Fifth time’s the charm?

I guess it’s comforting that even if the rest of the town has gone insane, Carly is still Carly. And by that, I mean also insane, but in a totally predictable, in character way:

Carly is delusional

CARLY: You’re arrogant. You’re ruthless. You’re vindictive. You’re violent. And when you get angry, you can be really cruel.
SONNY: [chuckles, like “yeah, I’m terrible, LOL”]
CARLY: But you’re also loyal. Courageous. An incredible father. You’re the most charming man I have ever met.

An incredible father! Those words came out of her mouth, without irony,  after everything that’s happened over the last year! Amazing.

On the one hand, I’m laughing because: oh, Carly. Never change. But mostly it’s kind of sad? Like… imagine a friend describing their significant other as violent, vindictive, and cruel — but he’s super charming and has great dimples! Every single internal alarm bell would be screaming. I mean, at this point, Carly’s basically just reciting domestic abuse pamphlets to describe their relationship.

YOU CAN DO BETTER, GIRL. You have done better. Remember Jax? God, I miss Jax.

Alexis and Julian roleplay1

Alexis and Julian roleplay2

Meanwhile, Alexis and Julian crawled out of whatever dark hole they’ve been hiding in for the past two months so they could get some good, old fashioned roleplay going.

I’m not gonna lie: it was pretty good for me. And very little has been good for me on this show lately, so here. Have a nice weekend:

Alexis and Julian roleplay3


Unfortunately, this show is the Sonny to my Carly, which means it is vindictive and cruel and I keep coming back to it even though it takes everything I love and crushes it to death in front of me. (I think, for the purposes of this metaphor, Alexis getting laid is the equivalent of Sonny’s dimples? IDK, JUST GO WITH IT.) So, of course, they immediately spoiled the afterglow by implying Julian is back in the mob. Of course.

Listen up, show. These two are the literally only thing I have left that you haven’t completely ruined. SO DON’T RUIN IT.


15 thoughts on “Fifth time’s the charm?

  1. I think you should get disqualified from being called an “incredible father” after you’ve nearly murdered two of your children. Just saying.

    I think Ava might be taking the reigns of the mob, given her reaction to the news that her brother was leaving the mob.

    • or sleep with your son’s girlfriend . . . let your other son sit in prison while you fly your youngest out of the country . . . spill your son’s confidences to your ex-wife whose more than once tried to get revenge on him . . . etc etc

  2. I agree…….they so don’t interest me in the least….they were just ff material yesterday…….

    hey never thought of ava…yeah maybe she ordered the hit………just a speculation


  3. “CARLY: You’re arrogant. You’re ruthless. You’re vindictive. You’re violent. And when you get angry, you can be really cruel.
    SONNY: [chuckles, like “yeah, I’m terrible, LOL”]”

    That made me laugh

    I actually groaned out loud when Carly said “god, those dimples”. Like . . . do people still notice that?

  4. I actually think Julian’s a red herring. They’re setting it up to make it LOOK like he never left. The hit on Sonny. The phone call and voice mail that Julian didn’t respond to while in the hotel room. I think someone else is targeting Sonny rather than Julian and when the writers reveal it to us, we’re supposed to act all surprised. I don’t know what the phone cal and message meant but maybe we’ll find out and it’d be nice if it was a really good surprise for frankly the only pairing that works for me on this show.

    I did LOVE the scenes and what the actors brought into them. The writer must have read 50 Shades with the Tristan and Mrs. Robertson references (Christian and Mrs. Robinson).

    It’s great to see them again since likely they won’t be on much together until the autumn.

  5. didn’t I say that I don’t think it’s Julian….I bet that it’s going to be brad’s family in the end…..

    \they just won’t stay away from the stupid mob………will they…..

    that’s the only reason why lucas ended up with brad instead of felix….so that they could keep the stupid mob going….by bringing in another dumb mob family……

    wonder if anna will catch them this time like she did the last time…….


    yeah julexis have a huge fan base but are they giving them to us…..noooooooooooooo not a chance…instead we’re getting the mommy brigade over and over again……daughter you have a boyfriend…..well too bad…he’s the one I want and no one else will do…….do you hear me…….

    those are so not the stories that anyone wants at all….men stealing mothers…

  6. I’ve never been a fan of the Sonny/Carly pairing. They’re co-dependent and bring out the absolute worst in each other, imo. All I could think about when Carly was listing Sonny’s qualities, was Michael laying in the hospital with a bullet in his brain. It’s amazing the things people tend to overlook or forget. One would never know know that he threatened to kill her not too long ago, if he found out she was the responsible for Olivia getting shot. Those crazy kids…

    I did have an LOL moment when Carly went right to work, taking care of Sonny’s shot employee. I mean, it seemed like the writers were trying to make it seem like old times between them, but Carly never did things like this. Sonny always had a private mob doctor and safe houses him men could go to. Ever since the regime change, Sonny has been involving his women in his business when that wasn’t the case before. Yeah, they may have been in danger, but he never had them do things like patching up his guys. WTF? Was that supposed to show that Carly’s made for him GMAB. Jax was the best thing that every happened to her.

    And Sabrina better NOT talk Michael into to going to that wedding. Him giving up Avery was enough. I seriously cannot look at her the same. Just when I was starting to like her again.

    • Yeah, the murder threat thing was so recent and so ugly. It’s not like I didn’t think this was an abusive relationship before that, but seriously… the fact that we’re now supposed to be rooting for this couple again is really unfathomable to me. I’m not Carly fan, but I still want her to have more self-respect, you know?

  7. and didn’t; he convince her to let Michael go awol……when he shot cluadia in self defence….and ended up getting raped in prison…..

    yes a lot of stuff happened to that kid with sonny and carly….


    I wish that jax was back, I reallyhdo….

    why he gave that baby back to sonny is beyond me…….sonnmy is the last person that needs another child to screw up….

  8. I hate the Sonny/Carly pairing. She went from dating a psycho serial killer (Franco) to dating a man who not only shot the her son’s biological father in cold blood, but also slept with his son’s girlfriend and got her pregnant. Not to mention the fact that he got Scott’s daughter Karen hooked on pills when she stripped at his club, re-named his baby with Sam while she was unconscious in the hospital after giving birth, has slept with numerous women without condoms, married a nut-job who tried to kidnap Carly’s baby forcing Michael to kill her in self-defense. How is Sonny a good father? Twice Michael has had to kill someone because of Sonny’s business. Yes, Michael now has blood on his hands because of his father.

    Elle, I too was beginning to like Sabrina and Michael together until she got him to give back Avery. She seems to gloss over the whole ‘Sonny is a cold-blooded killer and criminal’ thing. It’s like what she went through with Carlos never happened.

  9. I know and he’s supposed to be this big hero right…and pillar of the earth….

    sonny has always made me sick….and it was Karen that did it….

    I wish that someone other then scotty would bring it up….\

    why does Sabrina have to be so self righteous………

    they are all having a dugh stupid moment……

  10. I agree….there really isn’t anything else that they can do with them….except them being married to one another again….


  11. I hate Sonny and Carly, but like others have said. There really isn’t any other option for them on the show. I will always wear my S/B fancard proudly and completely believe they are endgame even though Brenda deserves better, but I actually enjoyed Sonny and carly because, well, at least I actually know them and the characters. I am so sick of Nina, Franco, Kiki, Ava, etc that Carson doesn’t bother me. The show has reached rock bottom if I am actually praising Carly and yeah….Sonny’s dimples still work for me. Nothing else does, but he is charming.

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