When a mob boss loves a hitman…

This is it! The reunion we’ve all been waiting for, the return of this show’s greatest supercouple: Sonny and his favorite killer for hire are together again! Tears were shed, hands were clutched. Maurice Bernard honestly showed more reaction than Jason’s own wife did. Which is only appropriate, considering he was Jason’s life partner first.



And on the flip side, Billy Miller played Jason like a man who’d rather claw his own skin off than sit through more tales of Jason Morgan. Which was, frankly, AMAZING to watch:

JASON: Okay, stop! That’s enough. I’ve had enough! I can’t do this with you. I can’t, okay? I don’t know what happened between the day I got shot and the day I got hit by a car and woke up in the hospital. I don’t remember a single thing, so maybe don’t make me suffer your unfounded optimism! How about you stop.
SONNY: You’re gonna remember, though. We’ll give you money, anything you need.
JASON: Oh, you’re gonna give me money? You’re offering me anything I need? This doesn’t bother you right here, the way I’m talking to you wife right now in your own house? This doesn’t bother you?
SONNY: You’ve seen me much worse, trust me.

I can’t decide which part of this speech was better — Sonny basically trying to bribe Jason to be his friend? Or Sonny dismissing the idea that he would ever defend Carly? If “trust me, I’ve been way more verbally abusive to my wife than you!” doesn’t convince you to be besties with a guy, what will?

No one writing this show can possibly be unaware of the irony in having Sonny literally tell Jason the story of how they met because he was running away from the Quartermaines for trying to force him to be a person he didn’t remember. Right? RIGHT? Because it’s too beautiful to watch Sonny and Carly doing the exact same thing for which they’ve castigated the Alan and Monica for years.


The best part is how completely in character this all is. This man Sonny and Carly both claim to love so much was nearly married the day before, found out instead that he’s already married to someone else and has two kids, a mother (that no one’s bothered to contact yet, but WHATEVER Sonny obviously needed to know before Monica) and extended family he doesn’t remember. He’s lost and confused and clearly hurting.

Good thing he’s got such good best friends who obviously care about his feelings! I’m sure they’re both really sorry he’s going through such a difficult time–HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, I can’t even finish writing the sentence with a straight face. Here’s what Sonny actually regrets:

SONNY: I just wish things were different, you know? I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve never needed Jason Morgan more than I do now.

Yup. Sounds about right.


7 thoughts on “When a mob boss loves a hitman…

  1. I can’t believe how Sonny failed to mention Robin introduced him to Jason. I can’t wait til this Friday when Robin returns and when Jason sees her-maybe she will trigger a memory?

    Oh and how pissed am I that the writers of GH keep making the bridge be Jason and LIZ’S place? Jason spent way more time there with Robin!

    And I do think when Jason sees Robin it will affect him-remember when he almost killed Sam and Patrick in bed after they had made love for the first time and he had a vision of Robin? And remember when he found his wedding ring at Patrick’s house-he saw a framed photo of Robin there and though she looked familiar? I really am looking forward to seeing them interact when she returns.


    • How many years has it been since Jason and Robin shared a scene on the bridge?

      I know Jason took Liz to the bridge back in 1999 or so to talk about Robin, Michael, Stone, etc… and where he taught her how to box and the two have visited the bridge several times over the years when the show has not made a point to keep them from sharing scenes.

      Sonny and Carly are poison.

  2. Yes, all of this! But you already knew that because we had a mind-meld around this when I was watching. Sonny and Carly are THE WORST.

    • They are seriously such terrible friends. Neither one of them asked Jason a single question about how he feels, what he wants, or what he needs from them. If I had a nickle for the amount of times the words “I need” came out of either of their mouths, though, I’d probably have… a lot of nickles. THE WORST.

  3. The fact that Carly went to his house to drag him away from the people he actually wanted to be around that morning to help her make Sonny feel better was disgusting. They really are the worst and this was so in character, so I appreciate this.

    Jason’s annoyance and looks of disgust made my day.

    This was hilarious and amazing and very well written and acted.

    If Sonny had stood up and kicked that chair to the side, I would have logged out.of.life. He really did look like Jason was there to heal him.

  4. It’s been my greatest hope for this story that Jason does not return to being the Corinthos’ errand boy. Sonny and Carly are the worst. They are the most selfish, egotistical characters. If the writers have Jason get his memories back, I hope they have him keep up his boundaries and not give in. Not a single concern for his feelings and needs, just ‘we need you’ to fix our lives for us. They think they own him. Ugh. It was laughable. As a longtime Jason fan who has wanted him to learn to say no to Sonny and Carly for quite a while now, I hope the writers have him continue to put up boundaries.

  5. I love Sonny and Carly together. They deserve each other, and when they share so much screen time, it makes it easier than ever to fast forward through all their scenes. :D

    Seriously, is there anyone–even one single viewer–who wants to watch the Sonny and Carly Show? Is there a single fan who is morally depraved enough to enjoy watching a murderous mobster, domestic abuser, pathological liar, chronic manipulator, and self-righteous narcissist escape punishment again and again and again while everyone around him sings his praises? Why in the name of all that is GH do they think anyone wants to watch that, in an endless revolving plot loop, again and again and again, in the face of all Nielsen evidence to the contrary, not to mention simple scriptwriting basics that define what a hero is when Sonny is NOT it?

    After so many years of this BS, I’m joining the camp that thinks ABC is trying to accomplish with GH what Julian is trying with Crimson–set it up to fail and take the tax write-off. I don’t think I’ll miss it when it goes belly up.

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