My kingdom for logical character motivations!

I keep trying to care about this show right now, guys. I really do. I’m so sick of hating it. But even when something I’ve been waiting for finally happens, the lack of emotional continuity just gives me whiplash.

Last week: Jason had a heartwarming moment with Tracy and reconfirmed his determination of get ELQ back for the Quartermaines. This week: he and Sam casually betray Tracy by telling Nikolas she’s been working with Hayden all along. No conflict there! Then, later that same day:

Sam confronts Nikolas

SAM: You were so desperate to keep the truth about my husband from me that you hired someone to kill Hayden and when they botched the job, you did what, you married her?
NIKOLAS: Hayden is no victim–
SAM: She’s YOUR victim!

I mean, yay? Sam actually got to yell at Nikolas after months of BAFFLING cordiality. It’s just a little hard to get invested in her sudden moral outrage when a few hours go, she cared so little about his attempts to keep her child from ever knowing his father that she was sincerely offering Nikolas condolences over his failed marriage to a con woman they both despise.

(It is also hard to swallow her laments over Nikolas killing for money when she’s speaking to her ex-husband, the MOB HITMAN, in a room financed solely by the blood money he earned over many years of KILLING PEOPLE FOR MONEY.)

SAM: For years we used to tease him that he was the good Cassadine, and it was true. I mean, he wasn’t perfect. He made mistakes. But he wasn’t greedy. And he certainly wasn’t murderous. He would not do anything to hurt anyone. It just doesn’t make any sense.
JASON: Are you okay?
SAM: I’m not sure. You’re telling me that Nikolas sent someone to kill a defenseless woman, somebody he knew, somebody he was sleeping with. That is not the man that I knew.

On the other hand, this speech is exactly what the entire audience has been saying for over a year? And it’s nice to hear at least someone on the show who knows Nikolas articulating it too? So. Whiplash.

The extra irony is that Sam’s anger on Hayden’s behalf is directly proportional to Hayden’s complete lack of outrage over her husband putting her in a coma for six months.

Hayden comforts Nikolas

HAYDEN: We’ve both said things and done things we regret. Deeply. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t make this work.

I mean, have you both done things that you regret? Have you, really? Because from where I’m sitting, Nikolas has never expressed a single ounce of guilt or regret over anything that’s he’s done. He certainly hasn’t so much as offered even a half-hearted justification to Hayden herself, much less an apology of any kind. So I’m not sure where her certainty that he feels super bad about paying someone to shoot her in the head is coming from.

What I do know is that after a year of waiting for this confrontation, Hayden telling Nikolas she knew about the failed hit was weirdly bloodless and unsatisfying. They had the perfect set up for a big, emotional reveal during their fight big last week. But instead, they backed off so they could… wait a week for no reason and drop the actual reveal with zero passion, anger, or sense of betrayal. How do you botch something like this? It’s soap 101!

The powers that be seem convinced that Hayden and Nikolas are an “edgy” love for the ages. I have news for them: they are not. He acts like he barely even likes her half the time, they have lukewarm sexual chemistry, HE HAD HER SHOT IN THE HEAD AND DOESN’T EVEN FEEL BAD ABOUT IT, and she comes across like a limp dishrag every time she goes crawling back to him, begging to make their dysfunctional relationship another go. It’s boring and it’s gross and it mostly just makes me wish they’d use those bedside table knives to commit mutual homicide.

Thankfully, there is one bright spot on the canvas, and as always, it is Tracy Quartermaine:

Tracy and Monica

TRACY: You might think that you’re finally going to get to live in that house my brother gave you all by yourself. Not so fast. I plan on living in that house until Alice has to carry us both up the stairs.
MONICA: Well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

ME NEITHER, MONICA. I am going to be a broken husk of a woman when Jane Elliott finally retires. Not the least of which because she keeps giving fantastic interviews like this:

But here’s the problem with soaps: The bar keeps getting lowered. This is the golden age of television. I stream a lot of great shows on Netflix, plus I’m addicted to HBO, Showtime, FX, AMC, BBC America. That s–t is remarkable! And then you put all that up against our soap operas and the disparity just gets bigger and bigger. It makes me crazy. This is not the best that we can do. Yes, there are limitations in daytime with budget and time but then we need to write material that accommodates those limitations. Don’t write shootouts on the pier. Don’t write explosions and fires. If you don’t have the time and the money, make the stories small and intimate and heartbreaking. I also find it completely irresponsible to play guns the way do on GH and as often we do.

