Another one bites the dust…

Hello, friends. It’s been a while, I know. My motivations for watching the show, much less writing about it, are pretty much at an all time low. But can we talk about Dante, and how he’s now terrible? Because wow, he is super terrible. His hair is terrible, his choices are terrible, the garbage that comes out of his mouth is terrible… I say this as someone who finds Lulu generally obnoxious, but TEAM LULU ONE THOUSAND PERCENT.

Dante is scum

DANTE: Watching that game with you, seeing you loose your mind over that interception… I mean, for the first time in forever, I lost myself for a bit there. I didn’t think about being sad or guilty. I was just enjoying what was right in front of me.

Oh, I’m sorry, did your wife have the gall to be mad at you for more than a day after you SLEPT WITH HER COUSIN? After lying to her face for months, did you have to spend a few weeks feeling sad about betraying her? Well, that’s just awful. What an injustice for you. So glad you could finally, after a few measly days, find a way to forget how guilty you deserve to be for trashing your marriage.

And now, five seconds after the ink dried on his separation papers, he’s not only sleeping with Valerie again, but openly dating her? Dude. It is one thing to make (another) bad decision while believing your marriage is over (again). It’s another to be so over it that you’re ready for a rebound relationship that same week.

But, hey! At least Nikolas and Elizabeth won’t be so lonely in the character assassination club anymore? Stripping Dante of his most perfect husband pedestal give me exactly one less reason to give a crap about this show, though, and there aren’t a lot of those left to begin with.


30 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust…

  1. oh dante is thinking, but not with his brain…..

    that’s the problem


    and val……don’t even get me started about her….

    why is she still there, no one even considers her a spencer, yet there she is…..always there

    name me one person that even likes her…..

  2. I consider Mac Scorpio to be the most perfect husband and father, because I don’t think he ever cheated or was a bad parent to Robin, Georgie and Maxie.

    Dante should have moved around the canvas and dated other women before settling down with Lulu.

    • I had a hard time believing that Dante gave up on Lulu and their marriage so easily. When Dante came to town, he pursued Lulu relentlessly, he was almost stalkerish in his intensity. He was so sure they were meant to be together. Now he’s acting more like Sonny and I don’t like it.

      i know, so this is what i’m not getting….

      boy have the new writers changed him and so not for the better

      the dante that we know, would be begging lulu to take him back, and not be a horny toad around cousin…and all that


  3. I had a hard time believing that Dante gave up on Lulu and their marriage so easily. When Dante came to town, he pursued Lulu relentlessly, he was almost stalkerish in his intensity. He was so sure they were meant to be together. Now he’s acting more like Sonny and I don’t like it.

  4. It’s like, he doesn’t have to be the world’s most perfect hsuband, but this went from perfect husband to biggest dirtbag ever. Not only is he treating Lulu like shit he’s also treating Valerie like shit, as much as I don’t care about her. But I did care about Dante’s integrity.

  5. Don’t like the overnight change turning Dante into a mini mi of his dad. I’m glad Lulu is free of this douche bag and love her scenes with Johnny even though she’s being written as the villainess and Val and Dante as her victims. That’s not in Lulu’s character either. She’s loyal to a point but betray her and she’s done with you pretty much. Now she’s thinking about Johnny’s advice to get rid of Val.

    Val, got no sympathy for her. Far from being a strong woman she’s with a guy that’s using he as a piece of ass while putting her supposed career she wants so much at risk and no matter how poorly Dante treats her she just begs for more of it. I do think that Lante are end game. Trouble is that you can trash a character like Dante too much so that few people will care when they reunite.

    I know Lulu’s not supposed to be rootable but Dante and Val are because it’s all Lulu’s fault. They throw that in her face and they’re supposed to be the rootable. pair. Trouble is no matter how it’s written that way, the set up is all wrong. I remember how they used to write Rexis as Ric and even Sam to an extent being victimized by Alexis and no matter how cruel Ric was to Alexis even when she had cancer, it was always supposed to be all of Alexis’ fault Didn’t like that kind of misogynist setup back then, don’t like it now.

    There are some stories on the show that do work but this isn’t one of them.

    • i couldn’t stand val from the get go, the minute she started to chase after dante that was it for me….i so do not put lulu as a villian, to me this is dear cousin’s fault…her fault and no one else’s….

      don’t feel sorry for dante either…..he kept on blaming her, oh you should have told me why you were going off with dillon and all that, well…..maybe she should have, but she didn’t have time, to do that….and whatever..

      no, dante is being a total and complete jerk….just like dear old dad….has to get the woman that he knows……and who cares which one, as long as it is one…that sort of idea


      • I liked her initially too. But then they made it clear her main and only purpose was to chase Dante, and just be there where she knew he’d be. Yes Lulu lied, but she only did it to keep her brothers alive. Val made her own choices to sleep with the man married to her cousin because it pleased her to do so.

        But Val’s the one being written as somehow the one who deserves sympathy while Lulu is the meanie. Dante’s just fitting into his plot point as a miniature version of his father. The writers can opt to try to make their choice of characters sympathetic or villainous. but to the viewer it doesn’t necessarily make it so. Again with parallels to Guza’s Rexis in terms of the role each character is being assigned to play.

