Soap Report: “Miss Fisher Series 3”

It’s here, you guys! It’s finally here! Where were all of you when series three of Miss Fisher dropped on Netflix? I was getting into bed when three separate people urgently pinged me. Which really goes to show that I know some quality people who understand my needs.

Jakc and Phryne throat touching

Was this season magical? Full of amazing outfits? Way too short? Yes, yes, and yes. And with a fourth series still up in the air, it managed to end in a way that felt satisfying but still left the door open for more. (And for a movie, if that actually happens.)

Okay, but did Jack and Phryne finally bang like a hurricane? NO, THEY DID NOT. And will not lie to you: it was excruciating. I’m not sure who the worst cockblock is — Phryne’s family or the writers. They are all clearly evil.

But this happened:

Jack and Phryne kiss2

Jack and Phryne kiss

When I say this was pretty good for me, please understand that to mean I nearly gave myself a brain aneurysm with the force of violently willing them to JUST KISS ALREADY. And then they did, and Phryne told Jack to come after her, and she flew off into the sunset, and I died. Readers, I literally died.

ANYWAY. Here are the vital stats on series three:

Number of drinks consumed: I lost count. But at least half of them were consumed by Jack alone in one sitting, prompting some incredible jealous drunk realness and also this amazing morning after hair flip:

hungover Jack

Number of patented Jack Robinson eye-rolls: Also innumerable. I’m convinced that his Phryne-sense is now so finely tuned that he sometimes finds himself rolling his eyes for no reason, and just knows that somewhere across town, an inferior dude is flirting with her.

Number of times Jack was visibly distracted by Phryne’s bare knee: At least five in this scene alone.
Phryne distracts Jack

To be fair, it is a very nice knee.

Number of times Aunt P. made me cry: Just the one, but damn. Warn a girl next time, Prudence. Stoic old ladies mourning their dead children is my kryptonite.

Aunt Prudence

Also, Bert and Prudence’s strange little friendship continues to be the best. Actually Bert in general is the best, whether he is wrangling Phryne’s father, rescuing Communist damsels in distress, or playing grief counselor. BERT FOREVER.

Number of times Dot made me cry: Um, you all saw that post-wedding speech, right? 

Dot and Phryne

DOT: When I came to work for you, Miss, I was afraid of everything. And you taught me so many things, and you made me brave, and you made me happy.

If the show ends after this, there’s no question she’s had the hero’s journey. Phryne and Jack, for all their loveliness, are very much the same fully formed people they were at the beginning. It’s Dot who’s changed and grown from a girl too scared to touch a telephone to the woman comfortable facing down murders, ardent admirers, Hugh’s idiocy, and the entire Catholic church. Dot’s happy ending isn’t that she’s getting married, but that she’s done it on her own terms, maintaining her independence and her dreams.


Amount of personal space observed: Zero. Like, just absolutely none.

Jack and Phryne eye fucking3

Jack and Phryne eye fucking4

This is how I always stand when talking with my co-workers. That’s not weird, right?

And finally…

Number of episodes in which “internal devices” featured heavily: Two, and it’s a toss up which was better — Mac and Phryne struggling to explain the purpose of a vibrator to Jack? Or Dot’s pained expression while Hugh fails to recognize a diaphragm?

Hugh and Dottie

J/K, Dot wins. Dot always wins.


4 thoughts on “Soap Report: “Miss Fisher Series 3”

  1. It was you!! It was you !! I was wondering where I discovered this brilliant show,(I drink a lot) it was here! On my favorite GH website (I haven’t watched in years, they almost got me when “maybe your votes will bring back a fan favorite “lying rats! Mine was Stephen Nichols.Anyways, Thank you for posting about Miss Fisher’s Mysteries!! Thanks ever so much!

  2. If they don’t go for a fourth season and get that hurricane in motion, it will suck on the scale of the The. Biggest. Black. Hole. EVER. Times ten. I think my heart may have stopped a little when Jack (FINALLY) kissed the girl. Not sure if my Jack mancrush or my Phryne womancrush is the bigger, but I do know I would like Mr. Butler in a six-pack to go.

  3. Miss Fisher is one of the most entertaining shows I have ever had the pleasure to watch. I own all 3 seasons and each night when I am ready for bed, I insert one of the discs (depending on my mood) and let it run all night long. When I wake up in the night I just lay there and watch for a few minutes and know all is right with the world. Oh, I hope there is a season 4.

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