Five Things About Revenge: “Burn”

I marathoned 6 episodes of this show yesterday. It started out painful, then I sort of became numb, and by the end I was so delirious, I’d almost convinced myself I was into it? Anyway, big stuff’s afoot and the show has clearly been canceled, so I may end up doing reaction posts for the final episodes.

Nolan and Tony

1. Nolan Ross found a boy who treats him right! Since the writers are obviously sticking with the Emily/Jack endgame plan they started out with — regardless of what makes sense for the story they’ve actually been telling, not that I’m bitter or anything — Nolan ending up with a nice boy instead is really the best I can hope for.

Although I do wish that if he had to end up with someone else, it could have been more of a dude equivalent of Emily, i.e. someone crafty and kickass who could literally beat people up defending his honor. I HAVE NEEDS.

Nolan and Jack hug

Also on the Nolan front: things that were good for me included Jack initiating a hug with him, and Emily apologizing for treating him like crap and promising that OF COURSE THEY WILL BE BESTIES 4-EVA.

2. Whaaaaaaaaat is going on with Margaux? Like, I never cared that much about her, but she at least had a consistent characterization of “sliver of integrity.” And now suddenly, she’s stroking her evil mustache as she plots to have a completely innocent woman probably murdered by an abusive ex just because she was once married to a guy who is now dating Emily? Um. Okay, writers. Sure.

Margaux's hair is still tragic


3. Surprise cancer is such a tired trope and such an obvious confirmation that the writers have no idea what to do with David and I really just do no care. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT DAVID CLARKE, WRITERS. I also do not care about stupid effing Ben and his stupid effing feelings, and I seriously resent the amount of time being spent on either this close to the end. NO ONE CARES ABOUT BEN. EVEN EMILY DOES NOT CARE.

4. I do care about Emily finally outing herself as Amanda Clarke, but even that felt really tacked on and half-assed. Like, how did that even help with the problem they were actually having, re: Jack’s involvement in murder coverup? And then they just completely hand-waved any legal repercussions for Emily herself, so… okay. Why did you even wait that long if it was going to be so easy?

Victoria kills herself

5. But onto the big one: THE QUEEN IS DEAD. LONG LIVE–nope, sorry. I’d be sadder about Victoria if I wasn’t so completely done with this show and also wasn’t aware that Graysons are now dropping like flies because: CANCELED! And at least she went out like she lived: sitting on that hideous chair.

Three whole episodes without Victoria are going to be painful, though. Especially because it leaves Margaux and Louise (lolololololol) as the remaining big bads for Ems to face down. (This has to be the end, right? RIGHT?)


7 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Burn”

  1. LOL. I was wondering if you were still hanging on to what seems like the end of Revenge.

    I hate that the show ended Louise and Nolan’s relationship, and all for Louise to be on Victoria’s side. I was looking forward to Louise, Nolan and Emily all becoming besties and leaving the Hampton’s behind! Or, at least for Nolan and Emily’s BFF status to continue as they left town.

    Jack. Ugh. I really dislike Jack and think the actor is way too short to be paired up with Emily which is sad, but true, IMO! Jack is the worse, and I am so tired of him messing up whatever plans Emily and Nolan concoct.

    David is dying. So, what! I wish the show had left the man, dead.

    Margaux is a complete fool. Is it wrong to not be sorry her baby is dead?

    • I needed a break from the show, so I kind of let them pile up for a while, but I do want to see how it ends.

      Louise’s story arc is completely baffling to me. I wonder if they changed it when they realized this was the end? I’m not super invested in her character, but the idea that she would turn on Nolan so completely after her did so much for her feels so slopping and contrived.

      I like Jack and Emily as friends, but I don’t see any sexual chemistry between them, and I also don’t see them working in the long run romantically. The montage of them getting married as kids on the beach in the flashback episode was so laughable… like, it’s been 4 years now that you’ve known each other as adults. The sole justification for your relationship should no longer be that time you gave each other promise rings when you were 7. But the writing has never been there to support that connection between the people they are now, so that’s all they have. Lazy, lazy writing…

  2. I think what’s hilarious is that Margaux and Louise have appointed themselves Victoria’s crusaders for justice. What’s even more hilarious is their notion that Victoria is some hapless victim in evil Amanda’s machinations. I mean, it’s not like this grown woman wrecked an innocent child’s life or anything. I’m also pretty surprised how easy it was for Louise to turn against Nolan and Emily, considering her family would have destroyed her and she’d have nothing if they had not intervened.

    It took me a while to come around to David being alive, let alone him as a person. The cancer trope was unnecessary and I don’t care. I have no idea why Ben exists. He’s seriously always talking about how he feels. If I couldn’t muster any type of care for Charlotte, I’m certainly not going to for Ben.

    I’m glad Emily let Nolan know despite whatever crap she gave him, they’re besties and that shall remain so. I’m tired of Jack’s drama. I’ve only opened my mind up to him and Emily this season (I may be in the minority, but I loved her with Aiden *shrugs*), so I’m still not exactly sold on their soulmates business. He left for California. Elle says, “BYE!”

    I’m really hoping Victoria is actually dead. She’s a character I love to hate, but I’ve never really found her rootable outside of a few times. She’s awful.

    • Yeah, Victoria has never been rootable to me, just fun, and a worthy antagonist for Emily. But if she’s still alive after the way they filmed her “death,” it will be a pretty big cheat, so I also hope this was really it.

      Louise’s lack of gratitude and sense of entitlement toward Nolan (“share every detail of your best friend’s super illegal secrets with me, the person you just met, or YOU’RE DEAD TO ME”) have caused me to lose any interest I was slowly starting to have in her as a character. She’s just an angry toddler, having a tantrum.

  3. I started watching Revenge for the Emily and Nolan relationship as long as the writers don’t screw that up I can handle anything else

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