Nurses’ Ball 2017: Day One

Nurses’ Ball time! This episode assumed I care a whole lot more about the state of Nina and Valentin’s marriage and the big Morgan pill mystery than I actually do. Which is not at all in both cases. But still, we got some vets and some fancy dresses, so that’s something, right?

work it, spencers

This year, Burt’s Bees has given Aveeno the boot and ABC’s contractually obligated D-list celebrity host is Mario Lopez, who was barely able to pretend he gave a crap about any of this during his twenty minutes of work:

please kill me now

Fashion watch! Obviously, the biggest winner and loser of the night is the costume department’s valiant attempt to disguise the fact that Emme Rylan is roughly eight hundred months pregnant by dressing Lulu in what can only be described as a gigantic frilly cupcake:

nailed it

I seriously kept expecting all of the children at the show to run out from under her skirts like that tall lady from the Nutcracker.

Saying Finola Hughes looked good in a ballgown seems almost too obvious, but… girl looked good. Also props to NuAmy, who remains a terribly inappropriate, one dimensional character, but looked great in this flowy floral number:

On the other end of the spectrum, I am sadly not loving this shade of yellow on Kelly Monaco. Or those dangly multi-colored earrings:

the girls are representing, tho

But back to the show! Which we did not get much of. And what little we got was a pre-taped number at the hospital? Because that’s what all of these donors are paying to watch? This feels like a weird budget thing.

Also, not gonna lie, I spent most of the opening number waiting for Sabrina’s zombie corpse to rise up and join in on the chorus:


Why was Elizabeth not a part of the all nurses opening number? Why did they get Kimberly McCullough to show up for five minutes and then stick Robin off screen on the couch? Does anyone seriously give a crap about Sonny and Ava and those damn pills?

Tune into day two for… none of those answers and more!


4 thoughts on “Nurses’ Ball 2017: Day One

  1. I haven’t watched yet, but I’m dreading it. I usually FF all the “musical” and “dance” numbers. Not because some of them aren’t talented, but the show is just so hokey. Sorry to those who love it.

  2. I was fascinated that Sam’s dress somehow actually made her look like someone who recently gave birth and, through good genes and luck, looks pretty awesome a few months later. That dress gave her nursing boobs and a belly. I almost wondered if it was intentional or just super unflattering (to a person who is super tiny and did not actually just give birth).

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