I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.

Oh, for Pete’s sake, show. I go away for one measly week and you throw a party and trash all of Port Charles? What did I tell you about trying to plot character motivations while drunk? I said DON’T DO IT, show. But you did, and now Nikolas is taking out hits on his lovers and Anna’s brain has fallen out of her head and we’ve lost Carlos’ sexy silver fox forever. Are you happy now, show? Are you?

Duke's dead

So now I have to go all mom voice and tell you that I’m not angry that Duke is dead. But I am disappointed that a beloved character and one of the only men on this show to ever truly give up the mob for love was resurrected only to betray every aspect of the story and then get pointlessly killed off in a mob war.

I’m not angry that Nina and Ric got married. I am disappointed (and frankly baffled?) that anyone on the writing staff thinks shoving Ric into the Nina/Franco vortex of suckitude with zero explanation or build up was a good way to make us care about any of them.

I’m not angry that Jordan arrested Shawn. I am, however, really disappointed that she didn’t also SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE, because OH MY GOD, HE IS THE LIVING WORST:

Jordan and Shawn

Jordan and Shawn2

SHAWN: You said your life was on the line! Like a idiot, I fell for it.
JORDAN: So it’s all about you, then, is it? What happened to you, how you were wrong. I think the real victim here today is Hayden Barnes. Let’s not forget that you were going to murder Jake Doe. But instead you shot an innocent woman. Now, I don’t blame you for being angry, but I expect you to kind of own up to your own choices. You didn’t get here by accident, you didn’t wake up one day working for Sonny Corinthos. You chose this life, now accept the consequences.
SHAWN: Did you consider what your deception would do to TJ?
JORDAN: I think that my son would be happy to know that I’m not a criminal, that I’ve been upholding the law all along.

Oh, Jordan. You would think that because you are not a crazy person. TJ, on the other hand? Believes that drug dealing and murdering people for money is a more acceptable career choice than “selling out.” Because obviously, the only acceptable way to put drug dealers and murders behind bars is to ask them nicely if they did it and then wait for them to drive themselves to the jail. In other news: SHUT UP, TJ, OH MY GOD.

Julian's announcement

I’m also not angry that Julian decided to leave the mob over the completely unrelated not-death of his four months premature baby. I am disappointed that Julian going to prison or his other son getting shot or the woman he loves leaving him weren’t good enough reasons for him to make this decisions six months ago when it actually made sense. But, you know, whatever. THAT’S JUST WHO HE IS, Y’ALL.

ALEXIS: When you went to prison, that’s when this all should have stopped. Because I told you that’s what I wanted and you told me that’s what you wanted, and yet you stayed. If you loved me, you would have left.
JULIAN: You know I considered it. But this is what I do, this is who I am. I can’t be somebody else.

Except, oops! Turns out he totally can! Not because he feels any guilt over ordering Duke’s death or causing Alexis to compromise her principles or putting his loved ones in danger for no other reason than his own selfish need for power. No, the real reason is… actually, I have no idea. The narrative cares so little about Julian’s actions making any sense that it didn’t even bother to come up one.

(Other than the painfully obvious need to make Olivia and Ned into the bad guys when they don’t immediately confess the truth about the baby, of course. Because that is clearly the only reason any of this is happening. Kind of makes it really hard to care or invest.)

Liz's poker face

Nice poker face, Liz. You nailed it.

Speaking of which, I’m not angry that Elizabeth has clearly gone insane. (Actual dialog that actually came out of her mouth: “Sonny would never target anyone innocent!”) (!!!) But I am so extremely disappointed that instead of trusting in the inherent drama of the situation they’d created, the writers felt the need to saddle this ugly mess on all of us.

Because look: I am not rooting for Sam and Jason to get back together. But the actors do have chemistry! There was absolutely no need to torpedo the competition in order to support an eventual reunion. The organic conflict that would have been generated by both the Elizabeth/Jason and Sam/Patrick relationships developing naturally before the big reveal could have been some great, soapy, character-based drama, forcing Jason and Sam to really struggle with sincerely loving two very different people and lifestyles. Even if it didn’t go my couple’s way, I would have eaten that crap up with a spoon.

Instead, Liz’s bizarre betrayal has taken away all possibility of a real choice from the eventual outcome. It’s forced, plot-driven and utterly unbelievable for the character. And if Patrick also discovers and hides the truth — as seems likely — that will only cement the fact that this writing team has zero confidence in their ability to tell a compelling story that isn’t full of shock gimmicks or people being terrible to each other for no reason. Which is a real shame.

Go to your room, show, and think about what you’ve done.


35 thoughts on “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.

