Nurses’ Ball 2015: Day Two

On the second day of the Nurses’ Ball: Brad and Lucas got engaged and smiled at each other with such happiness on their adorable faces and it was actually quite moving? I legit teared up for a moment. I CAN ADMIT IT.

Brad proposal1

Brad proposal2

(Seriously, though: WHERE THE HELL IS BOBBIE? They couldn’t spring for one reaction shot while her son was getting engaged?)

Anyway, then Magic Milo happened, and Michael awkward tossed a briefcase filled with money on the stage and TJ made me uncomfortable with pelvic thrusting and also, there were butts. So many butts:

Magic Milo and the Magic Wands

Epiphany and Milo


The Haunted Starlets sang a song about how bitches be crazy or something. While kind of crazily glaring at each other due to their respective romantic rivalries, so I guess that song knows what it’s talking about.

And Duke and Anna tangoed. If he’s about the die, I do appreciate them giving us one more chance to admire Finola Hughes’ amazing calves. The flashbacks even made me a little verklempt about his probable impending death! And… then I remembered that they have made Duke terrible and decided to not care. Oh, well.

Haunted Starlets

Duke Anna tango 2015 pose

Patrick and Emma sing

On the kiddie front, to the surprise of no one, Brooklyn Rae Silzer was an adorable baby. Look at that face! Also, Emma told Spencer off for treating her like a prize and never listening to her. Which prompted him to nearly murder her during her act, and everyone kind of still laughed it off, all “boys will be boys.” Which: no. That kid has now crossed over from mini-stalker to abusive boyfriend. Adults need to stop enabling him.

At the very least, he could use a stern talking to from a parental figure who isn’t currently evil… wait, no–Britt! I meant Britt!!

Motherfucking Courtney


Okay, we all knew this was coming, but either the vote was rigged or people actually voted for this horrendous development over seeing either Stefan Cassadine or Serena Baldwin. In either case, my thoughts on the matter are as follows:


But, hey! Spencer’s other parent finally, finally explained why he’s become an evil pod version of himself. Boy, I bet it’s something super compelling after all this build up! Get ready — are you ready? Are you?

Nikolas explains it all

ELIZABETH: Why would you do this to me? To everyone who cares about Jason? To Jason himself? He’s never been anything but decent to you!
NIKOLAS: I agree.
NIKOLAS: Why? I’ll tell you. The last two years of my life have been a complete disaster. Constantly being jerked around, taken advantage of… let me tell you something. I’m reclaiming my life.

Well, I don’t know why Liz is making that face. That makes perfect sense to me!

Oh, and then he helpfully explained that Jason never managed to permanently leave the mob for any of his lady loves and would probably be much happier living as an amnesiac mechanic. And that Sam and Danny were better off with Patrick, who loves them and also does not kill people for money. And I mean, point for Evil!Nik? That is not an inaccurate representation of the situation.

But Liz also accurately pointed out that it’s still a completely bullshit reason to play god with other people’s lives and marched her cute little pink behind out to announce the truth on stage. Which I’m sure she will totally do, because I have never watched television before.

Tune in tomorrow for: Mob hits! Eddie Maine! Liz somehow managing to punk out of telling everyone about Jason!


15 thoughts on “Nurses’ Ball 2015: Day Two

  1. I’m always hilariously uncomfortable when the Magic Milo routine happens. I thought ALL of the hip thrusting was…unsettling, especially TJ (and was Lucas twerking?). I always find myself doing this sort of deranged/horrified giggling and I merely watched it. If I had been on that set, it would be a mess. Just no. I cannot.

    Spencer needs help. This is unhealthy and just creepy now. I don’t find his antics entertaining.

    I loved the Nikolas and Elizabeth scenes. Very emotional. I did laugh, though, when Nik was explaining himself and Elizabeth said, “Are you insane?” I loved that b/c he kind of did look it when he was ranting about taking his life back. I know how I would like this Jason revelation to unfold. However, since I’m not allowed to have nice things on this show for a reasonable amount of time, I anticipate my weeping as my heart breaks. Whatever. I’ll just be happy that Becky Herbst is finally getting material.

    Anna and Duke were magical. Then, I remembered how much I’m annoyed by Duke, so that was a bit of a damper.

    Oh, I see Satan gave Courtney a day pass…



    I refuse to believe she wasn’t already going to make an appearance and the whole “voting” angle was just for show. If I’m going to buy that she got the majority of votes over Stefan, I need receipts! I pretty much knew where this was going after it was announced Stephen Nichols was going back to DOOL.

    I’m not amused.

  2. LOL, nobody believes that barely anyone really voted for Courtney. Even respected journalists are all “NO WAY. IT WAS RIGGED” making RC/FV have to show a clearly rigged poll count. And even after it happened , I dont see barely anyone talking about her, good or bad. Mostly in disbelief of the fake poll.

    Yea, Brad and Lucas were great. Patrick and Emma were adorable Magic MIlo skit is getting old. I really havent been too impressed this year with the acts. Hopefully today will be better.

    And DAMN..Rebecca Herbst is knocking it out of the park with this reveal. (get it , two slaps hahaha) But seriously, if this isnt her Emmy reel for next year, I dont know what is.

  3. I find it hilarious that Valerie, who apparently knew nothing about the Nurse’s Ball, until that night somehow managed to find her way into a musical number. And I can’t believe anyone in their right mind voted for Courtney. I would have voted for Anthony Zaccara or Steven Lansing before I voted for her. No offense to Alicia Leigh Willis but that character was ridiculous.

  4. “Which I’m sure she will totally do, because I have never watched television before.”

    Ugh I know :((( After Elizabeth has had these amazing, AMAZING scenes about honesty and letting people make choices,and double slaps (!), this will definitely be the worst. Not only has she been saying this in the last week, but also ever since Jake woke up! Elizabeth has brought up on multiple occasions how guilty she feels about her last act to Jason was to lie about his son and yet here we go? MAKE ME UNDERSTAND!!!

    Patrick and Emma were super adorbs.


  5. I’ve been an intermittent viewer (not my fault, I live in a country where the show aired for just long enough for me to throughly enjoy Carly skanking her mother’s husband before deciding NOPE NO GH FOR YOU) so I missed all of Courtney… is she really that bad? Should I go find her on YouTube? Or just be content in ignorant bliss?

    I’ve got absolutely no idea how she went from being with Jason (?) to having Spenser with Niklaus so at the least I should read the Cliff Notes right?

    • I think it would be hard to understand how terrible she was unless you were there for the full experience. Any one scene on its own wouldn’t convey just how MUCH airtime she was getting in the early-mid 2000s. Or how other characters were pushes aside so the show could revolve around her, Jason, Sonny, and Carly. None of those characters could do any wrong at that time, but the other three at least had a history and some depth. She was just a shallow, poorly executed Mary Sue who the audience kept getting told to love because she was awesome… except she really, really wasn’t.

      Also, Liason fans especially hate her because Jason and Elizabeth’s relationship was abruptly tanked because Brian Frons had a hard on for blonds. So there’s that.

    • If it helps to understand it a bit, I would say that Kiki is kind of the Courtney of our time, only she gets way less screen time, and the town hero isn’t in love with her.

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