Nurses’ Ball 2017: Day Three

The TiVo summary for this episode is: “Andre makes a major discovery; Carly zeroes in on her enemy; Curtis oversteps.” Wow. Seems like they nailed all the really important notes.

Anyway, full recap tonight! Jason’s confronting Griffin about the chimera necklace. Griffin tells him it used to belong to Anna’s sister. Jason thinks this can’t be a coincidence!

Dillon thanks nurse Deanna for filling in for Kiki, since she has to work tonight. I feel like performing at a charity ball sponsored by your employed should automatically mean not getting scheduled to work that night, but I guess this is why I don’t make nursing schedules.

Nina searches for Valentin, who’s still backstage with Anna. The latter is SHOCKED and APPALLED that dear, sweet Valentin would sell a deadly weapon to Helena. Elsewhere, the kids are still trying to figure out how the “magic trick” works when Jake finds them and freaks out.

Lucy needs Ava to make her donation on stage in Morgan’s name because Jake canceled his magic act and she’s got time to fill. Um, since you already bumped Obrecht for Valentin, why not just have her come back? But no matter. Contrivance chugs along.

Sonny tells Carly that someone messed with Morgan’s pills.

Ned and Olivia show up late because they kept getting “distracted” while getting dressed. She’d nervous about their performance but he thinks she’ll be fine.

Jordan is upset at Curtis’ presumption at getting them a room for the night. He accuses her of thinking he’s not good enough for her. Well, that escalated quickly.

Valentin and Anna argue about the chimera again. Finally he tells her that she has his permission to search Cassadine island for it and storms out to find his wife. Awfully pissy for a guy who could have gotten her off his back by saying the same thing months ago.

It’s Eddie Maine time! Ned and Olivia team up for a duet of “Faith”. FINALLY a song that I actually know and like! Take that, teenagers that don’t watch this show no matter how much the network wants them to! Sonny and Carly are smiling and laughing in the crowd, which seems like a weirdly jovial reaction, given they were just discussing their son’s death.

Dillon congratulates Ned and Olivia on their performance. He’s glad to see them since he’s been all alone all night. Well, that’s because your family’s been decimated and you have no friends, Dillon. Over at the hospital, Kiki gets called into her supervisor’s office. Ooh, the suspense!

Sonny tells Carly he suspects Ava. Carly wants to confront her right away but Sonny wants to be sure first.

Jordan says she feels guilty because Curtis is her dead husband’s brother — a fact neither of really seems to remember unless it’s needed to drum up superficial angst. Being with him makes her feel like she’s cheating on Thomas all over again.

Anna finds Andre in the ballroom and asks him if he knows anything about the chimera project. Why would he? Didn’t this all happen almost thirty years ago? Elizabeth overhears just as Jason comes over with the chimera necklace and demands to know what it means.

Anna says none  of them except Andre have clearance for this and Jason explains that Jake drew something similar. Oh, well if your kid drew a mythological creature one time, then absolutely I can share top secret info! Andre thinks they deserve to know because “it’s their kid.” THAT’S NOT HOW CLEARANCE WORKS, ANDRE.

worse at secrets than the Trump administration

Anna proceeds to spill all of the classified details in the middle of a ballroom that’s being filmed, because sure, why not? Anyway: chimera is a biotoxin, they don’t know where it is, blah blah blah.

Lulu walks in on Nina comforting Charlotte and they snipe at each other in front of her like territorial assholes. God, I hate this plot. Valentin finds them and distracts the kids with the promise of cake. After the others leave, Nina confesses that she loved the song he sang for her.

Sonny and Carly confront Lucy about why she was at the Floating Rib with Ava and she finally confesses the entire thing. Scotty overhears and runs to warn Ava.

Valentin says he’ll do “whatever it takes” to get Nina to trust him again. She seems open to forgiving him. They leave hand in hand.

Dillon is panicking to an unimpressed Felix that he can’t find Deanna and it’s almost time for their number. And then Kiki shows up, because of course she does! I still don’t care about these two in the slightest, but her calling him DQ was kind of cute.