  1. Tell it! These writers seem hell bent on making the good guys bad and the bad guys good. Also quite determined to shock the viewers into a frenzy by shaking up the bag of characters to keep us “entertained” somewhat as a roller coaster is entertaining. Lots of anticipation and build up, then a rapid ride down before the next struggle shows up on the canvas. So frustrating that the happiness is so brief and the struggle seems interminable.

  2. I am not able to watch right now. It feels silly to say about a tv show, and a soap at that, but it just makes me too sad.

  3. Love Maura, but can’t handle the gum and stupid accent coming our way tomorrow. Saw that preview and realized that’s my cue to take a GH break. Hope to be back.

  4. Word to a lot of what you said. I am kind of surprised you didn’t mention Nicolas becoming a killer. That was the worst for me. I can buy Liz lying about Jake, Anna killing Carlos, and Jordan believing TJ would take her side, but Nicolas went too far

    • I did mention it at the top. But it wouldn’t fit it with the rest because I’m honestly angry and disappointed about it.

  5. I don’t buy Liz keeping the secret that Jake is Jason, since she knows first hand what it was like for Nicholas to lose his memories, and Lucky coming back from the dead. Liz actually telling Jake/Jason that she just found out his true identity from Nicholas, and allowing him to decide on HIS own whether or not he wanted the truth or if he wanted to regain his memories on his own. Why IS Liz always made to be the bad guy going back to the Niz affair and that stupid maternity DNA switch in 2012? RC sees Liz as being obsessed about Jason, and that has never been the relationship between Liason.

    Nicholas ordering hits is insane. Why didn’t he order one on Helena years ago when she kidnapped Spencer or any of her other nefarious acts against the people that he loves.

    • You are right that RC thinks Liz is obsessed with Jason. I don’t believe she is obsessed but I always felt that she wasn’t over Jason. RH’s portrayal in scenes with Sbu always had that undertone even when the words they were saying were platonic. I’m not knocking it. I think she was just being loyal to Liason fans but while their scenes were good for fans, I think her portrayal held her character back. It was obvious that Guza was not putting Liason back together so all their scenes did was reinforce an unhealthy attachment on her part because IMO, SBu played it like he cared for Liz but that he moved on.

  6. Please allow me to vent. Ive been a fan of GH for 40 years & feel I’m entitled to say that I feel the inconsistent writing is killing GH. In no way does Franco/Nina/Ric make sense, nor does Morgan/Kiki, and Silas?? Valerie?? Tptb should be worried about ratings and here you have 2 Emmy winners in Billy Mliler & Maura West & you give them nothing to sink their teeth into (Jake doesn’t even blink at Ric for his fake wife scheme?!). Elizabeth leaves Jake’s side after Hayden is shot to go to Nik? Really?! Yes I’m a Liason fan for years and God knows there’s a super couple there if allowed to happen this time. I also love Samtrick & while I never have been a Sam fan i like her w/Patrick. Jake doesn’t care to know who he was then the next day he MUST know? Elizabeth fell in love with Jake but now only sees Jason? She fights for what she believes is right for her/them by keeping the secret of Jason then the next day is whining & desperate begging Nik? I kind of like “dark” Nik but taking out a hit? Alexis believes Julien about leaving the mob? Julien doesn’t want to involve Jake in the business bc of Sam but then hands him over to Sonny without a thought? Whitewashing Sam’s past as a con-woman? Julien’s family gather around him but Elizabeth & Anna had no one to console them after life-changing & public events? Sonny & Carly are hardly seen & I’m sorry I don’t see her with Jake/Jason chemistry or not. I am a huge Billy Miller fan (huge fan) & feel the man could have chemistry with a box of rocks but I swear I see nothing with Sam-it’s forced & not believable (what was all the hitting/shoving during the live show & now the touching-to me it’s just forced). The mob runs the show not GENERAL HOSPITAL?? Do the writers pay attention to what’s already been written &/or GH history?? INCONSISTENT. I don’t want to lose GH like my other soaps that were cancelled so I’m really hoping somebody pays attention & makes some much needed changes. PLEASE. I don’t much care if anyone agrees with me or not like I said I’m a very longtime GH fan & I’m just speaking from my heart. Thanks for letting me vent!

    • This longtime GH viewer agrees with every single word of the awful truth you just expressed so eloquently! It’s hard to believe these writers ever watched a single episode of GH at its best. The stunt-driven plot points are fool’s gold compared to the character-based storyline gems of GH’s Glory (and Gloria Monty) days! What a waste of some of the best actors on TV!

