About Incandescentflower

Incandescentflower has been watching soaps since those crucial adolescent years. It has warped her mind to believe that romance should include longing stares, long pauses, dramatic music, candles and some sort of love triangle with a long lost twin.

She is willing to suspend disbelief for good soap. Her definition of this is hot men and women, coherent plot, the honoring of long term relationships, pining, romancing, respecting women and teary-eyed men.  Hot, teary-eyed men will cause an attraction blackout.

When she isn’t bitching about GH, Incandescentflower spends her free time working on her “novel,” watching a ridiculous amount of television and blogging about it. When she loves, she falls hard. On the flip side, she has a habit of holding grudges  and requires a lot of retribution to change her mind. At this point, GH has a whole lot of crap to make up for.

Not enough? You can learn more about her history with GH here.


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