny was with Ava. At least Sonny had a legitimate grudge against Ava. Carly’s only crime against Ric was carrying his brother’s child. And as gross as Sonny’s actions were, at least he didn’t keep Ava chained to the wall in a tiny, windowless room. She was roaming around town with her cell phone, for god’s sake! (Also, let’s not pretend that Ric has any real moral objection to the mob; he has voluntarily worked for more than one at this point.)

      In conclusion: all of these people are terrible. Including Jason at times. But yes, I’m rooting for Liz to leave Ric for Jake. Because for all of Jason’s faults, of the two of them, Ric is the only one who’s ever drugged her into a coma and come thisclose to smothering her to death.

  3. Where did I say Ric had a moral objection to the mob? Actually, Ric’s reason for wanting the baby was because he thought Sonny caused Liz to miscarry. Sonny’s constantly taunting and promising to kill Ava after the baby was born were A-OK because he let her walk around. Let’s not pretend either situation was better than the other.

    Ric was so awful to Liz yet Liz married him twice, the second time after he committed most of his crimes, and took him back again. But he’s no good, let’s have her with Jakeson instead so he can break her heart when he remembers he’s married to Sam.

    I find it amusing that Ric haters always try to make him look so much worse than the other murdering, amoral thugs everyone loves so much.

    • It was kind of implied by how you were positioning Ric as anti-killing people for a living? But okay. I’ll phrase it this way: let’s not pretend Ric has any real moral objection to killing people for a living. He has cheerfully worked on that side of the law multiple times. I don’t see him as any better than anyone else on that front. (Nor do I think killing people for a living is great. And I have, in fact, ranted about it many, many, many times?)

      I know why Ric wanted Sonny’s baby. My point was that still had nothing to do with Carly. He was planning to steal her child and kill her over something he believed her *husband* did. Contrasted with Sonny, who was at least seeking vengeance on Ava for a murder that she actually committed. And no, that doesn’t make it A-OK, as I already said quite clearly. But on the scale of moral grossness, in this particular situation, yes, it puts him slightly ahead of Ric, IMO. Low bar, but there it is.

      But seriously, I don’t need to justify my dislike of Ric by pretending Sonny is a saint. It’s quite possible to think they’re both gross, believe me.

        • Sure do! Because I think they have chemistry and I think he generally treats her well. And who knows? Maybe this Jason won’t end up back in the mob. But if you think I never criticize Jason, then you obviously have never read this blog before.

          • I hope I’m wrong but I believe Jason will wind up back in the mob and back with Sam which leaves Liz alone again. At least Ric loves Liz and only her – and they have chem to spare. Being a Ric fan I think he was more interesting when he wasn’t trying to be “worthy” of Liz. It’s too bad because I think the actors are great together.

            And I have read your blog before. I just find it funny that Liz fans have no problem with her being with someone who murders for money ;)

    • Oh, I think Jason will almost certainly go back to Sam when he gets his memories back. They’re still married, and that needs to be resolved. My hope is they’ll realize they’ve both changed too much and would be happier with Liz and Patrick instead. If that doesn’t happen, I’m just going to enjoy the scenes we get now.

      I don’t like that Jason kills people for money and the show treats him like Jesus. But we all have a line in the sand for what we’ll forgive for the sake of chemistry. The panic room, Ric’s treatment of Alexis when she had cancer, blackmailing Claudia for sex… that’s my line in the sand with him.

      With Jason, I look at it like this: he’s never hurt Liz like Ric has. He respects her. He doesn’t lie to her or try to control her. Even when they’re not together, I like their friendship. If your line in the sand is that he’s a hit man, that’s fine. I don’t think it’s a matter of Liz fans not caring one way or the other. We’re just making different choices about what to overlook based on what we like.

  4. Good people make boring soap. If we’re having a who’s worse contest, everyone wins. Except Michael. Because Michael is the best. And if you told me during the Dylan Cash years I’d be saying that I’d wonder if you had taken an overdose of LSTea.

  5. I don’t really think either Jason, Ric or Sonny can win a Best Person contest. If you boil it down to who treated whom more badly, well, Jason was actually worse to Sam than he ever was to Liz, what with that whole threatening Sam’s life business; yet he chose Sam over Liz, and I bought that pairing. Rick Hearst has always sold me on Ric’s abiding love for Liz, but considering the history, I can’t really say, how can she NOT choose him? Becky Herbst has chemistry in spades with pretty much everyone — except Tyler Christopher (never forget, show!). I’ll happily watch Jake and Ric tussle over Liz for weeks, actually. Just as long as she gets to tell them both to stuff it because it’s her choice how to live her life and with whom.

  6. Michael’s character has such potential. And Chad isn’t a bad actor when he has good writing. Tons of potential here. Tons! Especially considering Sonny and Carly, Jason and Sam, Ric and EVERYONE, are all played out. Patrick could potentially have a semi-psychotic break when Jason gets Sam back after rising from the dead, and get juuuuust evil enough to finally get Elizabeth’s attention. That could work.

  7. Well, looks like Michael won’t be the hero….
    They are trying to make someone else the murderer of AJ. Even though it’s not necessary now that Sonny got pardoned. So they are setting this up to make Michael look bad. I’m done GH….Sonny/Carly is the main reason I can’t look at this show. They constantly remain leads even though they’re just as sick and twisted as Franco, Ava, Fluke, and every bad guy they’ve ever went up against. I’m tired of them having the mob story. It’s getting old. It needs someone new to carry it!

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