Be still, my pining heart.

I’ve been totally bored with the show lately, so it just figures that something interesting would finally happen while I was away on vacation. But I’m back now, so consider this your belated, obligatory SQUEE post:

Jake Liz kiss4

Jake Liz kiss2


You guys. YOU GUYS. How are they so pretty together? Is there a limit to how many feels one couple can give you? Is it possible for the high pitched dolphin sounds coming out of my mouth during these scenes to get any higher? (Answers: 1. Dark magic? 2. Apparently not. 3. Unfortunately for my neighbors, probably yes.)

So, obviously, the kissing was SUPER GOOD FOR ME. And Billy Miller? I salute you, sir. You do the bending down, hands around the face, intensity thing EXTREMELY WELL. But also, there was hand-clutching, forehead touching, and desperate pining:

Jake Liz pining

Jake Liz kiss5


This was also extremely good for me.

JAKE: Carly was right about one thing. I don’t feel anything for Hayden. Not a flicker, no sense memory. There’s nothing familiar at all. But you — I memorized your entire face. Everything about this feels right. And I don’t think I can ever care for her like I care for you.
ELIZABETH: But you loved her once. So much that you married her. You owe it to yourself and to her to at least get back what you once had.
JAKE: Don’t–don’t do it. Don’t do it, don’t–
ELIZABETH: Goodbye, Jake.

Oh, my heart!

The fact that Ric is of course behind all of this is just the cherry on top of my satisfaction Sunday. (Also, if any good has come out of killing off PoorDeadJake, it’s Carly having to be marginally polite to Liz even when it is obviously driving her insane not to insult her. Watching her bite her tongue as she takes Liz’s side? MAGIC.)

Hayden Carly and Liz

In a perfect soapy world, Ric and Hayden would obviously fall in love while evilly conspiring, because Rebecca Budig is great and her hair is fabulous and also Ric needs a partner in crime, not a princess in a tower. I’m not holding my breath on that one, considering how royally all of Ric’s other bad girl pairings have been ruined, but it’s still fun to dream, right?


Meanwhile, the giant folder consisting of nothing but Morgan making stupid faces has a new entry. And this one may actually be my favorite? Something about his dumb-founded incomprehension in the face of self-evident truth makes it extra priceless:

Morgan is an idiot

MORGAN: Michael made my dad look bad by painting him as a criminal.
KIKI: But that wasn’t that much of a stretch. I mean, if you think about it, that was based on truth.

Yes, Kiki. It was “based on truth” in the way that a 100% COMPLETELY TRUE STATEMENT typically is. Also, I’m so sure that Ava would be super proud of the way you’re endangering your sister in order to give her back to the man who terrorized and tried to murder your mother for months. (Why does Kiki still exist, you guys? I didn’t think it was possible, but she’s gotten even more horrible since the recast.)

I kind of hope poor Avery does get maimed as a result of these two idiots deliberately impairing her primary caregiver’s faculties. Listening to the tortured logic as they try to weasel out of being at fault afterward will be amazing.

Sadly, because Duke is horrible now, too, let’s all take a moment to immortalize the sullen pout on his face during this magnificent take down:

Duke is guilty

MICHAEL: Nothing to say, Duke? Really? You know, Sonny went free for months because of you. He got to live his life while my father was dead — my father, by the way, who gave you a job at ELQ when no one else would hire you. You remember how grateful you were? How you told him that you were his friend as well as his employee? What happened to that friendship? What happened to that gratitude? It had to have bothered you, covering up for his killer. And you are going to stand there and you are going to lecture me about decency, accusing me of stealing my sister when all I’m trying to do is keep her safe from the non-stop violence of Sonny’s business, your business. And you call yourself a man of honor.

Michael Corinthos Quartermaine? YOU COMPLETE ME.


8 thoughts on “Be still, my pining heart.

  1. Liason/Lake are so pretty & sparkly, plus angsty. I need angsty,longing looks until they find out Ric and Hayden are big,fat liars. But the few days we had them were HOT! I can’t wait for more.

    I have been waiting for Michael’s dressing down of Duke and it was worth the wait. You didn’t get Duke’s somewhat guilty look, though.

    Morgan and kiki need to go.

  2. Why did you have to remind me of the hotness that was Ric and Claudia? Such wasted potential, there.
    And then, B&B hired both of them to make them cousins…

  3. Thank goodness you are back! THE LIASON FEELS!

    There were 5 (6?) kisses in less than 2 weeks. That might actually be all of the kisses Liason shared for like 10 years in the past.

    I am honestly shocked by how much I love new Liason. I simply didn’t know it was possible. But of course that also leaves me with a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Don’t get me wrong, I love the angst! But I just want a little joy in there, too. Here’s hoping they get to find out about Ric, reunite, and have sex at least ONCE before it is revealed that Jake is Jason and Elizabeth will have another broken-heart/wife to contend with.

    I know some Jasam fans are mad how this return has gone, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I’m wondering if Jake not liking Sam is actually a call back to the past. It took him a long time to warm up to her whereas he has pretty much always had a thing for Elizabeth.

    That said, I will wish against wish for long-term Elizabeth and Jason because I am just built that way! And also because I love Sam and Patrick together.


    • LOL, I think all longtime Liason fans are used to being happy with scraps at this point. I have no doubt that Sam and Jason are going to get back together when the truth comes out. And I think you’re right about them recreating their early dynamic — same with Liz, bonding with him as she nurses him back to health. Or Carly, sharing a kiss at a bar while she’s having relationship trouble with another man.

      I also love Sam and Patrick together, so I do hope there might be an eventual shake up with the couples. But I won’t hold my breath and will just enjoy what we have now.

  4. I jumped for joy when Michael lit into Duke for his faithlessness regarding A.J. and then Duke couldn’t even defend his horribleness. I wouldn’t have liked to have seen a moment when Duke had a flicker of remorse for what he did. And I just know that something horrible is going to happy because those two brainless idiots Kiki and Morgan. As Michael once said, Morgan couldn’t even keep a plant alive, he’s never had a job, or as far as we know graduated from high school but he’s going to make his brother look like a raging drunk. Morgan is the worst.

  5. Some thoughts on the arc of Jason’s character: “loved Jason until he took back the con woman who wanted his son dead, sat around & did nothing all day in the PH & became a borg” I saw this comment on another site and was thinking about What had happened to Steve Burton’s character: Kind of painted into a corner. After years of denying himself a family bec. too dangerous, he fell in love with Sam, a Warrior Princess who went with him into battle. Once she had a baby, she stayed home and they both got bored. He became so hardened by years of violence he seemed unable to have any feelings. No one male or female, stays on the battlefield too long. you get too old or you get offed. :(

    • I don’t think there’s any one story that poisoned Jason for me. He was a victim of his own success — the more popular he became, the less willing the writing team was to allow him to change or grow in any real way, culminating in about 10 years of static storytelling in which he got basically zero character development, was never allowed to lose or be seriously questioned by either the writing or the other characters, and was incredibly overexposed in airtime.

      If there’s anything I hope for his future stories once the Jake reveal is done, it’s that the show finds a better balance. I think there’s room for him on the canvas, but they have to drop the worshipful attitude and have the guts to let him make mistakes and take his lumps like any other character.

  6. agree! I do like the recast/redesign of the role. Billy Miller is a refreshing change and it’s fun to watch him develop the new Jason.

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