For real, who do I have to pay/kill to get less explosions and more stories based on real emotion that actually make sense on this show?


23 thoughts on “My kingdom for logical character motivations!

  1. like you said it’s the lack of cointinuity….


    among other things…

    maybe it’s that they have to keep writing and it all goes stale……

    because the other stuff is periodical… as opposed to 100’s of eppies, we have in the 10’s of thousands..

    and all that


  2. I LOVED Jane Elliot’s interview, especially the excerpt you included. I’d rather have meaningful stories told with true character motivations, instead of the action/fights/explosions that are not the strength of these writers.

    I can most certainly do without the moral outrage about Nikolas hiring a hitman to kill Hayden. That kind of hypocrisy is a bit much. I, too, would have rather all the anger been about the secret itself. I still don’t buy Nikolas doing all this simply for money. It’s so unconvincing. I must say, thank God for small favors, b/c I’m glad Elizabeth wasn’t around for that mess yesterday and won’t be for a little while at least. This story is tragic all the way around, especially that ridiculous “romance” between Haydik. I still don’t know when they apparently fell in love.

    I’m more upset the bullet that hit Hayden didn’t take. What a disappointment.

    As always, Tracy was certainly a bright spot.

  3. yeah, that’s the worst part. Nik never felt bad. We should have seen him falling in love and feeling terrified she might find out. Instead she confronts him and he’s like “well maybe if you hadn’t been so greedy you wouldn’t have been shot.” Really?

    • Maybe this is the last time Nik invites some woman (Brooklyn, Siobhan, Britt and Hayden) to move into Windermere as his bed bunny after three rolls in the hay!

        • Okay, Nik never slept with Siobhan, but he still hid her out at Windermere and would have probably seduced her eventually!

          most likely..i’m so sick of soap shows keeping it all in the fmaily…..

  4. RC trashed a lot of characters during his stint on OLTL (Marty Saybrooke killing her therapist ring a bell?), so I will never understand why FV did not reel him in when he wrote Elizabeth tampering with Sam’s maternity test, because he was called out on that stunt. Now we have the show twisting Anna into a pretzel so that she did not kill Carlos in cold blood, Paul is now a good guy!…and Nik shooting Hayden in the head will more than likely end up being a fake out! This show is so off the rails and inconsistent with the writing!

    Sam physically attacking Nik reminds me of when she kicked Ethan in the back and her outrage about killing someone is laughable at best!

    • Sam physically attacking Nik reminds me of when she kicked Ethan in the back and her outrage about killing someone is laughable at best!

      which is why i’ve never been able to like her…

      alot of the others are hypocrates…but she and st sonny…..are the worse of them all

      they should be back together, they are so two of a kind….and all that…

      and then make them have their life threatened, and go and live on st sonny’s island and never been heard from again…


  5. Just when you think the show couldn’t get any worse, We get Anna and Sonny in collusion ?I don’t care what, Nick and Greenlee do. Kill each other not, Who cares. This show is a unfun ny joke. Every character is a killer. Just to keep Scummy front and center, now Anna ? Sam is the worse, she is shocked at murder, Hello Sam. You slept with the guy who was a killer for hire. never bothered you when you were with Scummy either . Sonny killed AJ all by himself, in cold blood. now he wants to also kill Avery’s mother ?Hasn’t he ever heard about shared custody ? Poor Anna, Plus Ava didn’t kill AJ. Sonny did it because he wanted to, he even went to the hospital alone to finish the job. What I wonder about, except for the mob fans who do the so called writers expect to watch this bull, certainly not me.

