Race to the bottom!

Every day this week, I’ve finished watching General Hospital and racked my brain for something interesting to say about it.

“Dear readers, Franco and Nina had relationship problems today and OH MY GOD WHO CARES,” the imaginary post in my head begins. “Also, Spinelli and Maxie got back together and I kind of wanted to die?” it continues. “Oh, look. Fluke is still a thing that is happening.” And that’s about as far as I can get before depressing myself so badly that I have to go drink some wine and think about my life choices.

But anyway, yesterday this happened and it was mildly satisfying:

Kiki is the worst

KIKI: Michael was right about everything. He’s the one who loved Avery enough to protect her and we were the ones who put her at risk.

I realize the fact that she said that means the odds of Michael actually turning out to be the kidnapper just rose exponentially, but I’m going to ignore that for a moment to bask in the schadenfreude. YES, KIKI. FEEL BAD. YOUR CHOICES ARE AS AWFUL AS YOUR HAIR.

It makes me sad that I have to be this invested in anything Kiki does, because she remains one of the most terribly conceived and executed characters I’ve ever seen, and the fact that she is still sucking up air time in a bloated cast of people I care about so much more is an utter travesty.

It also makes me sad that as horrible as Kiki is, she’s still coming out of this looking better than Morgan — who I also hate, but who is at least someone with actual ties to the canvas that matter. Then again, although I wish I could say they were writing him out of character right now, his personality has been set to PETULANT TURD ever since he was SORASed. So, hurray for consistency, I guess?

Morgan's duh face

I know I’ve used this cap before, but it’s
still the reigning champ of DUH faces.

(Hey, remember that time Morgan made Michael’s rape all about him? Or that time he let Kiki believe her father was a serial killer so he could trick her into marrying him? Or that time he signed up with a rival mob family because his father gave his brother a job? Or that time he walked away while Michael was drowning? Good times.)

But every now and then I remember the only biological product of Sonny and Carly’s combined gene pools is a loud-mouthed emotional toddler with a hair trigger temper and a persecution complex a mile wide who casually endangers other people and then acts indignant if he’s called out about it. And then I kind of want to buy all the writers a drink? So it’s confusing.


7 thoughts on “Race to the bottom!

  1. I feel like Morgan used to be more interesting and fun, even if he was an ass. Now he’s just an ass. (I mean, can we give him just one tiny sliver of regret that he “has” to drug Michael, writers? just one?)

    (they probably won’t give him one though, because did you hear about the paid chat Bryan Craig had two weeks ago in which he complained to fans about the crap writing? yeeeah. be prepared to be called fat, Bryan!

    oh, and then his mom yelled at someone for being mean to Morgan too. yup.)

  2. I immediately mute my TV when MorKiki come on if I’m watching at all but I also do the same for luke, sonny, franco & nina so I’m limited in what I hear and see. BC seems like an ass & sounds like his mother is right there with him. I wonder if those writers are lol as they write this stuff.

  3. Kiki annoys me. Honestly do not like the character, never have. But I do like her hair, lol. Side note I loved Ellie’s hair cut.
    Very good point about Morgan’s personality and his parents. I just wish that they would give him more depth. With the way he was treated by his parents I can see why he’d resent Michael….but wish he’d place it on the parents instead. I always liked that even though Kristina could have easily resented him too the writers gave her and Michael such a great relationship. Would like to see that between Morgan & him but with an edge. In fact it would be interesting for Carly & Sonny to realize that Michael has been more of a stable influence to his younger siblings than they have.
    Wouldn’t mindMorgan to fall hard for someone. Maybe have some of Carly in that way. But more positive and not smug & screamy or be Kiki, lol.

  4. On her own, I don’t like Sabrina, I don’t dislike Sabrina, I don’t love her, I don’t hate her. I just don’t care, I know what she did to Avery and I know why Michael filed for custody. But every time MorKi get started I go Sakey crazy, imagining (hoping) Michael and Sabrina raising Avery far away from anyone she’s biologically related to. In particular, Morgan and Kiki who in this scenario are truly the worst. I mean they are giving CarSon a run for their money on being just Awful.

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