Corinthos down!

Morgan’s dead, y’all! I’d be sad, but, you know. It’s Morgan. RIP, little Corinthos! Of all the Corinthos men who’ve annoyed the crap out of me, you… certainly had the best duck lips.

Anyway, everyone in town is convinced it’s their fault! Kiki’s sure that it’s hers because after months of misery, she finally decided to escape from the unhealthy relationship she got guilted into by her unstable boyfriend’s family.


not pictured: believable crying

Michael’s sure it’s his because he didn’t have time to babysit his adult brother between planning a funeral for his recently murdered girlfriend and running a company.

Ava’s sure it’s hers because she… secretly replaced his bi-polar medication with placebos. Okay, that one might be a little more accurate. But since Morgan didn’t die in a drunk driving accident, but instead was blown up by a bomb set by none other than Port Charles’ own Father of the Year, Sonny must be the one blaming himself most of all–oh. Wait.


SONNY: What happened here was an accident. Tell me you don’t think I’m the reason my son’s dead.

Oh, Sonny. Why would anyone possibly think that Morgan’s death is your fault just because you hired someone to plant a bomb in a car and then that car happened to blow up with your son right next to it? Obviously, if you didn’t specifically mean to kill Morgan, then no one can blame you, right?

(Hey, remember that time Sonny thought Carly had accidentally gotten Olivia shot in a botched mob hit and he waited in her house in the dark with a gun to threaten her life, because even though she never meant to hurt Olivia, she’d still have to pay if she died? Just asking. NO REASON.)

Obviously, Sonny doesn’t remember that. In fact, he’s been forgetting a lot of things lately:


SONNY: You don’t know me. If you did, you’d know that no son or daughter of mine will pay for the things that I do, because I protect them all from my business.

I realize this entire conversation was only meant as dramatic irony, but I am seriously starting to wonder if Sonny has some sort of brain defect that prevents him from remembering anything he’s ever said or done. Maybe finding the cure for chronic narcissist asshole memory loss syndrome can be Dr. Finn’s next big research project! All of the American public would thank him, I’m sure.

Look, we all know the drill with things like this. Sonny does something terrible like… getting his son shot in the head, or shooting his other son in the chest, or nearly blowing his daughter up in a car bomb, or or sleeping with his other son’s girlfriend on the grave of his first son’s biological father, who he also murdered in cold blood. And everyone is mad at him for a day or a week or NINE MONTHS OF BEAUTIFUL  HATRED THAT I WILL ALWAYS TREASURE. And then something shiny distracts them and all is forgiven.

But surely actually killing one of his kids has got to be good for more than a single day of righteous fury before the backsliding begins?


MICHAEL: I stood there in the police station, I blamed my father and his feud with Julian, but it’s not his fault. It’s mine.


Meanwhile, Billy Miller has been busy sleeping through every scene where he has to play the return of Stone Cold, which is somehow even less entertaining than when Steve Burton used to do that. But even though St. Jason is now reluctantly against murder for hire, he’s still playing spin doctor for his old boss:

JASON: Your brother, he was a victim of a chain of very terrible circumstances and there wasn’t anything that anyone could do about it.

Well, I mean… Sonny could have not planted a bomb in Julian’s car. That is definitely a thing that at least done person could have done about it, Jason.

So basically, we have one last hope for the schadenfreude smack down we deserve:


and she has a FIERCE new haircut

Don’t fail me now, Carly. Let your hypocrisy flag fly! Go to town on that murdering scumbag you willingly married four times. My body is ready.


18 thoughts on “Corinthos down!

  1. I actually need someone to tell Carly to take a seat. She chose Sonny over her kids over and over again, so I wish I could enjoy her ranting, but I can’t.

    hee at “not pictured: believable crying”.

  2. You wrote eloquently what I’ve been moaning about all week.

    I don’t even blame Ava because she’s always been a selfish twat, but she’s never once claimed to be any different. And Morgan was an impulsive twit from the day he returned, bipolar or not.

    I want Carly to go postal on Sonny’s arse but no, she’ll forgive him instantly. Ugh.

    • oh you know eventually she’ll forgive him

      he’ll get a pardon or something or that morgan will be alive after all, in a recast and that’s it…



  3. Lets not forget when Carly was giving birth to Morgan and Sonny shot her in the head… Which reminds me of the whole panic room storyline. In retrospect, Morgan would have been better off being raised by Elizabeth, like Ric intented too.

    Can GH fire Billy Miller? Please? What a disappointment. Can they bring back actors who can act, who will act no matter how bad the storyline is, like Jason Thompson and Rick Hearst?