    • i so agree with everything that you said


      well i still watch for people like tracy and monica….the new character of finn…..maxie…..and a few others….so

      nope, so don’t care about the mob family and that ohhhh so wonderful couple……

      he was so much better with liz…but of course, we’re not supposed to want them right….of course write…

      so i just ff sonny, if i’m watching on line, or flip the station when i’m watching live…when that certain person comes on….and you are so write…it irks me to no end that he and anna have teamed up to catch that stupid man….

      and all that junk


    • I read an excellent post from a DC poster that stated Sonny is the only male lead with longevity on the show, which is wrong on so many levels. Jax and Ric are MIA. nuJason/BM has been on the show less than two years. Mac, Kevin, Ned, etc… are all recurring at best, so we’re down to just Sonny hogging the show now that Luke has finally left town.

  6. oh i know…

    and there’s scotty as well

    sad, isnt’ it that sonny is the only male on a regular basis that’s been on for a long time

    i guess you could count jason…but as you pointed out….it’s a new jason…so in a way he doesn’t count


    • I forgot about Nicholas, but TC left the show in 1999 and returned in 2003 and then left again in 2011 to return in 2013. So, I guess we could say Nik has been on 18 years…

  7. Have you given up on the show like me?
    I hear Jason gets his memories back- of robin, Carly, Sonny and Sam.

    Ha ok gh. Whatever.

    Unclear why this show pays no respect to history. Jason and Elizabeth’s relationship is what drew me to this show. (Well ok make that Sonny and Brenda, followed by Jason and Elizabeth :)

    I can only hope that Billy Miller turns out not to be Jason.

    • I’m not gone completely, but extremely behind. Nothing I hear makes me super enthused about getting caught up, though.

  8. I know you’re not a Franco fan but what are your thoughts on them revisiting this rivalry with Jason? Can we get a post – specifically for the 25th of April show and/or Becky/Liz’s first day back? Miss reading your hilarious take on the show. 😢

    • Aw, thanks. My real life has been busy lately and this show is pretty much last on the list of things I enjoy at the moment, so I am about a week behind and haven’t even seen Becky’s first day back yet. I’ll definitely be posting something as soon as I have the time/energy to get caught up!

      (My thoughts on Franco are that his rivalry with Jason was stupid the first time and it’ll be even more stupid this time, considering they actually want us to see Franco as a grey hat with whom we sort of sympathize rather than a straight up psychopath. But if it leads to him getting set on fire again, I’d be okay with it!)

      • Haha :)
        Yeah there is really no reason to watch… It’s sad :/

        I will say though that the Jason/Elizabeth/Franco scene- was interesting… To see how crazy Jason gets with Franco near Elizabeth and Jake. I will say that Becky H and Roger have really good chemistry. (But yeah hard to forget Franco was crazy).

        I miss the Steve burton/Jason/Elizabeth.

        And I wish they’d bring Florencia Lozano on for Roger… Those two… Jesus talk abt teaching the class. You ever watch Todd and Tea oltl circa 1997/98?

        • whenever they have tried to redo a couple…i hated it….

          they never had the same chemistry again…

          and GH has tried, and i really wanted one of them to go forward in the day, but i got disappointed

          i didnt’ see todd and tea back in the day….

          so i won’t say anything

          but in the past, when GH has done a couple from another soap it’s always been a failure….

          and please don’t say to me well kmo and ME were a success………because to me they definately were not…..for me they only worked as caleb and olivia….

          and i have been sick of her chracater since october 3, 2003

        • I loved old school Todd and Tea! But I can’t imagine pairing anyone with RH as Franco that I would enjoy. There’s just too much bad baggage with that name. They should give up on trying to make him work as a character.

          • I loved old school Todd and Tea! But I can’t imagine pairing anyone with RH as Franco that I would enjoy. There’s just too much bad baggage with that name. They should give up on trying to make him work as a character.

            sad isn’t it


          • I know old school Todd and Tea *swoon- such f-ing great chemistry! I keep hoping you’ll write a flashback recap of theirs :)

            Since GH is actual shit-
            Maybe you’ll have time! Ha

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