Sweet, sweet freedom!

Well, obviously not for Shawn, who’s now joining an exclusive club previously populated solely by Blackie Parrish and Matt Hunter, i.e. characters on this show who might actually stay in prison for longer than a few months.

goodbye Shawn

And considering Matt’s offense was basically self-defense against a serial killer and Shawn still hasn’t managed to kill anyone at all (but not for lack of trying! he’s like the little hit man that could!) while Franco, Sonny, and Julian are still wandering completely free, let’s just say the PCPD justice system is chugging along as competently as ever.

But the important thing is Jordan and her fabulous hair might finally be free! Free to be a part of a plot I actually enjoy! This sadly will probably not involve some Sapphic comfort with Anna over losing the gross mob dudes that they inexplicably loved. But it will at least also probably involve at least 90% fewer scenes of her being lectured on morality by a man who kills people for money. Which can only be an improvement.

Jordan deserves better

Speaking of Morality According to Shawn, let’s check in with his latest (and last? PLEASE?) pearl of wisdom:

TJ: Why’d you do that, man? Ric was ready to fight for you.
SHAWN: I know. But taking the rap was the right thing to do. I want you to understand. Loyalty? That means staying true, TJ. Even when the chips are down.

Oh, thank God. For a brief moment, I thought he might actually use his last moments with his son (UGH) to impart some wisdom about taking responsibility for your bad choices and staying away from the criminal lifestyle. Seeing as, you know, as far as he’s concerned, he did just shoot an innocent woman in the head.

TJ's terrible mustache

My last parental advice would have been to shave

But no. It’s good to be reassured that Shaw will remain a sanctimonious turd right up until the very end. I take back everything I said. Sometimes the writers really do understand the value of consistent characterization!

Also, Molly’s brief presence reminded me that we’ve yet to get a single reaction scene from her about Ric hiring a con woman to get rid of his romantic rival and then marrying a stranger the next night. And it’s not like I was really looking forward to her high pitched histrionics, but seriously, show? Nothing? Why even bother to set these things up if you’re not actually going to follow through on the emotional beats?


20 thoughts on “Sweet, sweet freedom!

  1. Remember when Frisco came back after yrs of being an absent dad, who didn’t even bother to come to his younger daughter’s funeral,and we as an audience wanted to see what Maxie would do ( and I don’t even like Maxie) and we got NOTHING. I think we even had to wait a while to see NOTHING. Or when Liz told AJ she was the mother of his nephew who died,or when Liz found out Jason was going to have a kid with his wife. I’m still waiting for Liz’s reaction (as a Lizff ) to learning AJ was innocent and sonny killed him and carly knew and hid it. There are so many things I wanted to see and there is no follow through only plot points, stahs,stunt casting and sweeps stunts, no meat.

  2. Shawn is pure trash and was from the moment he showed up in PC as the Balkan’s employee. He was running Kelly’s and had the opportunity to be a professor at PCU. Had he gone that route, maybe I would’ve been okay with him on his high horse, harshly judging Jordan for first finding out she was an ex-con, then when she started running drugs for Julian Jerome, and finally when he found out she was actually a good guy. But noooooooooooo. That’s not the way it works in this town. All the dangerous people get to look down on everyone else’s life choices they consider to be poor. As a matter of fact, I believe the only time he ever really showed her respect is when she joined the Corinthos team. Suddenly, she was good….that is until he suspected she was a cop and ratted her out to Duke and Sonny, which resulted in Duke trying to kill her, but I guess we’re not supposed to remember that and just watch Jordan beg for forgiveness. Are we sure Guza wasn’t a consultant for this story?

    I wanted to shake Jordan for repeatedly apologizing to Shawn. Also, I feel like I know the meaning of calling someone a “Judas” and Sonny doesn’t. See, Jordan is actually in law enforcement, so what she did isn’t betrayal. Her loyalty remains intact. She and her flawless hair deserve better.

    I don’t get the point of revealing Shawn as TJ’s dad now. He’s leaving and I don’t really care. I mean, I saw it coming a mile away and thought it would have been revealed a long time ago, but it’s kind of pointless to throw that out there on the character’s way out. I was actually hoping he wasn’t TJ’s dad, b/c that would have been unpredictable. I just don’t need another reason to see TJ yelling at his mom, even though this would be the one time it’s warranted. He’s unnecessarily overreacted to his mom being a cop, that I just feel he’s hit his limit in anger towards her.

