The power of Morgan compels you!

He may not remember his life, but Our Lord and Savior Jason Morgan has truly returned! You can tell because otherwise competent women are suddenly utterly unable to function without him. And listen, I know we joke about Saint Jasus a lot, but when characters are literally telling each other to just have faith and he’ll appear, it starts to get a little on the nose, even for me:

SIZZLE in the hospital1

ALEXIS: You probably don’t remember this, but I haven’t always been supportive of your relationship with my daughter. I don’t feel that way anymore. She’s always had faith in you, and you’ve just proven once again that her faith is justified. Thank you.
JASON: Thank you.
ALEXIS: [to Sam] Do you want to strangle me?
SAM: No, I loved everything that you said and it happens to be true. Mom, I was lying in that basement and somehow I knew the whole time that Jason would find me.

We all know I have a partisan horse to back in this race, even if that horse has recently been hobbled and is now basically dragging its rider in circles through the mud in front of a symbolically exploded house. But I also actually don’t hate Sam as a character, and I really resent the way having Jason in her life tends to lead to situations where she’s falling down stairs so he can catch her, or waiting around in a big glass cage for him to save her, or drugged and maybe-raped to cause him pain, or lying in a basement hallucinating him repeating catch phrases.

SAM: I dreamed that you were with me. […] I held on because of you, Jason.

I mean, thank goodness dream!Jason was there to give her strength to lie unconscious on the floor for hours! Otherwise she’d have had to rely on the thought of her child or her family or her own ingenuity and basic desire to live to get her through, and who wants to see that?

SIZZLE in the hospital2

I am also not unaware of the irony of being a Liz/Jason fan when his mere presence has apparently driven her insane over the last year. But now that Elizabeth’s been suitably punished for her transgression and the flagellation parade seems to be winding down, the obvious solution is for the two of them to ditch men entirely and shack up together. Especially because Becky Herbst and Kelly Monaco were still able to dredge up an insane amount of chemistry in just their brief hospital scenes.

(Seriously, rewatch the dynamic when Jason interrupts them and pretend Liz is jealous for Sam and not of her. It really works.)

But since the show will never make that dream come true for me, I guess I’ll have to settle for NuDoc’s greasy haired attentions.

Liz and Griffin

Seriously, Matt Cohen is a good looking man. Why do the GH stylists insist on making everyone’s hair as terrible as possible?

But even greasy Griffin more palatable than the only other man looking Liz’s way these days. I swear on holy Jason’s halo, if they actually try to pair her with goddamn effing Franco, I will not be responsible for my actions.


12 thoughts on “The power of Morgan compels you!

  1. well as long as those two are together it’s not much watch tv for me..


    i’ll get into the other couples a whole lot more


  2. As contrived as it may be, this is a soap after all, I’ve chosen to accept the tumor did it. I enjoy Franco much more this way. And to be honest he’s probably one of the most interesting/engaged character we have at the moment. His scenes with Elizabeth have been some of my favourites. I much prefer the way they write her with him vs what she’s been doing for the better part of a year with Jakeson. At the moment he is just a supportive friend. Do they have potential to be more? Absolutely. The chemistry’s there. And even though there hasn’t been a hint of anything romantic as of yet I don’t doubt they would kill it if they ever did go there.

    • I’d be happy to accept the tumor excuse if they ever had him show any sign of true horror/remorse/sympathy for his victims after if was removed. Instead, he’s committed several more attempted murders and helped kidnap a baby AFTER getting it removed. And he continues to act surprised when the people he formerly tormented don’t want to be BFFs with him. I love Roger Howarth, but I just can’t with Franco. And I would need lightning in a bottle Sonny/Brenda levels of chemistry to ever even consider rooting for Elizabeth and a man who has a history of sexual assault.

  3. You’re right. It would be nice if he made more attempts to make amends with the people he’s hurt, but I think the lack of that come from them (the writers) wanting to move his character on from his former life. Not have it be this constant reminder. He has had moments of contrition though. His entire relationship with Carly is filled with it. He also had a scene with Elizabeth recently where he proposed a friendship between them and expressed how sorry he was for what he did to her Aiden, and that he is not that person anymore. Based on his recent actions, I believe him.

    As for the attempted murders and kidnapping, I think that was a case of Ron taking his character too far after Carly cheated on him. But didn’t he try and reason with Nina to give the baby back? I could be remember wrong but I thought he only went along with it because it was clear Nina was having some sort of mental break down and needed help. I tried going back to some of your Franco posts to jog my memory – I love that your hate for him has never wavered lol – but there’s really no justification for what he did. I can only blame Ron. The man wrote so many characters into corners, and while Jelly seem to be bringing them back by having them behave better there doesn’t seem to be much explanation for why they did the things they did.

    • Don’t pee on my leg and tell me that it’s water! Ugh. RoHo is expensive and the show is doing whatever they have to to make Franco work and the new writers are trying to integrate the character and Nina with the rest of the show, which is why Liz/BH is now being used to prop this mess. Franco came on the scene in the Spring of 2013! It’s been 3 years and Franco the serial killer is still a dumb move on the shows part.

      RoHo should have been cast as Dr. Steven Lars Webber and he still could have romanced Carly and been a big bro to Elizabeth.

    • Never say my hatred isn’t consistent! ;)

      He did try to reason with Nina, but more because he realized taking the baby would get her in trouble than from any real moral objections. He was also about to go murder a possible witness when they got caught, so…

      I thought his apology to Elizabeth was really half-hearted, at best. The fact that she had to prompt him to even acknowledge the very legitimate reason she might have not to trust him or want him around her kids was extremely telling. As was the fact that around that same time he actually had the gall to ask Sam why they couldn’t be friends. That doesn’t speak to true remorse to me. Neither did his glibness over hurting Michael with the truth about AJ’s murder when that came out — despite his supposed horror over the pain he’d already caused him. Not to mention his gleeful blackmailing of Olivia after she showed him some kindness when he was pretending to be overdosed on LSD. Basically, IMO, Franco now is exactly the same as Franco pre-brain tumor. He’s only capable of selective empathy for the few people he cares about, he’s completely amoral about everyone else, and he’s wildly self-absorbed and unable to take true responsibility for anything he’s done and continues to do.

      If they want me to take him seriously as a redeemed and changed man, they need to do a complete personality overhaul, which of course they’re not going to do, because RH was brought back to play Todd 2.0, the sarcastic, jokey guy who does terrible things and get away with it because of charm and bullshit.

  4. How is BH’s chemistry with RH and this new guy?
    I do enjoy RH just not this character. I wish they would pull a Kevin and bring him on as his good twin. Also, have this not be the real Liz or a brain washed Liz. Soap it up until it is somehow made right.
    BTW is Kevin still on the show? Hmm would he be too old for Liz? Probably. But I do love Doc.

    • Kevin is only on about once every four months. If they’re not going to use either of them, I really wish they’d just get him and Lucy back together so I could at least imagine them happy off screen.

  5. ugh sadly they are moving in the direction of a Liz/Franco pairing :/
    (RH and RH have chemistry) but come on. I also don’t like how all of a sudden Jason doesn’t have feelings for Liz and does for Sam?! come on show, have him remember more, stop dropping the ball at every turn.

    part of me hopes Rebecca Herbst leaves GH (and goes to YR and is paired with Burton again). but if GH can’t keep her, I don’t know how much longer it will stay on the air…

    the stories right now are atrocious.

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