        • i sure don’t have sympathy for val…i don’t know anyone at all that likes her…or has sympathy…

          they have it for lulu…..

          but so not any at all for val..

          that’s what they writers are trying to go with it…and guess what it’s backfiring….on them…


          you have to remember to always read the opposite…..especially when they say that about a woman….

          they always lie…they want you to think that..and then they go and do the opposite…

          so if they actually make her a stronger person…that will be let me see when the show ends for good

  6. I literally can’t watch any scenes relating to the Lulu/Dante/Valerie storyline because it just makes me too angry and frustrated over the character destruction and general grossness. It’s too bad, too, because I always loved Dante for being one of the rare genuinely good guys on this show (reading that post you linked to makes me so sad for what used to be), and Dante/Lulu have always been one of my favorite couples and often one of the few truly healthy couples on GH.

    It was so striking to me, watching the recent Patrick/Sam/Emma scenes… those scenes made me cry, but they were the *good* kind of drama. All the drama in those scenes was natural and organic to the characters and the story. All of the characters involved were acting like themselves and I could understand and sympathize with their motivations. No one was being villainized for the sake of the story. And yet those scenes were fantastic, compelling drama, some of the best I’ve seen on GH in a while.

    But GH can’t seem to pull off that kind of organic, character-driven very often – even on the other side of that very story, they couldn’t just let the drama develop naturally and had to turn Liz into a villain instead. That’s just so disappointing to me. There’s no need to throw consistent characterization and likableness out the window to create drama – all that does is turn viewers off the show and make them hate characters they used to love. The best drama is the drama where even when characters make mistakes, they make mistakes that *make perfect sense for those characters*. That’s the kind of drama you used to see on GH all the time, and I miss it.

    • agree with your first paragraph . . . I think the only Dante/Valerie/Lulu scenes I’ve watched recently were the ones on Thursday, because Olivia was reaming them out.

  7. Olivia who had two kids out of wedlock has the nerve to talk. That evil Valerie must have some awesome powers that forced Lulu to lie to her husband and forced Dante to sleep with her.

    • Val wasn’t forced to sleep with Dante. She made the choice to do so even though the ink on any divorce papers wasn’t dry yet. Knowing that a child, her second cousin was involved. Knowing it could put her “career” at risk. To me her only motivation since she came on was to be all about Dante. A shame because she could have been a much better character. What comes next is predictable. She falls in deep with him and he’s just using her as a rebound to get back at his wife. Her lie? Was to keep her brothers alive and if Dante really was invested in his marriage he wouldn’t have confronted her rather than hopped into bed with the nearest available body. The writers can try their damndest to make her behavior rootable and Lulu’s not. But Lulu’s not the one who cheated on her spouse with someone like Morgan or Michael.

      I’m no fan of Olivia at all because she’s pointless and full of all kinds of crap but hypocritical or not, she has every right to talk because he’s her son. Everyone’s hypocritical that’s part of being human.

      Too bad for Val because I was hoping when the writers said they were going to make her “stronger”, they actually were going to do it by having her develop a career, developing the self respect she didn’t have when she hooked up with Dante the first time and maybe do what newly discovered female relatives are unable to do on soaps which is to bond and become friends rather than romantic rivals over some guy, On that level GH disappointed as well.

    • I’m not sure what Olivia’s marital status has to do with anything; neither of the fathers of her children were cheating on their spouses with her and there’s nothing inherently wrong with having children out of wedlock.

      I also don’t think Valerie is evil so much as poorly written, but I do think sleeping with a married man and sleeping with your cousin’s husband are shitty things to do. Dante is the most responsible, because he’s the one who broke his vows, but Lulu’s lie doesn’t make either of their actions justified.

    • You may be waiting a while. I’ve got a lot on my plate this week. But maybe tomorrow’s episode will inspire me. Short response: I’m relieved the secrets out but dreading everything that follows.

      • totally agree… still can’t reconcile how they made the Liz character do this- totally not in her character- there was already so many layers without this lie.

        and I personally don’t want to watch the sam is such a saint show…

        the only thing that can be said is Rebecca Herbst is making lemonade out of lemons.

        • and I personally don’t want to watch the sam is such a saint show…

          the only thing that can be said is Rebecca Herbst is making lemonade out of lemons.

          now that would be just stupid if they took him away from liz again…

          yes that would be so unwatchable…

          and i can’t stand that sam’s the one coming out like a rose in this story…..

          bletch…and then some


          i so don’t care about nick anymore he used to be my fave character….but so not anymore now that he’s embraced his true cassidine…..


          and you know what, i didn’t find him boring, the old nick at all…i find this one, boring as all get out….

    • mine too… just disappointing. I was hoping the new writers would re write it a bit so Liz is being threatened by Helena…

      Nikolas also is acting totally different.

      not sure how the show thinks we’ll keep watching if it’s a bunch of characters we don’t recognize.

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