    Thank you for pointing out the lack of played beats again. I’m wondering, too, about Molly’s reaction about her dad’s scheme and his new marriage. I mean, there was no hesitation to show her tossing out her opinions about Alexis, Carly, and Elizabeth and why they love the men they do, and gushing over how perfect Ric is. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ric Lansing. Like, LOVE HIM (and I’ve LOVED Rick Hearst ever since he was on Guiding Light; his Alan-Michael Spaulding was perfection). However, I know he’s a bit of lunatic and I embrace that. Not to say she was wrong in her assessments, but I was kind of hoping to see some fairness between the men and the women, but apparently, that’s too much to ask.

    Lastly, I think it’s hilarious that Shawn’s going to prison for something he didn’t do, although he was there to murder anyway. But, hey, he wanted to plead guilty to show TJ what true loyalty means, instead of trying to fight a trial. I mean, it’s not like the police have said anything about testing his gun against the bullet that hit Hayden. Oh, well…if he doesn’t care, I certainly don’t. BYE!

  3. Don’t forget Steven Weber is now in jail for murdering a patient who killed someone. Was that his crime? Anyway, he’s paying for that. Amazing how many people on this show end up in jail for stuff they didn’t do, or for accidental murder (Blackie Parrish) or self-defense (wasn’t Matt like hella drunk when he killed Lisa Niles, so drunk he didn’t remember for months that he’d murdered her?). I think only Johnny Zacchara actually went to jail for the crimes he committed and now he’s running around free somewhere. And I’m fine with that because out of the three of them (Zacchara, Sonny and Julian), Johnny was the least hypocritical of the three. And yes, I’m amazed that that Shawn managed to stay employed as long as he did for the Balkan given his lack of success when it comes to killing people. I’d totally forgotten that he thought he’d shot Olivia that one time but it turned out to be Ava. I just realized that Ava, Anna and Jordan are the only people on this show who really know how to shoot a gun. And LOL about Anna and Jordan. I would actually watch that. I was hoping for awhile that Jordan and Julian were going to hook up when she worked for him but no such luck. TPTB love to ignore the people who actually have chemistry on this show. And seriously why is Silas returning to the show? Did anyone miss him?

    • I do believe Shawn has left the show without successfully EVER managing to shoot the person he was aiming at.

      And, you’re right, I also forgot about Steven Lars. Mostly because I think I repressed that entire terrible story? (No one missed Silas. NO ONE.)

      • Seriously, I have not seen not even one “when is Silas coming back??? I really miss him!!!” post. Note to powers that be: if a supposed-to-be-major character is gone a month and no one cares, time to let go.

  4. I’m much more concerned about Alexis not airing on GH until September than I am in Jordan’s next love interest. She’s one of RC’s newbies. I am sure he’ll make sure she’s not without a man for more than five minutes.

    • I’m not interested in seeing Jordan with any old man. I’m interested in seeing her with a good one (or woman! Anna makes the most sense! just saying!) because I like her and don’t want to see her wasted on another lame pairing. Sadly, good men at in short supply on this show.

      • She’ll get a man so she’ll get a story. I don’t care much for Jordan or any of RC’s newbies. Especially if veteran actresses like NLG face months on back burner because of it.

        FH? She’s off making a movie for three months so I’m sure her story will pick up when she gets back. Look forward to seeing her new film. I think Ian Buchanan is in it.

        I loved Shawn who got stuck being Sonny’s #2. TR and SB were so amazing in their goodbye scenes I didn’t even notice VA was there. It’s a shame we had to wait two years for him to get meaty material. I didn’t see TR as pimping Shawn’s choices over Jordan’s. I see him as supporting the one parent in his life that didn’t choose a career over him. Jordan made her choice to pick her career over TJ when he was in crisis back in Baltimore. Her solution was to ship him off unannounced to Shawn to take the heavy lifting to try to deal with a troubled teen neglected by his mother. Shawn was a thug but at least he raised TJ because no one else would and TJ graduated from high school is in college and is working a job to boot which is more than you can say about some of the adults on that show (kiki, morgan, Maxie, I mean you). He might be a thuggish mobster who chose prison out of loyalty but he was there for TJ when TJ needed some parent.

        Molly will never be seen having any reaction to her dream daddy being a sleazy schemer unless it’s offscreen. When she was in the same room with him she was back to hero worshipping the man who abused her mother and tried to kill her older sister more than once. I agree it does make no sense. But the nothing does on this show.

