Is stupidity contagious?

Sometimes a thing happens, and it is so intensely dumb that it’s almost hard to even make fun of it. Yesterday, that thing was every word that came out of Nikolas and Lucky’s mouths. Exhibit A:

Lucky and Nikolas1

LUCKY: But you know, even with everything that’s happened. Bringing Jake home, everything right with the world… everything’s not right with me. I’m still broken. I’m in no condition to be around my kids. Who the hell does that sound like?
NIKOLAS: You’re not like him, Lucky.
LUCKY: Luke Spencer raised me, okay? I’m just following in his footsteps. And I’m a great dad! As long as I don’t have to be near my kids.
NIKOLAS: Don’t say that — that’s not true. You’re nothing like him! You’re an amazing father.
LUCKY: Really. When? I haven’t been there for them, Nikolas. I mean, Cam has a few vague memories. To Aiden, I’m just a face on a computer screen. And the worse thing is, part of me just wants to run. I just want to get out of here before this darkness or whatever the hell is in me corrupts Jake. How sick is that?

OMG, WHAT IS HE EVEN TALKING ABOUT? It was bad enough when the writers realized they couldn’t pull off multiple personalities again and just invented a bullshit darkness “diagnosis” for Luke. But now we’re expected to believe the bullshit is hereditary?

Like, is Lucky possessed by a literal demon? Is he Ireland’s Hannibal Lecter? Does he have a stash of kiddie porn? WHAT? Because it kind of sounds like he’s just a gigantic drama llama with a bad case of depression and an inexplicable aversion to shampoo. And in that case, call me crazy, but it sure seems like some therapy and good haircut would solve 99% of his problems.

And then there’s exhibit B:

Lucky and Nikolas2

LUCKY: How can you not tell him the truth. You’re keeping Jason away from his wife, his children, his entire family!
NIKOLAS: I know that. But Sam is with Patrick now. And the rest of Jason’s loved ones, they’ve accepted the situation and moved on.
LUCKY: They don’t know the situation!
NIKOLAS: Please just try and understand this for a moment. Sam, the Quartermaines, even Carly have recovered from Jason’s death.
LUCKY: What are you talking about, he didn’t die!
NIKOLAS: I know that! You know–they don’t know that! They’ve moved on. They’re happy with their lives now!
LUCKY: Okay, so if this is all settled. Everyone’s happy, why’d you have to tell me?

What an excellent question! WHY IN THE HELL DID LUCKY GET DRAGGED INTO THIS? Doubling down on ‘Lucky the Deadbeat’ wasn’t enough character assassination? They just had to involve him in the Jason mess to twist the knife on the way out the door?

Lucky and Nikolas4

“I’m just gratuitously terrible now!”

The worst part of this is I had hopes this visit might actually fix some of the damage done to this character. Luke’s farewell tour has been sloppy, rushed and nonsensical — how exactly did going along with Frank Smith’s kidnapping scheme help Lucky find Jake? How did he even find out Jake was alive in the first place, for that matter? Whose kidney does Josslyn have?!

But searching for Jake was at least a decent reason for him to have abandoned his family. Now that reason is gone and he’s part of this trainwreck lie for literally no reason. Great. Thanks for that, show.

Lucky and Nikolas3

“I’ve straight up gone insane!”

Meanwhile, forget brainwashing — is Nikolas on drugs? I mean, one day he’s having people killed to keep this secret and the next he’s casually blabbing it at the drop of a hat? His insane justifications used to sound like manipulations, but now it feels like he’s actually believing the crap coming out of his own mouth? I know character motivation has become a dirty word in the writers’ room, but it would be nice if they could at least keep people out of character in a consistent way.

On the bright side: at this rate, half the town will be in on the Jason secret by the time it comes out, which will spread out the inevitable shunning?


11 thoughts on “Is stupidity contagious?

  1. I’m telling you girl, you and I need to be friends. Your last post and this one is so spot on with GH right now. No order words necessary…

  2. LOL! I don’t even know what this conversation was. I literally laughed out loud at Lucky’s “Really. When?” answer to Nik’s assertion that he’s a great father, b/c no more honest response has ever been uttered about this.

    This just proves to me that the Spencer family is extremely extra. Luke’s darkness was homicidal, but linked to a secret he didn’t know. Solution? Get a tattoo to control it. Lucky’s darkness (which I also believe be depression) will be combated by him running from it all over the world, until he’s ready to stare it down. Only then will he be a good parent. So basically, there is no excuse for Lucky to not be around his kids. Got it. Will he get a tattoo of strength as well? This is a mess.

    I don’t understand Nik keeping this secret only to blab it anyway. Oh well, it suits my agenda of Elizabeth not being the only one uncharacteristically trashed with a secret she’d never keep, lol. I have a good guess who will find out next, so I’m expecting plenty more people to get trashed over this. I’m still just wondering why Jason hasn’t gotten a clue. I’m starting to not care that this is being kept from him, b/c he should have figured this out by now. Jake gave him a memory flash for crying out loud.

    At least the surviving musketeers are keep a secret together like they did with Dead Ted? *shrugs*

    Oy. What exactly is RC planning here? I don’t get any of this.

  3. Oy. What exactly is RC planning here? I don’t get any of this.
    I feel the same exact way whatever it is it will be some crazy and unexplainable crap just like that conversation between long out of touch brothers.

  4. Hee. Hee. Liz has little Jake back, so I don’t give a fig that big Jake has yet to figure out his own identity with the multiple of flashes of memories and not going to see Dr. Kevin Collins or another therapist at the hospital.

    Someone (not me) should tackle Lucky with a strong detergent, shampoo and some new clothes. He looks like a dirty bum.

    Nik ran his mouth off to Liz and now he did the same thing to Lucky, however, Lucky is going to escape the pitchforks etc… Nik is a jerk!

    Lucky abandoned his kids, period. I hope Liz makes the same “darkness” excuses once the lie about Jason comes to light!

  5. The worst thing this show did was not recast Lucky when JJ left again. I understand that Lucky was grieving the deaths of Jake and the horrible Irish chick whose name I refuse to remember who accused Elizabeth of using her grief to hold on to Lucky. But at a certain point they should have recast him. The actor who played Rex on OLTL would have been a good choice. It makes no sense not to have him on the canvas. Lucky was always the voice of reason in the Spencer household after Laura. Why not use Lucky’s addiction as a reason that he feels unable to be around his kids? Anything else would have made more sense. And Nik, he’s ruined for me.

    • Apparently TG (and the executive producer) were against it. I’m happy TG is no longer around to throw his weight around there, but it may be too late.

  6. I checked back into GH some this summer and am so confused. It’s just…not good. I like Elizabeth and Big Jake. They have good chemistry. Why does Elizabeth have to be doing this ridiculous thing of not telling him who he is? And I have never seen Dante do ANYTHING other than stand by LuLu and I turn on my tv and he’s having revenge sex over a poorly explained jaunt out of town? And MICHAEL…Michael’s all good with Sonny and Carly who are now getting married again with all the chemistry of siblings? And is Morgan seriously doing “Denise”?? What in the actual eff is happening here?

  7. I think Nik is telling people about the Jason issue so that maybe it will come out from someone other than Liz. Nik’s confused. he wants Liz to be happy but may have initially wanted her for himself and didn’t think she would keep the Jason Secret. But she did, so now, how to get it out there: Tell other people.

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