Ten seconds of actual soap. It’s a miracle!

Of the many, many, many reasons the Big Liz Lie was a terrible idea, the resulting destruction of her hard won frenemyships with both Carly and Sam is pretty high up there on my personal list. So even though having Jake hit by a car again is a terrible and unimaginative cop out of a redemption arc, I still really loved this moment:

Carly comforts Liz

CARLY: Look, I don’t want to intrude. Sonny’s in the chapel, he’s saying a prayer. And we wanted to be here for Jason… we wanted to be here for you, too.

The novelty of Carly acting like a human being is always a rare pleasure. And the many years of complicated history and enmity between her and Liz makes any truce between them extra meaningful. Unexpected moments of compassion between enemies instead of just shitty people being shitty to each other! What a novel idea for a soap opera!

More than anything, though, that scene really brought home exactly how isolated Elizabeth has become. Because there is literally no one else to be there for her right now other than Carly. And that’s just sad. Unfortunately, I feel like the show also realizes that’s a bad thing, but instead of doing the work to deal with it in the context of the story they’ve been telling for the last year, they’ve just… had most people pretend it never happened.

Liz and Monica

So we got a lovely goodbye between her and Patrick with no mention of the way she allowed him to make a family with a woman who already had a husband. And now, Monica has apparently been told about about the Jason lie off screen and straight up does not care. Hugs! Bygones! Whatever!

I mean, I guess it shouldn’t be a shock that the same show that barely remembered Jason’s mother during the lie would forget to show her reaction to the aftermath. And it’s not like I was rooting for Monica to march into Jake’s hospital room and slap his mother across the face. But would it kill them to at least acknowledge some tension between them? The Carly scene managed it! It’s not like it’s hard! What was the point of even doing this crappy story if they were just going to continually brush over the consequences?

Meanwhile, over in the one promising thing this show has going for it right now, Kristina still hasn’t explicitly come out, but she did have a heart to heart with Molly about Parker. And it was… illuminating:

Krissy is definitely not straight

MOLLY: So, tell me one more thing. Is he hot?
KRISTINA: Hot doesn’t even begin to describe it. More like… beguiling, captivating, with these eyes that just… brand you.

So, yeah. Let’s just say that is a girl who is definitely not anywhere near the low end of the Kinsey scale. Which is honestly the only thing I want from this story, whether than means she’s bisexual or embracing the full on gay.

(As a side note, I’ve seen several comments that she has to be bi because of her past relationships with men. And while that’s certainly a valid option, I feel like I need to point out that it’s also possible for someone to date members of the opposite sex for many years before realizing or being able to acknowledge the truth about their sexuality to themselves. Like, so possible, you guys. INTENSELY POSSIBLE. Just sayin’.)

And finally, I try to fast forward through anything involving Ava and Paul, but I happened to tune in to hear her drop this bit of truth on him and it was kind of beautiful?

Ava and Paul

PAUL: I thought that you were enjoying our little cat and mouse tug of war as much as I was.
AVA: Well, I was. At first. But you don’t always get to call all the shots. The fact that you don’t care if I end up in prison makes me queasy. Let’s face it, you’re blackmailing me and I’m sleeping with you. And that’s gross.

I mean, she’s not wrong? I’m just kind of surprised that the same writers who actively set up this situation in the first place are aware of that. And then when Paul tried to pull some faux-offended WELL, I NEVER bullshit in response, she kept right on truth-telling:

PAUL: I don’t have to force myself on any woman.
AVA: Are you expecting applause for that?

Ah, yes. The “I’m so handsome, I don’t have to rape women” defense. Never gets old!

(You know, far be it for me to ever advocate for more screen time for Morgan, but it absolutely BOGGLES MY MIND that the show has chosen to completely jettison the Ava/Morgan relationship — which was the only even mildly interesting thing that has ever been done with either character — in favor of yet another Kiki/Morgan retread and the above rapey garbage.)


14 thoughts on “Ten seconds of actual soap. It’s a miracle!