        Business as usual.

  5. If I remember correctly, TJ was already a high school student when he showed up to live with Shawn. So Shawn hardly “raised” him. Jordan went undercover and sent her son, who was getting into trouble, to live with the man she knew (I assume) to be his biological father. It’s by no means clear whether Jordan knew that Shawn was a criminal at that time; his entry was as a hired gun for the Balkan, but his backstory was science teacher/war veteran and when Jordan sent TJ to him, he was running the diner. I mean, the story has been a mess; and I find Sean Blakemore to be a beautiful man but a staggeringly boring actor, so that combined with Shawn’s unearned self-righteousness has me saying, “good riddance.” But no matter whether you like him or not, it’s just not true to say Shawn “raised” TJ.

    • Perhaps but he was getting into trouble back in Baltimore and rather than deal with it, Jordan shipped TJ off to Shawn to raise and TJ grew up quite a bit, finished high school, went to college and worked. In a healthy relationship with a girlfriend and wasn’t getting into trouble. I can see why he’s loyal to the one person who didn’t abandon him. Jordan certainly knew he was a criminal when she was begging him to help her mend the chasm between him in her son, to talk to him to put in a word for him and she slept with this criminal thug as a LE officer working to bring him down. Jordan’s a rerun of Anna. Choosing her career over her kid time and time again which in Anna’s case to Robin who did the same thing to Emma and Patrick. Both wound up for all their moral ethics sleeping with mobsters though Anna was more grey than single dimensional Jordan will ever be.

      Asto her flawless hair that I see in some of these posts, it’s not all her real hair. Like most Black actresses she probably does her own hair and alternates between a weave and a wig though I think she’s back to a weave. Damn shameful in the 21st century soap hairstylists still don’t have a clue to do Black woman’s hair and I notice in her case makeup as well.

      • Of course it’s not her hair. What’s unfortunate is, real or not, her hair is one of the highpoints of the show right now. As for TJ, I can see why he’s loyal, and it makes sense in a dumb kid sort of way. But my goodness he needs to wipe that schmutz of his face.

        • It’s too bad she can’t do her own natural hair simply because they don’t have hairstylists that can do that. I think she’s pretty and looks good in clothes but to me she’s not that strong in dramatic material but that might be inexperience. I think that and the poor development of the character and even poorer writing in general is why there’s so much focus on her hair and looks. I thought TR did some of his best work ever though.

          • Orrrr. – like most adult black woman she has chosen a hair style that she likes.

            I think VA is a stronger actress than Sean Blakemore has ever been and has managed to make her character watchable despite some pretty crappy writing

      • Jordan *did* deal with TJ getting into trouble — by removing him from a situation where he was interacting with bad influences and making bad decisions, and sending him to spend time with his father instead. I’m not saying she’s a perfect mother, but as far as soap characters go, she’s fairly average in terms of loving her child and also sometimes making less than ideal choices under less than ideal circumstances. And if we’re deducting points from women on this show who betray their values to sleep with mobsters, we’ll basically be citing the entire cast, starting with Alexis, so…

        I do think TJ has every right to be mad his mother she lied to him. And I don’t blame him for getting attached to Shawn. But Shawn made an active choice to become Sonny’s enforcer while TJ was under his care, a choice that endangered TJ’s life on more than one occasion and which also led to TJ absorbing a code that would rather his mother be a drug dealer than a snitch, and seeing killing people for a living as an acceptable career choice. He made another active choice to turn down a deal that would let him leave that life and be a real father to his son out of loyalty to a man who sent him to do his dirty work and then let him take the fall for it. Whatever trouble TJ was getting into in Baltimore, Shawn embroiled him in stuff that was much worse. He’s not getting any father of the year awards from me.

  6. I don’t understand the criticism of Jordan’s hair. She looks stunning no matter what she does with it. I think Jordan is one of the few new characters who really works and the actress is good. Not brilliant, but good – strong presence, charismatic, connects well with her scene partners, all of which is what is most needed in a soap actor. As for morality, she’s one of the few characters trying to adhere to a “code” on the right side of the law, which is a step above 90% of the population in PC.

  7. Wasn’t the original point celebrating the departure of that mercenary turned PTSD survivor turned diner runner turned hitman who couldn’t hit the side of a barn? For that, I, for one, want to throw a party. But not a KiKi. One of those is three too much at the moment.

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