Everyone in this town should basically be committed.

So, I have actually stopped watching the majority of Elizabeth’s scenes because it’s just too painful. (True facts: Sometimes I feel like this whole story is some weird karmic punishment for all the years of complaining about her being backburnered. “You wanted a story?” the soap gods cackle, “OH, WE’LL GIVE YOU A STORY.”)

But every now and then I do tune in, and she is just flat out, balls to the wall insane now, right? Because I don’t know how else to explain dialog like this:

Crazy Liz

JASON: You can’t see why Sam would think her husband is alive after all you’ve been through?
ELIZABETH: What do you mean?
JASON: Honey, your son turned out to be alive long after you’d accepted his death.
ELIZABETH: Yeah, and that was a miracle. The chance that it could happen again is…

“…is extremely likely, since my ex-husband came back from the dead. Also my last two boyfriends before you. And also LITERALLY EVERY OTHER PERSON WHO HAS EVER DIED IN THIS TOWN.” That’s what she was going to say there, right? Because the idea that anyone in this town would be surprised to see anyone show up alive at this point should be taken as a clear sign that they are insane.

(Except for the fact that the show had Anna and Sam have the exact same insane conversation with Emma… about Duke. Who himself also already came back from the dead once. So insanity is apparently contagious.)

But, hey! If Liz’s romantic life is a shambling horror story, at least she’s been getting some meaty material with her son’s miraculous resurrection. All those scenes exploring what his life has been like these past four years and his reaction to returning to a home and family he doesn’t remember! All those heart-rending nightmares and therapy sessions! Her emotional talk with Cam and Aiden, telling them their brother was alive!

Laura and Little Jake

OH WAIT. None of that has happened and this whole story has ended up exactly as I feared it would: a mostly forgotten footnote that was more about shining Luke’s halo on his way out the door than it was ever about Liz, Lucky, Jason, or Jake himself.


But not to fear: Laura’s home! And is apparently the one person in Port Charles who actually has the slightest interest in delving into this logical emotional beats of this story. So after two freaking months, we finally got this:

Crazy Liz2

LAURA: How is he coping otherwise?
ELIZABETH: What do you mean?
LAURA: He was on that island for four years. None of us really knows what happened to him there.
ELIZABETH: Don’t you think I asked myself all of that?

Um, no, Liz. I don’t. Because this show has devoted precisely ZERO SCENES to showing you thinking about these questions or interacting with your previously dead son in any meaningful way other than as a crutch for your other terrible life decisions.

But I guess better late than never, right?


13 thoughts on “Everyone in this town should basically be committed.

  1. I just asked for a story for Elizabeth that didn’t revolve around a man. Still waiting…….

    Anyway, the new writers work began this week, and I don’t know if they are better writers than Carlivati or if I’m so used to setting the bar low before I watch; like at best my bar was horrible. So when I watched and I didn’t have an overwhelming urge to grab my brothers nerf gun and let them all fly, all week I was on cloud 8.

    • I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference in quality at all, but to be fair, it’s not like they can just jettison all the stories that were in motion. I guess I’m hopeful that Laura bringing up all these open issues with the Jake story is a good sign they’re going to start prioritizing stuff like that?

      • I’ve been watching since 2008, and I guess my brain knew when to check out because I missed the transitions and kinks sorting periods from Guza to Wolff; from Wolff to Carlivati/Valentini. How long does it take for new writers original stuff to start showing? I’m speculating the new year.

        The only thing new is Sabrina’s pregnancy and I’m hoping Jakes potential trauma. Which for the most part I’m ok with; because it doesn’t make sense that he wouldn’t in some way be traumatized those experiences. And if becoming a daddy is the new writers trick for at least having Michael not become a mobster; I say TPTB go for it.

        All I know right now is that that things are making some sort of sense. I don’t recall going just give me a reason or a REASON; as to why and how.

  2. I haven’t watched since she found out. I can’t. Reading that dialogue up there –that is not Elizabeth. So, that’s my hope. That Helena has her locked away somewhere.
    Please please let the new writers be good writers.

  3. Liz is about as legacy as you can be on GH along with her boys, and this show just writes some of the worse crap that I have ever seen on a soap opera!

    I would have screamed at the TV if Liz had told Jake his real identity when little Jake came home and then worked on helping little Jake recover after being kidnapped for FOUR and not five years!

    The writing for Liz was excellent up until the nurses ball and it is like someone over at ABC/D decided that they could not have that and yanked our collective chains. As for Jake aka Jason Morgan, the man changes his darn mind every other day on whether or not he wants to know his real identity.

  4. i so don’t know why they insist on writing her like she is…that she just keeps on lying, and lying, and why she can’t be the one to tell the truth at this time it is beyond stupid…


    • For me, RC built a wonderful story with Liz and Jake connecting like when she found Jason shot in the snow in 1999 and the two bonded while at he lived at her little art studio. I know RC was slammed really hard for having Liz tamper with Sam’s maternity test which is something she would never do and now he’s come up with this darn lie that does not make any sense, and then you factor in little Jake just came home and Liz is not standing in Kevin’s office with her son wanting to have his head checked out!

  5. I am feeling really chatty today!…LOL

    Instead of a four week who killed Silas story, the show should have went with what happened to little Jake, and Josselyn’s donated kidney which could have had Silas teaming up with Liz and Patrick on a stolen organ ring being ran out of the hospital by the Cassadine’s and Dr. O. I liked Dr. O when she first came on, but the show really needs a legacy or core character (IMO) running the hospital like maybe Bobbie, Laura, Steven Lars, Dr. Jeff Webber, Dr. Sarah Webber, Monica, etc… and not some psycho off the streets! The “lie” should have ended the second Big Jake met little Jake and all of his memories came rushing back including the man finally admitting he really preferred figuring out his own life, and, yes, Liz could admit that she found out by accident via a Nik’s big fat mouth at the Nurses Ball. End of Story. Jason has ALL of his memories as a Quartermaine/Morgan memories and has to deal with what he did under the guise of a hit man for Sonny, his constant purse and baby sitting roles for Carson spawns, giving up baby Jake, the return of little Jake, taking care of Helena once and for all (!!!), being in love with Liz as Big Jake and not having any romantic feelings for Sam who has moved on with Patrick, Emma and Danny. There should have been no bad guys if RC had written the story with all sides being equal…

  6. Liz has never been delusional where Jason is concerned. Yes, Liz from 1999 was a tad naive about Jason’s mobster life, but she was barely eighteen at the time and eventually understood the danger lifestyle.

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