Nurses’ Ball 2015: Day Three

Oh, boy. Guys, I think I went through the five stage of grief all while watching this episode. Admittedly, watching it took a while, because I kept having to pause when I got too angry. But now, having drank a bit and also watched a documentary on the Ebola outbreak for some perspective, I’m finally verging on acceptance.


So, fine. Elizabeth is kind of a supervillain now. You know what? It happens. Ask Tony Stark. And after moving through the denial and anger and the crushing disappointment that the couple I’ve loved for over 15 years just got tanked once again, I’ve decided I’m just going to be supportive.

If Liz wants to be a supervillain? Then by God, I want her to be the best supervillain she can be.

NIKOLAS: Are you prepared to deal with the consequences of this?
ELIZABETH: Looking at all those people in the ballroom, it became very clear to me. Half this town lies and cheats and does horrible things to get what they want. And they succeed! They hurt people and there are no consequences. And then there are people like Patrick and Sabrina, who are good, honest, and are constantly made to suffer for it, just like me. I have tried doing the so-called right thing my entire life, and where did it get me? You know! You’re the one who said it to me! I get the rug pulled out from under me again and again and again. But not this time. This time, I’m gonna do what I have to do to just be happy.

You have to admit that as far as bug-nuts villainous monologues go, that was a pretty good one. Also, this look right here?

Liz crazy eyes


She’s got the look, and the zealot’s conviction, and she’s certainly nailed the art of revisionist history. It’s kind of masterpiece of insane villainy, really. Even Nikolas looked a little scared, as if he’d just realized that for all his months of mustache twirling, he’s still really only the Diet Coke of evil compared to her.

So, instead of devoting paragraphs of CAPSLOCK rage to the out of character, completely unsupported mess that happened on stage today, or how the most predictable, uninteresting choice got made once again, or how taking the story in this direction has removed everything I like about amnesia as a narrative device… I’m just going to stop and give my girl a slow clap.

Go on out and be the best little supervillain you can be, honey! I believe in you! #evilLiz4Life

Eddie Maine and Felix

Spinelli sings the blues

Oh, yeah, and then some other stuff happened, like: Eddie Maine! Singing one of my favorite songs! And Spinelli! Making Ellie cry! Which only goes to prove once and for all that he is history’s greatest monster.

And finally:

SWSNBN is still dead


You know, just in case you needed a silver lining.


9 thoughts on “Nurses’ Ball 2015: Day Three

  1. Nik is the Diet Coke of Evil! Love that. So true – he can never be full on evil cause he is 1/2 Laura, so can’t quite sit at the Cassidine Table, try though he might. Eddie Maines – YES! and of course the lovely ethereal Kung Fu Barbie Townie Mom. Just what Spencer needed. No one is allowed to have a real mother at Wyndemere. That’s why they’re all so screwed up.

  2. I’m with you…I totally hate nick now…this is his fault…he should have told her from the get go…before it got to this point….oh I don’t agree with he can never be fully evil…..because of laura….he didn’t grow up with her, and all that…so I don’t believe it….he grew up with the evil stupid one herself………someone needs to bring back Stephan now….and tell him what’s what……..

    I will not blame liz at all for this….it’s nick that i’ll keep on blaming….and I used to like him…but the past two years since he’s come back…..I haven’t really been able to stand him…..I liked him with britt but that was all….so now that she’s no longer with him…and he wants to take over elq…he can go and do you know what….join stupid father and granny wherever they are…at the moment..


  3. I think, at this point, all I can do is appreciate the beautiful performance Becky Herbst gave. I’ve seen just about every emotion from her. While I’m not thrilled about this story, b/c it is predictable, I may be more shocked that she’s been given this bunch of material to play. Hello, Emmy reel. It IS all about silver linings, lol.

    Elizabeth’s wrong, but I don’t care. People on this show have done far worse and continue do so with no consequences, so she wasn’t wrong about that. I guess I will sit in the passenger seat of this story and see where it goes…while wearing my seatbelt, of course.

    I’m actually glad for one thing from Courtney’s appearance: she explained to Spencer that she, too, is a townie and that he needs to not be so awful. I still think he needs counseling, though.

    Goodbye and see you never, Courtney! I’m sure Satan is awaiting your return with a stack of dollar bills. (Come on, I had to)

    • OMG! I snorted water out of my nose imagining Kung Fu Wannabe Barbie with a stripper pole while Satan stuck dollar bills down her……with flames dancing around them both!

  4. Just reading that dialogue made me tear up again. I’ve waited a long time to see Becky get this kind of material. She has always been a really good actress but this proves she is excellent as her fans have been saying for years.

    I support Elizabeth even if what she is doing at this moment is wrong. She was totally right in everything she said to the moron standing in front of her, who BTW started this whole snowball rolling down hill–jack ass. His reasoning made me so mad and I’m not ever going to be able to watch him again w/o being p.o. Elizabeth I forgive right this minute because it appears they are trying to recreate Marty Saybrooke from OLTL here and we all know what happened to her–All this goodness for a terrible twosome Jasam–ratings killers. Now if they change their mind and let her tell Jakeson I’ll be fine just let him divorce Sam & we can all move on.

    As for Courtney well the less said the better but I agree some family therapy is needed in that family.

    I totally loved Eddie Maine and I will miss Ned and his portrayer WK so much. I have to say I like Ellie better than Spinelli, Maxie or Nathan.

    I have a busy summer coming up so if I miss anything I’ll just say it was karma biting me for still watching after they ruined my favorite character–Elizabeth Webber. She better get an Emmy for this trashing.

  5. I am right there with you, if they are going to have Elizabeth do this then I need her to the supervillain to put other supervillains to shame! Elizabeth is my girl for life, just like Carly and Sam have always had fans even when they were doing horrible crap. The real test here is for Elizabeth to own it and not feel constant guilt about it. That part worries me because I agree with Nik that I kinda don’t think she can be that heartless? Would I have preferred a better Liason story? OF COURSE! I suppose Elizabeth still has a little time to change her mind and tell Jake the truth, sweeps isn’t over! But if this is what we get then I want them to put effort into it.


  6. No no no. I’m just a big ball of rage about this. I will never understand why the writers do this to Liz fans. I have not watched this yet and want to hold out hope that it is all a fake out on her part.
    I’m not sure why they have problems with Liz’s character. I think she could totally be a Victoria (OLTL) or a Laura type ( from back in the day). Ok this is going to make me rant and rant if I’m not careful.

  7. I’m so glad I had this to read. I’m not going to lie – this episode had me bawling. Loudly enough to warrant my husband running in to find out what the hell all the sniffling was about. I cried because once again they (Liason) were *this close*, and because her monologue was beautiful and pitiful and heartbreaking. And because I can never see Becky Herbst cry without dying a little myself inside.

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