Nurses’ Ball 2015: Day One

Rounding out a stunning streak of two entertaining episodes in a row, the Nurses’ Ball is here! Which means drama and dresses and Mutti singing her fabulous little heart out, even if the only one who truly appreciates her is fellow drama queen, Spencer.

Lucy Nurses Ball 2015

Mutti's luftballoons

The fashion portion of the evening was… a really mixed bag. Like, seldom have I seen so many attractive people dressed so universally not well? Especially when some of the actors looked so much better at the Emmys last week. Just let them wear their own dresses next time.

Anyway, my pick for best dressed of the night is a tie between Ellie’s elegant blue floral dress (thankfully, sans the ruffles that afflicted several less fortunate outfits) and Sam’s black-sleeved, spangly number, which so charmingly set off her two best assets:

Ellie and Nathan

Sam's nurses ball boobs

Right there with you, Patrick.

Worst dressed is also a tie — between Hayden’s shapeless, gold mess of a dress (it kind of looked like she’d just wrapped a giant sheet around her body and then thrown on some of mommy’s over-sized jewelry?) and Sabrina’s froofy pink cupcake dress:

Sabrina's cupcake dress

Michael had to look away before he went into sugar shock

Why so many flower ruffles? Is that a thing now? A terrible, terrible thing? (See also: the abomination that is the bottom of Liz’s otherwise fine dress, which actually made me gasp in horror when the camera finally panned down to capture the full, excruciating effect.)

But Liz’s fashion mistakes pale in comparison to her romantic ones, and pretty much everything about the latter was so good for me that I might have briefly ascended to a higher plane of existence while rewinding that magnificent slap over and over again, cackling madly. Basically, I needed to watch this episode with Britt and Brad. They would have understood perfectly.

Britt and Brad red carpet watch

Ric's kicked puppy face

This look of despair? All I’ve ever wanted.

So much to love! Like this entire speech, which so nicely encapsulated every feeling I’ve ever had about every incarnation of Liz and Ric’s relationship.

(I’m sure it’s about to become a breathtakingly ironic if she does not immediately spill the Jason secret, and–LALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU LET ME JUST ENJOY THIS MOMENT.)

Liz tells off Ric1

RIC: I know you may not believe this, but everything I did was because I love you.
ELIZABETH: Love me? Love me? This is not love. Love is about honesty! Love is about respect! You didn’t give me either of those — in fact, you took away my choice in the matter!
ELIZABETH: I remember when I believed I could see the kind soul buried underneath all of this self-doubt and obsession and insecurities. I gave you chance after chance, hoping I could find that part of you again… but it’s gone. It’s gone! Maybe? It was never even there. Maybe you were never good. At the very least, you were never good enough for me.

Possibly the only one enjoying Ric’s downfall more than me is Carly, bless her melodramatic, hate-filled heart. Say what you will about Carly on a self-righteous rant, but that 1% of the time when she’s pointed at the right target? A thing of absolute beauty.

Carly kicks out Hayden

Sam reacts to Jake

Sam knows what I’m saying

Elsewhere: Britt reunited with Spencer, and Brad! Proposed! To Lucas! Both were kind of magical for me, as Spencer’s relationship with Britt is pretty much my favorite for both characters, and Brad and Lucas have managed to worm their way into my heart despite receiving hardly any screen time lately.

Normally I cringe at public proposals (note for future would-be Mrs. Tenillypos: DON’T DO IT) but Lucas did push him on stage for an impromptu performance, so he totally deserves a little public humiliation in turn.

Britt and Spencer reunited

Lucas proposal

The lack of reaction shot from Bobbie at the proposal did make me realize just how many vets were missing from audience. (Monica? Tracy? Felicia? Mac? Scotty?) I know the budget is tight and all, but seriously, springing for Shawn over actual hospital royalty? I’m hoping some different folks show up on Monday, is all I’m saying.

Tune in tomorrow for: Lucas’ answer,  boys dancing in their skivvies, and Liz probably breaking my heart.


11 thoughts on “Nurses’ Ball 2015: Day One

  1. I wasn’t all that horrified by the dresses I mean no one was wearing a swan/goose or a dress made of credit cards. I was looking for Alexis to see it she and sam had matching twin sisters showing. After seeing RC respond to someone about getting the rights to a Bruno Mars song for as he put it $$$$$$ I wonder why he couldn’t also pay for those vets.