  1. I’m cool with Monica not having a reaction given her over the top one last time she was upset with Liz. Aiden was in the hospital and she thought that was the time to shade Liz about being a bad mother or something petty like that. All because she was angry at her – and presumably Jason HER SON – for not telling her she had a grandson. Jason was “dead” at the time so she directed all of her hostility towards Liz. I always felt it was unfair and out of character for her. But it was also around the same time everyone was taking shots at Liz so it might’ve been part of a larger point the writers were trying to make. Whatever that was.

    In any case I’m not mad Liz is getting a pass this time. If any one deserves a bit of whitewashing, it’s her. And let’s not forget Monica still has not said a damn thing to Sonny who ended her son’s life. So, priorities, is all I’m saying.

    • Yeah, Monica’s confrontation with Liz over the Jake lie was obnoxious and unfair. She also later apologized for it, so I’m not going to dwell on something that happened 4 years and 2 writing regimes ago. But the failure to give her a believable reaction to either Sonny murdering AJ or Liz keeping Jason from his other loved ones has turned her into a complete pod person, and that is sad. I don’t want or need to see Liz harangued by everyone in town for months, but at least one conversation with each of the people she’s directly hurt in which they get to acknowledge their feelings would be nice.

  2. I just realized I could be wrong about Jason being dead at the time…in which case she had even less reason to be up in Liz’s face. You’re mad someone didn’t tell you, you have a grandson I’m pretty sure the only person you should confront is your child. After all he is a grown man who made the choice not to tell you. Just like Lucky made the choice to tell his mama.

    • Jason was alive and well in 2011 when Jake died, and was actively replacing his son with another woman. Jason IS Monica’s son and it was his role to tell her about Jake or not at all.

  3. i agree, why be mad at liz, be mad at jason too

    i’m glad that carly didn’t attack her…i thought that she was very civil to her…

    i was actually proud of carly when she was talking to liz on friday


  4. The whole nujason lie s/l has been screwed up from the NB on. I could see her doing it for a short time but once Jake came back it should have stopped and gone in another direction.I saw the carly/elizabeth scene and it was one of the best ones yet. I agree Elizabeth is the most isolated character on GH and again it makes no sense, give her family instead of every other character. This is one of the most glaring errors GH makes no Hardy/Webber characters. Get rid of Kiki, morgan, ava, valerie and lucas they add no value to this soap. Even crazy Nina & Franco has family but a legacy character doesn’t–so nutso.

    I had no problem with Monica’s stance she after all hid AJ from everyone for years. No Jason wasn’t dead at the time Monica attacked her at the hospital.

    Patrick should have been more upset with her IMO but with JT leaving it was glossed over.

    The major problem to me is BM acting choices since the reveal it’s like a switch was flipped to boring instead of the smiling guy he was. The stenciled persona does not play well for him.

    I do look forward to the Krissy/Parker s/l to see exactly where it goes.

    I still have strong feelings about a soap I hardly watch except through clips and the occ. episode

    • I don’t know, I agree with most of those, but IMO Lucas — as a legacy character, one of the few remaining doctors AND one of the few LGBT characters — adds a ton of value. Which they barely use since he’s never on, but still.

  5. I have to admit, I’m kind of liking Elizabeth not be filleted at every turn by people. While there should be consequences to her lie absolutely, I truly think she’s beating herself up about it more than anyone, like Robin said to her when they talked. I guess seeing her berated constantly for years for doing less than keeping this secret, and seeing her take the blame for a lot of crap that wasn’t even her fault has completely exhausted me. Even Cam and Jake are starting to be constantly apologetic. She’s apologized profusely to Jason. As long as she’s apologetic with him, Monica and Sam, I’m good. I would have appreciated a scene with Monica and Elizabeth clearing the air, but after seeing Monica giggling like a school girl with Carly at the gala and wondering where Sonny was it would have made me mad, I can feel it. Carly and Sonny can actually say whatever they want about her, and they have, but the truth of the matter is Elizabeth doesn’t owe them any apology about Jason so I didn’t like when she said that. She kept that fact that Jason was alive from them for a few months and Sonny murdered A.J., while Carly helped him cover it up. While Elizabeth and A.J. had been broken up by that time, she still cared for him and wanted the best for him, grieved for him and never once threw that in their faces.

