And they say romance is dead!

Ah, the couple montage, that beloved soap staple. A chance to revisit the greatest hits of a relationship and make the case for why these two people are meant to be!

And then there’s… whatever this was:

Carly Sonny montage1

Carly Sonny montage2

CARLY: Sonny, we’re not some starry-eyed couple that’s going to walk away holding hands and a happily ever after. We destroy each other! We don’t work in a marriage. We have tried so many times and it doesn’t work.

I’m assuming the point of that was to make us feel sad for Carly? And it did, but only in the sense that I’m sad she’s still trapped in the same unhealthy, unhappy, borderline abusive relationship from those clips. I guess it’s honest, but there’s something disheartening about the fact that the much heralded push to bring romance back to the show is starting with a couple about whom “it wasn’t all bad” is the most ringing endorsement they could make.

Or, in Sonny’s words:

SONNY: What we have is not pretty, it’s not romantic. Half the time you can’t even call it love.

Well, my heart is sure warmed! For the record, this is what a good couple montage looks like:


Oh, look, two people who actually seem to like each other! What a novel concept.

(Although I guess we should just count ourselves lucky they left out that fun time Sonny showed up waving a gun and threatening to kill Carly in her own living room. Which was only two years ago, by the way. But what are soulmates without a few death threats, right?)

Meanwhile, Dante has really damaged his halo lately, but today’s speech did a lot to get him back into my good graces:

Dante truth-telling to Sonny

DANTE: You put your life on the line for what — money, power, control? Was it worth it? You’ve been given a second chance here with Avery. And you still make yourself a target. It’s unbelievable. It’s selfish! […] I know what you’d say right now, too. You’d come up with all sorts of excuses about that not being possible. You can’t give it. But you know the truth is you choose not to give it up. And now you’re lying here on what should be your wedding day. We should all be celebrating. Morgan’s out there blaming Jerome for all this, and you know what? I blame you.

And then, of course, Sonny immediately flatlined. I can’t decide is this is more hilarious meta-commentary on Sonny’s typically childish reaction to criticism, or on the thin-skinned responses of certain people behind the scenes toward any non-flattering portrayals of him. But either way, it was pretty perfect.


16 thoughts on “And they say romance is dead!

  1. someone linked to a clip of the Deception storyline and it led me down the youtube rabbit hole and lent me to this particular gem:

    Carly worrying Michael could be the next target and Sonny saying, “enough now!” and walking away from her

    Sonny and Carly reminds me of a book I read in which a widow who is describing her late husband says her husband never hit her and the protaganist thinks, “God help me if the best that can be said of me as a husband is that I didn’t hit my wife.”

    • I really don’t understand how anyone who actually likes Carly could want her with Sonny. If she had any real friends, I’d say they were really shitty ones for not throwing her an intervention before this wedding.

  2. the new writers’ stuff begins airing in early-mid October… so I’m hoping things get better. I hate hate hate the Elizabeth story- if they can fix that I will be happy…

    • Liz is bad…RME. This entire Jake is Jason lie was not needed in order for their to have been soapy drama with Lake and Samtrick building separate lives and then Helena drops the bomb that Jake is Jason.

  3. Gawd, I hope by that SnB montage you weren’t implying Brenda is better for Sonny are you? Cause much as I hate Carly, I hate Brenda more-BUT Carly is better for “the life” that is Sonny Corinthos’ world of violence and destruction.

    Why do I say this? Because the whole time Brenda was with Sonny, she pretty much wore rose-colored glasses. Let’s face it as long as the sex was good and Sonny cooked dinner, Brenda was okie-dokie with “the life.” But when reality hit what did Brenda do? She ran like hell-usually in Jax’s arms, which made him a pretty big loser since he kept taking her back time and time again, knowing he was a consolation prize.

    If that isn’t enough to make me hate Brenda here’s a few other reasons:

    1. She constantly badmouthed Jason and Robin’s relationship from day one, citing how dangerous it was for Robin to be with him[-and while she was right, I found this highly hypocritical of her considering her situation with Sonny.

    2. Brenda had no respect for funerals-first she didn’t bother to attend Lila’s-and Lila had took her into the Quartermaine mansion, mentored her and been like a real grandmother to Brenda-and she frigging couldn’t come to the woman’s funeral?

    3. But hey same thing happened when Robin supposedly diied in 2012? Yes Brenda was a no-show at Robin’s funeral either-and Robin had been her best friend since high school, had stood by her supportively and unjudgementally while Brenda played romantic tennis with Sonny and Jax and whom Brenda reffered to her as :her “little sister.”

    4. But hey Brenda was always all about Brenda right? When she came back a few years previously, did she even bother to get to know Patrick? Did she come to their wedding? Did she even take time to meet Emma? Nope-at least we never saw it onscreen that’s for sure. Instead every time she and Robin shared screentime, it was always Brenda whining about Sonny with Robin waving those pom poms as usual.