    While I got a laugh from Dr. O, Britt nor Spencer do nothing for me–though Britt & Brad are funny at times. The proposal by Brad was sweet.

    ITA I was actually cheering for Carly and it was the only time that ever happened.

    I have hated this whole taking Ric back s/l it was wrong on every level. I just know they are going to f**k Elizabeth over after her very heartfelt blast of Ric by making her a liar and worse for keeping this info from poor sam & danny and the rest of PC that needs st. jasus back to save the day. She’s already being accused of taking away his choices by lying and possibly sleeping with him while not telling him he is really Jason.

    Needless to say I hate where this could go. I am determined to stick it out thru Tues and maybe go back into my GH blackout. Can’t stand to see my favorite character get beaten up again.

  2. Liz knowing should make me happy but makes me nervous. I do not trust the writer’s with her at all. Honestly I think they have wasted this whole Jake story line. I do not want to see a Sam vs. Liz battle, at all. But Jake/Liz and Sam/Patrick should of both been building separate relationships and building their families before anyone knew the truth. I would of liked to see Jake firmly in a new life before his old one came to light. A new job, family, and friends. He and Dante as bf while he despises Sonny could of been fun. Not just barely set him up with the opposite mob.
    I can not believe how much I can talk about and think about this show when I’m not even watching right now.

  3. In a odd way Carly should be thanking Ric for hiring the fake wife. Shouldn’t Jake be in love with Hayden or Liz be in love with Ric before they did the reveal.

  4. It just dawned on me that when Nik had amnesia, he was ticked at all of the folks that knew his true identity, so why is he keeping Jake is Jason from everyone in town?

    Yes, the red bus is coming for Liz and it is all due to RC once again writing the character out of character. Remember Danny’s maternity test, mess? Liz would tell Jake she just found out his true identity, and leave it up to him to decide whether he wanted the truth or figure it out on his own.

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVED Mutti, singing her heart out. Obviously, Spencer spoke what I was thinking ‘that was fabulous’!!!! The actress truly is amazing.
    Also loved my Britt and Brad, watching the red carpet. I really missed Britta!!
    Any who, all and all a pretty nice start to The Nurse’s Ball. All I need is some vets to show up Monday! Come on Tracy, Felicia, Scotty… Anyone?

  6. My big question at the end of the episode (and the end of many episodes prior) is what exactly was Nik’s plan here??? Because I guess kudos for surprising the hell out of me, I did not expect him to say Jake is Jason. But WHY DID HE? Why tell Elizabeth that right now? I just don’t get the timing. And Elizabeth had the exact right reaction which was basically WTF face.

    And as many of you have said, if she doesn’t march out there and tell Jake then I can’t even comprehend how little sense that would make. Although I do have to wonder if Elizabeth won’t believe Nik or something, but even that seems super weird if she doesn’t tell Jake like “Hey you know what Nik said to me? SO WEIRD, RIGHT?”


  7. While I enjoyed Friday’s episode of The Nurse’s Ball, I found it ridiculous that Sabrina (who was fired from the hospital) was in the opening number. And I agree where was Bobbie, Scott, Monica (who was Chief of Staff once) with her Judge boyfriend, Mac and Felicia. I can understand Tracy not being there because of Luke. But no Alexis even though Julian showed up? I agree that less money should have been spent on songs like 99 Red Balloons and the Bruno Mars song, and that money should have gone to the vets.

    • I’m pretty sure Alexis was in the audience, sitting with Julian. She just didn’t have any lines the first day.

  8. I figure, someone in wardrobe said “at this very moment, Sabrina basically has a CEO as her almost man and is taking care of an incredibly adorable baby, so….. she must be punished”, and gave her a dress from Glenda the good witchs boudoir.

  9. I just read a recap and can not, NOT I say, believe I’m asking this, but is Courtney back?
    I need to be on twitter just to send a NOOOOO to the powers that be.
    OMG, if they have Liz keep this secret and then give all the air time to Courtney……….

    • Oh, friend, I have some terrible news for you. And some slightly less terrible news. Yes, she is back. But she is also still dead! So that’s something!!

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