    I’m tired of the show acting like A.J. deserved what he got, when Sonny admitted to killing him b/c he wanted to and could’ve stopped, but chose differently. Carly and Sonny will never be the matriarch/patriarch of this show for me, and I don’t understand the need for everyone kiss their rings.

    I enjoyed the moment of truce between Elizabeth and Carly, but I took it for what it was: a nice moment. Carly will be back to being vile in no time. Her moments of humanity and clarity never last long. But this was definitely good soap.

    It’s funny b/c I thought about Patrick not giving Elizabeth any kind of grief or reaction to what she did and it occurred to me that while it may not have been much, we kind of saw what he thought about the situation. He summed it all up kind of when Sam told him her suspicions and he basically didn’t care and was more concerned about what Sam wanted. In all honesty, the reason Emma broke down the way she did was b/c imo this was the third woman since Robin Patrick was seemingly entering some sort of permanent arrangement with, on top of losing Robin twice. Yes, his bff should have come clean, but it’s comforting to know that while Elizabeth did a bad thing, people still believe she’s a good person. I know, I know! I’m being so biased for my fave, but I couldn’t take anymore floggings the show loved to give Elizabeth in the past. Monica was so mean to her a few years back b/c she didn’t know about Jake and accused her of even abusing Aiden and being a bad mom b/c her kids went to daycare, when she almost died at the boat party. I just couldn’t take any more, lol.

    I’m definitely intrigued by Kristina’s story and hope the writers don’t drop the ball on this one. We’re finally getting soapy moments, now here’s hoping the stories are fleshed out better.

    Down with Morgan and Kiki! Who approved this??? I won’t even touch boob-gate. Ugh! There are things I’m liking and things I just don’t understand. I’m also still waiting for the women to be written stronger. Sam in that basement has been embarrassing to watch. And I’ve had it with historical inaccuracies. On Friday, Nina acknowledged she can’t have a child of her own, which makes it even more confusing when she wanted to have sex with Franco to make a baby earlier in the week. GH isn’t horrible, but it still isn’t must-see. Too many careless mistakes.

    • I still love Liz too and don’t want to see her constantly yelled at by everyone. But it’s ridiculous to me that there have been zero reactions from several people who deserved to have them. She did a terrible thing. For months. And even after the truth came out, she’s still been heavily in denial and making excuses for herself as much as she’s been apologizing. That she’s finally beating herself up for it is a good thing, IMO, because it means a return to the sane Liz that I love.

      I would be fine with a confrontation (NOT over Jake’s hospital bed–it should have happened much sooner) between her and Monica in which Monica was more hurt than angry and asked her how she could do that to another mother when she knows the pain of losing a child. That aspect being brushed over continuously in the writing has really bugged me. And there’s actually a decent way to work through Liz’s actions if she made it about her fear of Jason learning who he was and getting sucked back into the mob life that got him killed in the first place — I can even see her and Monica coming to terms after an abject apology, because god knows Monica has enough reason to hate the mob too. They could even have tied that into AJ’s death and not wanting to let Sonny ruin another of Monica’s children when he finally had a chance for a fresh start!

      So there were ways to deal with it without making it all about screaming at Liz. but those ways mean the show would have to give a crap about either character or about emotional follow through on this story. And it clearly doesn’t.

      • I completely agree. I guess that’s what I was trying to say, in terms of not trusting the writing to do anything more heartfelt instead of making it one, big yelling fest. If they had done what you just laid out, I would be great with that. It would have been a great tie-in to A.J., but they never mention him or his murder anymore. Important beats are still being ignored.

        • They really are. That’s why it makes me crazy to see all these interviews where everyone keeps saying the writing is more character driven now. On what planet???

  6. I hope the show is willing to invest in a genuine romance for Kristina; I don’t think a married woman is it, and I’m sure there’s a cute single woman she can be paired with (who will hopefully not be a mobster or a mob apologist).

    Let’s hope good things come from this story. I’d hate to see her marginalized, like she was in the abuse storyline, or forgotten about like Brad, Felix, and even Lucas at times have.

  7. Did you see the news over at DC that BH may be leaving the show?

    The writing for Elizabeth Imogene Webber has been crap for a long time, BUT I don’t want the character or actress punished for TIIC’s lack of knowledge of the show’s history.

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