They do a Bowie cover that doesn’t seem to involve much of the dance we saw them practicing. As always, I wish the show would save some money on nameless background dancers and spend it on more extras in the crowd or, I don’t know, paying for the actual Chief of Staff to show up.

Curtis gives Jordan the key and tells her there’s no pressure, but if she doesn’t show up by 10:00, he’s going to have a sad boner. It looks like she’s not going to show… and then she does! Yay! Happy boners all around!

Sonny and Carly watch Kiki and Dillon leave and realize Ava must have switched Morgan’s pills to break up him and Kiki.  Just then, Lucy calls Ava up to the stage to be recognized for her donation. When she doesn’t show, Sonny and Carly go tearing backstage, but all they find is Scotty.

Ava runs into Kiki and Dillon as they’re all leaving. She says goodbye to her daughter like they’ll never see each other again. Kiki is perplexed.

bye, hon. off to fake my death again!

Elizabeth worries that Jake may never get over all this. Meanwhile, Jake is hiding backstage with his magic supplies when Ghost!Helena shows up. She tells her “little man” to perform his magic trick and make all of Port Charles disappear.

Scotty denies that Ava was involved with Morgan’s death until Carly threats to sic her mother on him. Then he spills that Ava is grabbing her go bag and heading out of town forever. Cut to Ava in a dark storage room. The power is out, but she finds a hurricane lantern and matches. Well, that was convenient. And a little weird.

Lucy announces a special guest for the final number. All of the nurses (except Elizabeth again for some reason) start singing Hallelujah around a giant television screen. I’m immediately filled with dread that somehow Sabrina is going to somehow worm her way into this thing from the afterlife. But no, it’s a taped message from Robin!

She talks about how twenty years ago when she was diagnosed, she didn’t think she would be alive today, much less about to have her second child. The music swells and Lucy and I are both tear up a little.

The song closes out with a montage: Kiki and Dillon watch the finale from the hospital, Curtis carries Jordan to bed, Sonny and Carly find Ava in the storage room. Gee, do you think murdering her will bring those two crazy kids back together? Everyone back at the ballroom stands around the stage holding white candles. Pip, Felix and Deanna give some killer solos. Amy… is also there.

As the song ends, Jake tells Liz he’s ready to do his magic trick. Dun!


7 thoughts on “Nurses’ Ball 2017: Day Three

  1. Ava got rid of Connie, Morgan, and shot Olivia. She clearly needs a key to the city, not more rage and anger. Some people are just so unappreciative.

    • Oh definitely. Heck, I’d rather have Ava get reconned into a saint than watch Carly and Sonny get back together.

  2. I have so many thoughts and feelings about the Nurse’s Ball. For example, how hard would it have been to show scenes of Robin and Mac watching the show while Robin sits on the couch eating popcorn. The could have reminisced about Stone, and how Lucy wouldn’t let Mac perform with his ventriloquist dummy this year. Sort of like the scenes that they did with Brad & Britt. I love Ned but I thought his rendition of Faith with Olivia was terrible and I couldn’t understand why they were dressed like the final scene from Grease. I seriously thought they were going to sing ‘You’re the one that I want.’ And I don’t understand why Dillon needed that other nurse, since all Kiki did was dance around him in that whole scene.

    And this whole Chimera story line. You mean to tell me that the WSB hadn’t been looking for this notorious biotoxin for the 30 years? They just forgot about it? And why didn’t super spy Anna not realize that Valentin had sold it to Helena. It was so obvious.

  3. OK, I admit it: Dillon and Kiki are two people I cannot stand on their own but magically together I like them. I’m sorry, I know it’s just me. Their number last year was adorable. This year was… WHY? I kept waiting for Kiki to do something – ANYTHING – but prance around. And also, do not F with the lyrics to Hallelujah, people. No, there isn’t a snappy chorus to repeat. Deal with it or pick something else.

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