What’s a few minor felonies among friends?

Okay, listen. I love Liesl Obrecht. Love her! She’s campy, she wears fierce hats like a boss. She’s really good with hand puppets! Kathleen Gati is a gift who deserves better material than she often gets. But I can love Obrecht, because she’s a fun villain who I know is not real.

my queeeeeeeeeen

The good people of Port Charles do not know that. So they should not have a drop of tolerance or sympathy for her. Which is why all the collective amnesia floating around is a little weird:

NATHAN: We both know what my mother did to you is wrong. She falsified tests, she tried to sabotage your career. She deserves to face the consequences of her actions. I just don’t know that prison is the right way to go.

Really, Nathan? You don’t think prison is the way to go for the woman who has managed to get away with literal murder, kidnapping and mayhem on multiple occasions with pretty much zero consequences due to this show’s allergy to logical follow through? REALLY?

Meanwhile, over at Crazytown, Population Elizabeth:

ELIZABETH: Did Dr. Obrecht really get arrested for tampering with Finn’s drug test?
HAYDEN: Well, I’m not at liberty to say, but… [nods]
ELIZABETH: [dejected] Oh, I was afraid of that.
HAYDEN: Really? I’m surprised that you care.
ELIZABETH: I don’t, but Franco will. […] I know he’ll be upset about Obrecht. Even though I couldn’t stand her, I guess she was a good friend to him.

Of course Franco would be devastated if anything happened to a woman who only likes him because she admires his work as a serial killer! And naturally, Liz cares more about his feelings than about seeing the woman brought to justice who shot her, kidnapped her sister-in-law’s baby, and held her best friend captive for years.  Because Liz is a pod person these days and it makes me super sad.

Anyway, this is all probably lead up to some horrible thing happening to Hayden and the baby to facilitate Rebecca Budig’s exit. I’m extra sad about it because Hayden and Liz have developed a slightly unearned but TOTALLY ADORABLE sibling chemistry that is one of the few things I legitimately enjoy on this show right now.

ANDRE: Didn’t I hear through the grape vine that you two are sisters?
ELIZABETH: Half-sisters. When we first found out, things were not really good between us. Things are better now. And tonight…
ANDRE: Tonight what?
ELIZABETH: Let’s just say I’m excited about becoming an auntie.

I, too, am excited about you becoming an auntie! And having actual family on the canvas again! Why can’t we have nice things, show? WHY?


10 thoughts on “What’s a few minor felonies among friends?

  1. I was reading that as Rebecca Herbst was leaving at first. I was surprised by how sad that made me since I don’t watch much anymore and her character is not what it should be.

    • Elizabeth is a pod person because what? You don’t like her pairing. 2010-2013 she had no story, was propping Sabrina and played Nurse #3 one day a week. Then cried over wanting Jason back for a year while he chose Sam. In 2015 she lied for 7 months to hold onto a married man. But now that she’s front and centre in a pairing Becky loves, she’s a pod person? Cause she not lying, or cheating, but in a loving relationship with someone who loves her kids and just want her … for once a man that only wants her!!!! Hmmmkay

  2. This is the only forum I have to go to to say, dangit, I cannot believe how this show can make me tolerate ANYONE if they make Michael happy. Of course, in this case, Nelle gets bonus for also pissing off Carly, so… well played, GH?

  3. By pod Elizabeth, you mean a single mom of 3 kids, working as a nurse, independent, paying her bills, who’s not keeping an amnesiac married man as her house elf, who isn’t needy and chasing a man?
    I haven’t seen this Liz since 2003. She’s strong, she’s sexy, she’s independent, she’s smart, and most of all, she’s not chasing Jason. In the last year, she rebuilt her life after it was blown up. She let a man do the chasing this time. She took her time.

    I’m just gonna quote Rebecca Herbst herself:
    “This time around, with Jean and Shelly, they have taken care of Elizabeth like no other head writer has. They’ve brought Elizabeth back to being human and an adult, a single mom with three kids and a real relationship, and I applaud them.”

    “I couldn’t be more pleased with the way that Jean and Shelly write this couple. Elizabeth has finally figured out who she is and what she wants out of life; her boys are first and now she’s found a man who wants to put her boys first and it just works.”

    • I didn’t enjoy Elizabeth when she was lying about Jason’s identity. And I don’t enjoy her now when she’s bending over backwards to excuse people who’ve badly hurt her and/or people she loves.

      I’m glad you and Becky Herbst are happy. It doesn’t surprise me that she likes being in a popular relationship after years on back burner. It also doesn’t change my opinion in the slightest.

  4. Liz seems in character to me… she is fiercely loyal and protective of those she loves and forgives too easily.

    I do agree about loving the Webber sister relationship. I’m so sad we won’t see it continued.

    • Is it just me or has Hayden become even more interesting and fun since I’ve heard she’s out? She finally has a place. Can’t we keep her?

  5. Liz has been working with Liesl for years without a mention of the crimes she perpetrated against her, this isn’t anything new. You were correct in saying that Dr. O’s crimes were swept under the rug, but not even Anna holds much of a grudge against her anymore. I don’t think Liz should be held to a higher standard than anyone else on the show or that this has anything to do with her being with Franco.

    • Sure, but grudgingly working with Obrecht is different than actually being upset that she was finally fired. If finding that contrived and hamfisted is holding Liz to a higher standard, then so be it, I guess.

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