About Us

Welcome to Despair in the Afternoon! We have a love/hate relationship with General Hospital. Sometimes we have feelings about other soaps, too.

Join us. Feel all the feels. Don’t be a dick in the comments.


WHO ARE WE? Tenillypo and Incandescentflower are life-long soap lovers who decided one day to stop ranting about the show over chat and throw it up on a blog instead.


CREDITS. Most recent GH screencaps were created by us. Please link back to us if you post them elsewhere. Images in the posts before June 2010 are used courtesy of the following sites unless otherwise noted:

Screencaps from other shows are mostly courtesy of:

All other graphics created by Tenillypo.


9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. i love this blog! GH fans who actually update something on a regular basis! awesome! i found it while trying to google some info about this whole “two todds” thing becauase i am just very curious. if you know of any links with a good explanation for that please send them my way! thanks!

    • Thanks! Usually we get complaints that we don’t update enough, so that is nice to hear. :)

      Serial Drama has been covering the Two Todds thing. You can probably find some decent recaps there. But the gist is that they are twins who were separated at birth by their mother, Irene, who everyone thought was dead, but who really faked her death after they were born to join the CIA with her developmentally challenged son, Victor (the “Todd” we’ve known since RH left), after giving Todd away. Then, 8 years ago, her organization captured Todd and she got him to share all his memories (I don’t even know, seriously) with Victor and basically brainwashed Victor until he really believed he was really Todd. Then she gave him plastic surgery to look like someone else for reasons that still don’t make much sense to me and sent him to Llanview. Meanwhile, she’s had Todd locked up and tortured this whole time, but he finally escaped. And now… DRAMA!

      Yeah. It’s so ridiculous and soapy, it hurts.

  2. I just wanted to say that I adore this blog and I check it almost everyday. And I love that you’ve started doing Vampire Diaries reviews as well, as it’s one of my favorite shows of all time. I actually linked to you in my LJ so that other TVD fans can check out your hilarious recaps. So thanks for being awesome :)

  3. what we lack on GH right now is honest to goodness romance… we had some at the Nurse’s Ball and now it’s all a drought… even in NY instead of romance AJ promised Liz we got bad relish and all the icky throw up scenes that we were forced to sit through… what happened to ROMANCE… i mean.. Romance novels are still the big seller right? Romance=Ratings

  4. Just found your blog and I love it! I really love your sense of humor about the soaps as well as about our crazy love for this ‘art form’ so disdained by most people in my world. Refreshing to find others who can appreciate it with me.

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