This week, on Sonny’s Hospital…

The good news is we got a week without Franco, Nina, Madeline or Kiki, and barely any of Ava’s wig. The bad news is… literally every other thing that happened. Hey, remember when this show dialed back the mob and the Sonny/Jason worship and got the highest ratings in years? Well, apparently no one at the network does, because we’re doing the opposite of that now.

But there was one single bright spot in this wall of suck, so I’ll start with that:

Sam and Patrick talk

SAM: I care about my father, I care about Sonny. But the mob, the danger, the power struggle? That’s the life that I had with Jason. And I’m with you now. And I’m happy in a way that I never even thought was possible.
PATRICK: You don’t miss the adrenaline?
SAM: I don’t miss the fear. I don’t miss what Carly is going through right now, loving somebody, sitting by their side, praying that their going to live. And knowing that if they do, nothing is going to change, everything is just going to go back to the way things were. He’s gonna target his enemies before they target him… But I understand why she stays. I do. I get that she loves him. But hey — I love you. I love you, the brilliant surgeon, who saves lives instead of taking them. This is the life I want.

What a lovely, honest and mature conversation between two adults! How refreshing to see the day to day cost of living a life of violence acknowledged with emotional complexity and nuance! I hope you enjoyed that, because the rest of the week was more along the lines of this:

MICHAEL: For months I’ve been trying to hate you. Trying to be someone else, someone who’s not your son. And then I remembered what I knew all along, that you’ll never give up on me. And you’ll never stop loving me. And I’ll never stop loving you. You are my father. And for as long as I live, I will be your son.

That’s right, folks! Michael’s gone full dark side, this show’s gone full Guza, and everything is terrible. Sorry!

As a bonus, Michael promised to avenge Sonny. Based on how that same promise to AJ worked out, I guess this means we’ve got at least few months before he’s declaring his love for Sonny’s would-be murderer?Michael is dead to me

It was so sad when we lost Michael, you guys

Also, can I just say that Michael telling Avery that “no one will love her more” than Sonny and Carly was one of the most depressing things I’ve ever heard? Imagine if that was actually true and literally no one could love her more than those two selfish, childish, megalomaniacal assholes. What a terrible curse to lay on a child.

Meanwhile, Michael’s loving girlfriend was shocked — SHOCKED — to find out that Sonny might not be father of the year material after all:

SABRINA: When Michael got custody of Avery, everyone accused him of wanting revenge on Sonny. And that was part of it. But the other part was to avoid what’s happening right now. You know, this little angel is growing up surrounded by violence.
LULU: Michael gave her back.
SABRINA: Well, to make peace with his family. And I supported his decision. I thought it was for the best. But after today… I wonder.

Well, gosh, Sabrina! Don’t beat yourself up too hard. I mean, how could you possibly have guessed something like this might happen? It’s not like for two decades, literally every person Sonny’s ever loved has been subjected to horrific violence. (Also, are you freaking kidding me with this “I supported his decision” bullshit? Girl, you planted the idea and then badgered and guilted him into it. SHUT UP, SABRINA.)

TJ is an idiot

The list of people who also need to SHUT UP FOREVER also includes TJ, whose race to become utterly insufferable is certainly proceeding nicely:

TJ: You know, Shawn would be proud of me for sticking by Mr. Corinthos.
JORDAN: Proud of you? Shawn is suffering because of Sonny. Shawn is in Pentonville because of Sonny. You think that Shawn would want to see something like that happen to you or worse? He loves you!
TJ: Mr. Corinthos cares about me too!
JORDAN: Sonny doesn’t care about you! Sonny feels guilty because Shawn went to prison for him. That’s all. Don’t get it twisted, honey.

Good job, Shawn! Those are some great values you managed to impart to your stupid, stupid child. A+ parenting.

jon stewart clap

God knows the cast of this show could stand to be way less white, but TJ’s been so sufficiently ruined for me as a character that I actually hope Tequan Richmond’s new Showtime show means he’ll be leaving town for a good long while.


14 thoughts on “This week, on Sonny’s Hospital…

    • Sonny is the reason I haven’t watched in going on 2 wks I hate that whole family and I thought Mikey was doing so well; but the prior stuff was awful also so I’ve just not watched more than maybe one whole episode since the whole Silas thing.
      ITA TPTB must be completely f**king nuts to keep this up–sounds like a recipe for cancellation IMO.

  1. objectively, I do think the show has been better for the past two weeks. But . . . everyone acting like Emma was shot when it’s Sonny, is a little much to take for viewers who know what a jerk Sonny is.

  2. TJ going on and on makes me want to punch him in the face. And as usual, everyone blames everyone else in the entire town, except for Sonny for all this crap. Sonny does everything he can to keep us safe and he loves us so it doesn’t matter that it is his life choices that gets himself and everyone else shot! STFU show. I hate you.