  7. OMG what about Sloane? He is the WORST and a perfect example of inconsistent writing. He canoodles with the Cassadines to get Anna’s job…why? That has totally disappeared from the canvas. Instead, we are now to believe that he is motivated out of mushy feelings for Anna? And Anna was hellbent on bringing him down for stealing her job and rigging an election and now…she lets him pet her hair a million times?

    • I didn’t include Sloane because I honestly don’t care about him enough to be mad or disappointed. But yes, he makes no sense as a character.

  8. Ever since the newest regime has taken over, it’s been hit or miss. I’m not saying that I haven’t and don’t enjoy anything, b/c I do, but the plot points are driving me insane. I’ve felt from the very beginning that while RC claims to know the character of Elizabeth, he doesn’t really KNOW her (or any other non-newbie character for that matter). When that one-day DNA test lie came about, it was justified that Elizabeth had recently lied to Lucky about losing it and admitting herself into Shadybrooke for attention. It’s like trotting out a list of things she’s done in the past to justify what she’s doing now or did back in 2012 without taking context into account, and context is everything. I feel that he’s finally getting to tell the story he wanted to tell with her but couldn’t b/c it was cut short due to Steve Burton’s exit. I mean, I get why Elizabeth had made her choice, but after all the guilt that she’s shown over lying for a day about a DNA test, it just doesn’t make sense. Elizabeth and Jason have never needed these gimmicks. This crap was never part of their story. Making Elizabeth the heavy (again) proves to me to be very lazy story-telling. While it gives Becky Herbst awesome material, it’s ridiculous. And not that it matters, I guess, but Elizabeth and Jake fell for each other long before she found out he was Jason (and Jason loved Elizabeth back, this wasn’t one-sided).

    The same goes for Anna and Nikolas….even Olivia to an extent. None of these characters are perfect and that’s fine. It’s why we love them, but who is supposed to be the moral center of this show? This is madness.

    I could take Julian a lot better when he was media mogul Derek Wells. That’s the guy I liked. Not this whiny mob bad guy. I just don’t care about his grief and, for the first time in the character’s existence, am rooting for Olivia. I just will not think badly about her and Ned doing what they can to keep the baby safe. Alexis lost her home due to a mob-related explosion. Molly and Danny were moments away from being there. Lucas was shot. Granted, Olivia should have know better than to fall into bed with him, but there are reasons for the fear.

    Shawn is a idiot. I don’t get why Jordan loves him. He’s (unfairly and unjustifiably; HE’S A HITMAN!!!) judged her harshly from the moment she came to town. I’m just too exhausted to go on further about him, but Jordan deserves better. She also need s to stop letting TJ disrespect her, b/c whether he believes it or not, she actually was the one to raise him. TJ was in town for two years before Jordan came to town. Shawn (poorly) watched him for two years. The rest of the time, which consists of TJ’s entire life? His mother raised him.

    I’m just done with all the unnecessary plots to draw out a story. It’s enough.

    P.S. Major eyeroll at this new Ava lookalike (or actual Ava, whatever, nonsense) and why is Franco still here? Really???

    • When RC is good, he is on fire. When he’s bad… it’s just a hot mess. I don’t feel like it’s unfixable. So many of the stories I’m not enjoying could so easily great if they just took advantage of the natural points of drama. But the whole show really needs a course correction right now. Badly.

      • Exactly! I totally think it can be fixed. I constantly see places where foolishness can be eliminated to make something more organic b/c the beats are there. They are in dire need of a guide.

      • The only “course correction” that will work at this point is a new head writer and I’m wondering if the show’s heading in that direction. It’s very telling when a HW’s boss has to do damage control and apologize for his conduct on Twitter.

        I think the quality of the current one’s work product was much higher in 2012. He managed a cohesive, focused story arc with the water toxin story. I don’t think he’s capable of that now, the Jakeson reveal is one example of that. He’s just all over the place to the point where there’s really no cohesive stories just a series of events loosely tied together whether they make sense or not.

        The show is ridiculous now. An eight year old kid, hell a stupid painting drive or are the focus of story more than Emmy winning actresses like NLG and MW and talented ones like FH and JE. They’re back to putting Carson and Jason w/ harem of women competing for his peen back in the forefront along with cray crays like Frina who really don’t drive any story just suck up a lot of airtime.

        Morkiki are just disgusting and they’re supposed to be the younger characters attracting younger viewers. Naxie are just window dressing but cuteness and youth don’t mean squat if there’s no consistent story for them. Lante, paint drying and redoing the Scrubs/Crazy Lisa arc with them and Valerie isn’t going to change that, not even if they throw Dillon in it to make it a quad. Bringing back old partners fell flat with Naxie and Spin/Ellie. That story ended abruptly.