    • i think that he can act

      someone pointed out that he the actor doesn’t have the emotional attachment to the character as SB would…and i agree with that…

      and i really don’t want SB back in the role…he has bored me to tears for years, now….

      that’s why i really liked dillon, at least he got to show some emotion…but as jason, no way..

      BM is going and doing a great job in the role as far as i’m concerned… me he actually shows him with details…and not the other way around


  4. I’ve enjoyed the show this week. I like the dialogue, most of the acting, and I’ve really enjoyed yelling, “It was only Morgan!” whenever I got tired of long crying scenes. I really missed old Josselyn today. She would’ve been really scary saying “I hate Uncle Sonny.” He’d have to sleep with the lights on.

  5. I wish Carly would bring up that Morgan came into this world with violence surrounding him (Carly being shot in the head while in labor with him) and now he’s died a violent death all because of Sonny. I’m so tired of every one making excuses for him. I couldn’t believe Kristina was defending him when she almost died because of a car bomb Sonny’s goons planted. I hope Carly stays angry for a long time but knowing this show, she’ll have moved back in by Xmas.

    • You know somehow they’ll make it Julian’s fault, or Ava’s fault, or Nelle’s fault, or Valentine’s fault… Never Sonny’s fault.

      • I know I’m going to be preaching to the choir here, but help me, I’m a newer viewer and I’m confused. Is there a pocket of fans who really believe that Sonny is a good guy that we should root for and want good things for? People who buy this “family man” garbage, that he’s just protecting his own? This post-Morgan moping is insane! No, Sonny, CARLY isn’t the one to blame. No, SHOW, Ava is only tangentially to blame. The guy who, even after his supposedly-beloved wife BEGGED him not to go after Julian because she specifically feared for the health and safety of their children, had a bomb put in the car is to blame. Why are we not watching Sonny mope hopelessly about how he killed his boy, instead of about how mean everyone is to him? Why is this guy not a villain? Because he makes good coffee? What kind of moral relativity could someone possibly be using to justify pulling for this guy?

        • you’ll get no argument from me….even if sonny didn’t do it in the end, he still gave the idea to the guilty person….so…

          i for one am not watching sonny mope, and all that…he’s a bore to me, has been for years…..

          if he really cared about his family like he said he does, then he’d leave julian alone….be all about them and all that….but not like he’s doing……nope…not one single bit…..

          that’s a good question…… the end……why do people pull for him…it’s beyond me…..

          • It just weirds me out that he gets the “hero edit.” I’ve never seen a soap embrace a bad guy (unless he’s a redeemed bad guy) this way. Every show has to have its villains to torment the long-suffering heroes, of course, and plenty have decided to remake a villain good. That’s hard enough to swallow (hello, Franco) but they’re not even trying to make Sonny a good guy. They just have him run around and kill people and then gaslight anyone who suggests he might be in the wrong. Did this show ever have a moral compass?

        • Yeah, there’s a large contingent of Sonny fans who genuinely see him as a hero. It is baffling to me, but different strokes, etc.

          To be fair, for a large portion of the 90s I was rooting for him as well. But the writing and the show were a lot more balanced then. In the 2000s, everything started revolving around the mob and Sonny/Carly/Jason/whoever Jason was banging at the time and it just lost all perspective.

        • I agree with the WTF with having a misogynist murderous punk like Sonny be the show’s moral compass while his adversaries are depicted as one dimensional mustache twirling sociopathic bad guys. It’s beyond pointless to get involved in watching his chest thumping over the top howling over what happened with Morgan. Because, 1) Morgan is probably on ice in a cryo chamber on Cassadine Island and 2) it’ll come out that Sonny didn’t cause the bomb to be planted, he was FRAMED by some nefarious bad guy and whoever it is won’t make an iota of sense even with heavy exposition of some offscreen back story (see Paul’s involvement in GH killings). I fast forward through anything that reeks of promoting Sonny as the show’s hero which means there’s not much left to watch. I’m mainly watching Alexis, Valentin and the Cassadine story. I’ll enjoy that before while it is mercifully SONNY FREE because I know when it inevitably becomes ALL ABOUT SONNY it’ll totally be ruined like everything else on the show.

          • i so agree….

            he started out as a drug dealer…but noooooo, people had to go right from the start poor sonny…and all that….and we got stuck with him….

            who made an under aged girl into a you know what, and all of that…

            \i didn’t hear what scotty said to him….but you know what, i’d say….you go scotty… go..

            i wish that someone would say you know what sonny you’re not all that… you’re not…and just walk away, don’t let the little you know what answer…..let him keep on thinking he’s the stupid bully that he is…


  6. i won’t watch the big bad C…he bores me to tears..

    i’ll watch finn and hayden…..dillon and kiki…and a few others….

    but yup…least of all i’ll watch that cry baby……

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