Five Things About VD: “I Carry Your Heart With Me”

1. Future Alaric has semi-creepy toddler twin girls! No mom in sight, but Damon does show up to flirt with/threaten him. They clearly have not seen each other in a long time, as Damon doesn’t have an invite and didn’t seem to even know about the girls. I guess that means that he’ll probably be desiccating himself within the next year in order for the timelines to work?

Stefan and Caroline cuddle

2. Back in the present, Caroline and Stefan tag team the murder lesbians to remove her vervain skin curse! And finally have sex with their emotions turned on! Go teamwork!

The murder lesbians also worked out some of their personal issues, which I would care about more if they weren’t, you know… murdering people left and right. Shut up, murder lesbians.

3. And speaking of team ups, Bonnie is the most dangerous person Damon knows and I am seriously digging the Bonnie/Damon/Alaric triumvirate they’ve got going. Even if they do make some questionable decisions together, like using the Evil MacGuffin Stone to resurrect Joe even after seeing it resurrect Oscar resurrected with amnesia and uncontrollable hunger.

Bonnie Damon Alaric

“Making increasingly worse decisions 7 years running!”

So do we think resurrected Jo is the one hunting everyone in the future? I’d say yes, but if she’s a rabid killer, then how did Alaric get those Gemini twins? CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER.

4. Elena’s body is now with Tyler (and presumably Jeremy) for safe keeping, fulfilling my wish that all off-screen cast members join his entourage. Excellent.

5. So Enzo is in love with Lily now? I mean, I thought he felt grateful/lonely, but in love? O…kay. I’m down with him and Valerie becoming confidants, though, if only because they both annoy me, and quarantining their scenes together can only make them easier to ignore.


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