    So those are just a few reasons why I loathe and despise Brenda-she is childish, selfish and judgemental of others and indecisive especially when it comes to her love life. I for one hope she never darkens Port Charles again.

    And in closing let me say no I am not a Sonny and Carly fan-the idea of them waltzing down the aisle of destruction again, much less in this silly dressup wedding was stomach churning. However, let them be stiuck with each other since they clearly deserve it, As for romance, lets pray the new writing team focuses on other couples soon.


    • I meant to imply exactly what I said: that it is an example of a better romantic montage, in that half the dialog isn’t about how terrible they are for each other.

      But since you brought it up, I do think that Brenda was better for Sonny than Carly is — precisely because she wasn’t better for “the life.” Carly and Sonny getting together coincided with him turning into a worse person overall, and I don’t think that’s an accident. She validates all his worst traits.

      You’re of course free to dislike Brenda as much as you want, mileage varies, etc. But she was a literal teenager when she started dating Sonny, a grown man who repeatedly lied to her and downplayed the reality of his business until she was too emotionally involved with him to make a clean break. Sure, she was spoiled and naive. But she was never fine with the life. She tried to overlook it at times, but repeatedly found that she couldn’t. IMO, wanting to protect Robin from falling into the same trap makes her a good friend, not a hypocrite.

      I also personally can’t blame a character for not attending funerals that happened when the actress wasn’t on the show. Obviously Brenda would have been there if VM was available/willing. They made the best excuses they could for why she wasn’t there. It happens.

      • Sonny and Brenda were the best… the definition of a supercouple. I loved their journey and story- (even though the last few years the writing was atrocious) but when they were good… they were great.

  4. But hey same thing happened when Robin supposedly diied in 2012? Yes Brenda was a no-show at Robin’s funeral either-and Robin had been her best friend since high school, had stood by her supportively and unjudgementally while Brenda played romantic tennis with Sonny and Jax and whom Brenda reffered to her as :her “little sister.”

    what finally got me to dislike Brenda was the first nurses’ ball, I was really not liking Brenda at all…but the nurses’ ball, that was the final straw….she started a food fight, it was to honour robin, and instead of watching the festivities, what did she do, well she started a food fight….I was actually applauding carly for telling her to leave…..

    no, Brenda has no respect for other people, and also for herself….

    I agree, if carly is back with him, then she deserves it..

    that’s more or less why I’m not watching, I was going to be home yesterday, but it turned out that I had to go out after all, and really, I don’t care….

    it’s become sonnified again, and that’s not a show that I want to watch anymore…

    I was perfectly fine with rc’s writing, and sonny not being on all the time…


  5. I found the whole montage hilarious b/c the things Sonny and Carly were saying to each other don’t exactly scream of a romance for the ages. They are a toxic mess to each other and always have been, so I don’t get all this lovey-dovey crap. Thank you for bringing up Sonny’s death threat to Carly. I did, however, end up feeling bad for Carly, but for a different reason: she’s still in that awful dress with that awful hairstyle. Poor thing.

    I also felt it funny that Carly is praying profusely to God to save Sonny, while I could only think of A.J. fighting for his life and neither of those two ingrates caring one bit. Why should they be the ones to get “miracles” all the time?

    I, too, felt it to be somewhat poetic that Sonny was doing just fine when his loved ones were telling him things he would want to hear. Leave it to him to run into complications the moment Dante started dropping truth bombs. Of course, this is Sonny’s reaction, lol!

    Alas, I don’t hold out hope for any truth with this couple as far as the new writers are concerned. They referred to Sonny and Carly as a “destiny couple.” It made me gag.

    Just when I thought GH had finally come to the conclusion that Sonny and Carly are better off apart, suddenly they’re meant for each other again (despite their lack of chem imo).

    This show continues to be such a mess.

  6. The only healthy relationship that Carly has had on this show was with Jax and she screwed that up by always putting Jason and then Sonny before her husband. I agree that Sonny and Carly bring out the worst in each other. Sonny treated Carly terribly before they even hooked up that one night. He reverted back to the man who got Karen hooked on pills. With Brenda, Sonny at least tried to be a better person. As far as I’m concerned he’s a misogynistic bastard who is emotionally abusive. Even though he’s supposed to be on medication for his bipolar disorder, I haven’t seen much change in his behavior apart from maybe not breaking as much glassware as he used to.

  7. Did TIIC actually run a montage of the sonny carly love story when the ratings went up when there was less of them. I have shut the show off again. Since the Guza /Frons hour has returned.. Why don’t they just let them kill each other forever. That I might return to watch .Michael has been lobotomized AGAIN. Jason will return soon, and Sam won’t win. She will be in the middle of this BS. and poor Danny will again have a mob killer for a dad instead of a doctor. Do they really think this bull is any better than Ron ? Same church different pew. Dante is still the brain dead cop who lied on the stand to protect the man who tried to kill him in cold blood. If he hadn’t been his son he would have been dead . Why? Blood will tell just look at Morgan !Nature, nurture guess it doesn’t make any difference.

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