        Nikolas going dark and putting out hits makes no sense. Anna turning into a cold blooded killer makes little sense. Julian leaving the mob doesn’t make sense but I don’t mind that abrupt course change. Julian and Olivia one night stand made no sense, except to write in an actress’ pregnancy.

        I have enjoyed the performances of departing actors JVP (Carlos) and SB (Shawn) and TR (TJ) a lot more than those of people front and center. The JVP and FH scenes were excellent even though that arc doesn’t make much sense. SB and TR did an excellent job in an arc that made a little more sense though the scenes underlined how awful a dramatic actress VA has turned out to be.

        NLG is back burned for another month or two and FH will be off canvas until late autumn. Instead we get a procession of young, pretty but not very experienced or even talented actors because the show believes it’s easier to turn a model into an actor than make an actor look like a model.

        I don’t see any way of reversing this show’s direction off the cliff unless the show gets a new head writer. Nothing less is going to work. I’m sure the network’s tried to rein in RC more than once but with really little long term improvement. He doesn’t get his way, he sulks and stalls another story for the juvenile tripe he’d rather write instead.

        It’s too bad because there’s a lot of wealth, history and tradition with this show but it’s not GH anymore. It’s someone’s attempts to make fun of it and soaps in particular I think. It’s just a shame it’s been allowed to go this far.

    • “The same goes for Anna and Nikolas….even Olivia to an extent. None of these characters are perfect and that’s fine. It’s why we love them, but who is supposed to be the moral center of this show? This is madness.”

      Dante is still decent, but I’m afraid with this Val thing coming down the pike this summer that will change. Nathan is still decent but he is so wooden and personality free I can’t bring myself to care about him.

  9. Actually I feel it would have made way more sense if Patrick *had* been the one to keep the secret. It would have been wrong of him, but understandable from his POV. He hated Jason, he would feel that him as Jake Doe would be better for everyone. But now that Nikolas and Liz know, if they added Patrick it would feel like more character ruination on top of it.

    I don’t think they will have Patrick find out because then they would have to address the Robin issue that she told Patrick Jason was dead.

    That scene with Dante last week where he was imploring Sonny not to do anything to retaliate against Julian I feel was really relatable for audience members, heh. He pretty much knew it was useless to ask Sonny not to do it but he didn’t anyway just for principle’s sake, but you could sense his thinking that he might as well talk to the wall.

    I’m not a Duke fan, but I feel for his fans that they brought him back just to pretty much ruin his character.

  10. I keep watching and I end up frustrated after each episode. I’d really really like the mob stuff to go away–most of it anyway. I don’t even care that some of the mobsters want to leave the mob–I think they’ll still be annoying characters. I like the point made above that Julian was better as Derek Wells. I thought he was more interesting then. Julian is just petulant all the time. While Finola Hughes and Rebecca Herbst are getting material to sink their teeth into, I’m scratching my head over the plot-point actions made by Anna and Elizabeth. Elizabeth fell for Jake long before she discovered he’s Jason (which was only a few days ago in show time.) And she’s never been obsessed with Jason. They’ve loved each other equally and he was the pursuer plenty of times. Things could have been told differently in the current story, but with equal intensity. Jake and Elizabeth fell for each other equally, just like Jason and Elizabeth. Also, Nikolas ordering a hit is out of left field–and on someone he’s been sleeping with? He gets dark, but not that dark. I like gray in all characters, “good” or “bad”, because it’s more realistic that way, but making characters do things we know they really wouldn’t do is frustrating to watch. I’m also baffled as to why Jake and Ric weren’t written to have a huge confrontation at the Nurses’ Ball. Billy Miller and Rick Hearst–that’s acting gold right there, so why weren’t they allowed to use their talents to the utmost? I was waiting for that scene and it was barely there.

    And flinging Ric into Franco and Nina’s story–which is just a weird story–is odd. I would have preferred to see Ric and Nina meet and see how their meeting unfolded instead of just being told how it happened off-screen. Two characters like that, commiserating over the wrongs they perceive have been done to them could have been very interesting, being played by talented performers like Hearst and Stafford. Also, I wish Roger Howarth were playing someone other than Franco. He’s such a great actor and he’s boxed in right now.

    I agree that everything is fixable and at times I do enjoy RC’s writing a great deal. Sometimes I love it when he’s focused on balancing the ensemble and characters–I prefer him to the previous writing regime by far. I like certain story beats for certain things right now, but I want to see the whole show be consistent and true to who characters are, not molded to fit plot points. When a show is written well and consistently I can enjoy almost all characters and stories. For instance, I like the slow build of respect and occasional camaraderie between Carly and Elizabeth over the past few years–it felt natural–but now I’m afraid that will be upended soon.

