Five Things About Revenge: “Plea”

Holy crap, only one more episode to go! Unfortunately, I’m probably not going to be able to watch the finale for a week, so expect a delayed reaction to that one too.

1. Of course, Victoria’s alive after all. I actually thought she might be dead for real this time, but they wrote this finale before they knew for sure they were canceled, so I supposed it was inevitable.

Victoria's alive

Anyway, I am glad she’ll get to have a big final show down with Ems in the finale, because her remaining minions are just laughable. I mean, for God’s sake, Margaux —  if you’re going to be evil, at least be competently evil! Spilling the whole plan to Emily at the first threat of a sock beating? Weak.

2. Meanwhile, Louise doesn’t even deserve the title of minion, she’s such a childish, gullible mess. Nolan praising her loyalty in the same breath as she was claiming Victoria was the only person who’d ever helped her was especially hilarious.

Nolan and Louise2

Nolan needs new friends, y’all

I also have no idea what they’re doing with Nolan in general. What was the point of his whole rushed courtship with the CPS dude? Shoehorning a reunion with him in the last five minutes of the finale will feel like a total cop out, but if they’re not going to do that, I don’t know why he existed at all, so…

3. The alternative Nolan ending is either and and Jack and Emily ride off into the sunset together, or he and Ems end up raising Carl together after Jack bites the bullet. Either of which would please me, to be honest. They’ve been foreshadowing the Dead Jack angle pretty hard, which makes me think it might be a red herring, but this isn’t a show known for subtlety, so who knows.

Charlotte returns

4. I can’t believe I’m actually going to type this, but it was really nice to see Charlotte. Mostly because it was brief and she spent most of it being so super  done with Victoria’s bullshit, Louise’s bullshit, and bullshit in general.

Also, the show’s refusal to acknowledge Patrick’s existence continues to be hilarious. Other son? What other son?

5. Finally: Courtney Love shanked dumb Officer Ben and it was beautiful!

Ben's dead


I’m not going to say this moment justifies an entire season of putting up with his useless presence. Because that would be insane. And it wasn’t Aiden’s frozen corpse levels of satisfying, because NOTHING EVER COULD BE. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t clap a little.


One thought on “Five Things About Revenge: “Plea”

  1. Yeah, I feel your Ben hatred and I love it. Ben was just as pointless as Margaux!

    I hope that Nolan and Emily end up with Carly after Jack bites the dust. I really hated that the show saddled Jack with a kid in the first place, and let’s not forget how the show made Jack a 30 day police officer!

    David and Victoria need to kill each other and be done with it.

    I like Louise. The show should have left Louise in Nolan and Emily’s circle of friends.

    Nolan and Emily need to take their BFF relationship away from the Hampton’s!

    Charlotte did NOT bug me and that’s a good thing!

    Louise is so desperate for a mother’s love, that she would simply ignore Charlotte’s comments about Victoria?! Sheesh!

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