  3. This is precisely why I took this show off my DVR last Thursday. I realized that they were turning Michael into Michael Corleone and Morgan into Fredo (I guess Dante would be Sonny or the Andy Garcia character from Godfather III). It amazes that Michael and Morgan could ever consider Sonny and Carly to be good parents. Didn’t Carly send Morgan to military school to keep him away from Sonny? Didn’t both Michael and Morgan at one point start to consider Jax as more of a father to them than Sonny? I was so happy when Michael became a Quartermaine and got custody of Ava before the writers got bored and reverted to the same old boring stories, only know we’re going to probably have Michael take over Sonny’s business since Lulu and Maxie made a point of telling Sabrina about how ruthless Michael is and how much he’s Sonny’s son. I’m surprised no one mentioned that Michael killed that guy who attacked him in old apartment. I hate this show.

  4. Are we REALLY supposed to believe that Sonny could die? Anyone who has seen this show for any length of time knows he is incapable of dying. Everyone else dies around him. There’s no suspense at all. Are TPTB going to put him in a wheelchair so we feel sympathy for him? Yuck.

  5. I started to get really ragey, then eerily calm at watching the crap on my screen. Now I’m ragey again.

    I had hopes for TJ, but at this point, I wouldn’t care if he disappeared. I’m so tired of hearing about how wonderful Sonny is and how awful Jordan is. We get it, show. Thank goodness for Anna reminding Jordan that her joining the DEA was good thing and sending her child away to someone she trusted was a good thing. She’s right about TJ getting mixed up with Sonny being Shawn’s fault, b/c it’s true.

    I see the Corinthos clan fretting about Sonny and I feel nothing for their ridiculous tears.

    I’ve been mostly annoyed by Julian the last few months (maybe longer), but I couldn’t help defending him against Dante. Suddenly a seasoned detective goes off hearsay from his meddling wife and decides to hold Julian. I don’t recall Dante being this vigilant when A.J. was murdered. He mostly told Michael to stop throwing a tantrum.

    And Sabrina…thank you for calling her out regarding her “support” of Michael giving Avery to Sonny. That was all her idea with her telling Michael it’s what A.J. would have wanted. She did this! All Michael’s points about why he should raise Avery were proven.

    What is up with Maxie and her revisionist history? Michael didn’t confess to killing Claudia to exonerate Sonny. Dante told the truth in court and Michael was dealing with major guilt keeping the secret. Also, A.J. was flawed, so he deserved to be murdered? WTF is that? If A.J. died b/c he was flawed then what does SHE deserve? It just doesn’t matter anymore that Sonny murdered A.J. b/c he chose to, not that it ever did, I guess. Spinelli and Dante “saying” that Michael is just like Sonny. In what realm??? We saw Michael want to be like him, but realizing that he’s not. What were Maxie and Lulu smoking? I guess we can just throw that on top of the pile where Georgie and Dillon were never married and Dillon didn’t go to Maxie’s funeral.

    I’m done hearing about Ava killing Connie. Imo, she did me a favor, putting that hot mess out to pasture. I would have given her a key to the city. Ava is no worse than Sonny, and I hope she finds a way out of this mess and gets her daughter back. It grates my nerves that that Sonny and Carly have just decided that Carly is Avery’s mother. That’s not really how it works. Twenty years later, and they’re still declaring who gets to parent and who doesn’t, not that they ever really stopped doing that.

    Sorry for the rant. I guess I had a lot to say, lol! This show is maddening again. Why go back to the same trope that almost got GH cancelled?

    P.S. I will automatically stan whomever shoots Morgan with a tranquilizer dart. Also, fave line of the week goes to Julian (I may have the wording wrong, forgive me).

    Julian (to Morgan): What are you gonna do? Are you gonna pout? Are you gonna sulk me to death?


  6. I’ve had the following thoughts this week

    ●I don’t mind Michael forgiving Sonny, because I never thought he wasn’t; its the downplaying of everything AJ. It just appears to be more Ron Carlivatis personal vendetta, an less Sonny propping.

    ●Whatever TJ

    ●I don’t think/hope Michael doesn’t go all the way back to Sonny, or at least keeps his last name….Quartermaine

    ●I feel like that scene with Maxie,Lulu, and Sabrina was “build up” to RCs final F U to; Sabrina being pregnant with Michaels baby.

  7. Please. Sam is a liar, a flake, a hypocrite, and an idiot. She said the same things to Silas and her word means nothing. She only seems to care about ‘having a home’ and that she’s taken in like some stray puppy by her menfolk — she did it with the husbands she prostituted herself to and bilked for their money. Then she screwed Sonny in exchange for feeling accepted and having ‘a home’. Then it was Jason. Then it was poor Lucky who had to take the poor unwanted waif in. Then Jason again. John escaped, and Silas treated her as an equal, not a pet in need of constant stroking. She said she loved him, that he was a ‘brilliant doctor who saved lives’, and then promptly climbed on Patrick in exchange for ‘a family and a home’. She’s absolutely a wasted, debased piece of crap as a character, and she honestly thinks her shit doesn’t stink. I hope to God Jason manages to escape her void of suck this time, because THIS Jason doesn’t deserve to have to deal with her.

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