  11. Ja1.6 always needs a slew of dead bodies in their wake and unfortunately since Liz has the biggest fanbase, they use HER as toilet paper for that boring duo. Make those idiot stand on their OWN damn feet. When they bomb AGAIN at least they didn’t take any good characters out with them this time. So completely pathetic

  12. RC missed way too many beats at the Nurses Ball with the fallout between Liz/Ric, Jake/Hayden, Jake/Ric, Ric/Molly, and seeing Ric run into a sympathetic Nina as the two bond over their exes in between Tequila shots followed by a marriage proposal.

  13. ugh totally agree. so disappointed in the writing for Elizabeth and Jason. I would think the show would want to give viewers what they want to see, considering the dwindling soap audience. when characters do things that goes against their entire history/character, the audience loses interest.

  14. I don’t totally mind Elizabeth keeping this secret actually. However, I do wish she wasn’t doing it just for her shot with Jason, but because of a waaay better reason: Jason could never leave the mob. She does briefly mention this, but it should be THE #1 REASON she is keeping this secret. Especially now that she knows Jake wasn’t actually working for Julien. And who knows, that may be something she realizes, after all she has only kept the secret a few days at this point and she is struggling with it. Nik keeping the secret prior to Elizabeth knowing made no sense, but now that Elizabeth does know I am just going to overlook that fact.


    • I just can’t buy that explanation, because almost everything she’s actually said on screen has been about desperately wanting to keep him for herself. But even if that was the real reason, the one thing Jason hates more than anything in the world is people making decisions for him. That’s been true since the accident, and it’s one of the things he and Liz bonded over initially. There’s nothing about her trying to take his choices away from him for his own good or to keep nobly out of the mob that he would find forgivable, and she knows that.

      • Agreed about making decisions for him. Though I could see Elizabeth spinning it like Jake wouldn’t HAVE a choice in the matter, he would be Jason Morgan again even though that seems like the opposite of what he currently wants. I would certainly prefer if Elizabeth AND Jake decided to keep it a secret together so he would be out of the mob. Could happen, I can’t see Elizabeth sitting on this secret for the long term but who knows.


  15. Liz holding onto the secret means there will be a huge blowup between her and Jason, versus Jake barely staying awake when he found out about Hayden and Ric. This entire Liz keeps Jake/Jason to herself is to once again have everyone in town screaming in my girl’s face.

  16. I’m not so sure that this convoluted plot is to ultimately reunite Jason and Sam. I don’t think RC is a fan of couples in general and I don’t think he likes Jasam anymore than any other couple. What he is trying to do is finish his ridiculous story line from 2012 when it was John/Sam/Liz/Jason. Just switch out John for Patrick.

    I think the only reason Jasam reunited really quickly in 2012 was because Sbu was leaving. Otherwise that story would have dragged out and I’m pretty sure eventually Sam would have ended up with John. (Damn, I miss McBam!!!). I’m not saying Sam will necessarily end up with Patrick, all I’m saying is that Jasam is not written in stone. They may get back together for a hot minute then probably decide they’ve changed too much or Jake will be end up being an imposter. I think Jason will initially be mad at Liz for keeping him away from Danny but I don’t think the anger will last.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of Jason and I wish he had stayed at the bottom the harbor. I don’t think he was worth Robin risking her family for (although I understand it from her perspective). I like Liz with Nik and Sam with Patrick.

  17. I am very upset that Duke was killed off the show!!! I have loved Duke Lavery since i was 14 years old!!! I am now 42 & still love Duke Lavery!!! He was the best & he and Anna had the best love story for it to have come to an end the way it did!!! Very pissapointed!!!

  18. I disagree here. I like the idea that the death of Julian’s baby was the last straw. He was always arrogant about being better and yadda but the idea tha if his innocent son could die for something he didn’t do? It gives him a chance to reexamine the idea that the death of his family via mob is something he CAN do. Of course the other instances should’ve done it but I’m not mad at this.

    Liz being evil? I buy it. It’s time Ms. Passive aggressive becomes aggressive. Own the crazy girl. She rocked the hell out of that monologue.

    • I think the larger issue for me at this point is that Julian’s failure to come to this decision earlier when it was set up much better has just left me unable to care about him as a character any more. So it’s too little, too late. Maybe if they manage to keep him out of the mob and give him a good story, he’ll regain my good will. But I have a feeling the reaction to the eventual baby reveal will not be that story for me.

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