Be still my Scrubs lovin’ heart!

You guys! You guys! YOU. GUYS.

I know I’ve been gone for such a long time. Luckily, Tenillypo has kept the fire burning in my absence. (Thanks, best co-blogger ever!) But today, I was just so effing happy and I had to come back to spew all my candy-filled glee all over you all. Did you have a cigarette at minute 58 of the episode? Because I sure wanted to. Monday I was cursing RC. Now, I love him with all my heart. What a difference a day makes.

Robin Patrick reunion3

ROBIN: It’s okay. Go to Sabrina.
PATRICK: What if I lose you again. I can’t…I can’t…
ROBIN: You’re not gonna lose me again. Tell him baby.
EMMA: I’ve got her, Daddy. I’ll hold onto Mommy.
PATRICK: Don’t move. You stay right here.
ROBIN: I’m not gonna move.

I can’t even express how amazingly satisfying that was. JT and KMc most definitely still have it. Continue reading


Gimme Some VD: “The Walking Dead”

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Matt told Elena a story about a yellow crayon–er, I mean, Damon snapped Matt’s neck and Elena had an emotional breakthrough because of it. So now Elena has feelings again. Well, one feeling at least: HATE for Katherine.

We open on Elena breaking concrete bricks with Stefan trying to shake off some of her Katherine issues. Stefan admits that he thought Elena would have channeled her emotions into love or hope. (Barf.) Stefan also patronizes Elena that he doesn’t think she really wants to kill Katherine. *epic eyeroll* Elena agrees, but does it while doing pull ups like a super bad ass.

Elena pull ups

Rebekah is at the bar with Matt, asking him to explain this whole graduation thing. You’d think since she is obsessed with humans and lived among them for hundreds of years, she would at least be aware of the traditions, but WHATEVER. They commiserate about not having family who will be going. Uh, Rebekah. Your family won’t be going because they have waaaaay better things to do. Matt’s mom won’t be there because… she really has no reason. She sucks. Matt wins hands down here.

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Gimme Some VD: “The Originals”

You guys! You guys. YOU. GUYS. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but this episode (which I dreaded with the firey passion of a thousand suns) was actually… good? Enjoyable? Not eye-gougingly obnoxious? When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. And, well… I didn’t want to stab myself with a fork repeatedly through the entire episode, so… progress?

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Elena hilariously went to the prom. It didn’t help. Klaus told Hayley he thought her wolf family was in New Orleans. And by sheer coinkydink Katherine told Klaus there was a witch in New Orleans plotting against him.

Dying Elena

Elena is hanging out in the dungeon, starving, and the Salvatores are upstairs bitching about how she isn’t bending to their will yet. God, I hate them both so much now. It just pisses me off, you know? Why does the show want me to hate them so effing much? Continue reading

Gimme Some VD: “American Gothic”

Despite the fact that this episode was about ten times better than most of the episodes this season, indifference, the flu and a short show hiatus delayed this post even more so than usual. My bad! But if the show can’t seem to tug at my heart strings lately, at least I can find comfort in the fact that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are some of the cutest and sweetest famous people out there. For Reals.

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Damon tried to fool Elena and got played by Elena and Rebekah instead. Booya!

We open on Elena and Rebekah pulling up in a random town. Rebekah yells at Elena for getting out of the car, but Elena whines that she is tired of driving around to all the places on Katherine’s list of previous hideouts and wants to take a break. Oh, and she really doesn’t like Rebekah very much. Heh.

Doppleganger hijinks

Elena decides to take a meal pit stop and coincidentally finds out that her snack knows Katherine. Wow, that’s convenient. And the lady has been compelled to not answer any questions about Katherine unless Katherine is the one asking. Double convenient. Continue reading

Gimme Some VD: “Bring it On”

I so don’t want to do this recap, you guys. I’m so not into this season right now. How much am I avoiding this, you ask? I’m actually watching “Dancing with the Stars” to see Ingo Radenmacher over rewatching this episode. And yes, he is pretty so that might not seem completely unreasonable, except for the fact that I have had to watch a good twenty minutes of other “stars” to get to him. *sigh*


Previously on Vampire Diaries: Elena was in denial about Jeremy’s death until she wasn’t and then she went completely batshit. Instead of helping her deal with her grief, Damon had her turn her emotions off while the rest of the  crew stood idly by like the champs they are. And then she burned the effing house down.


We open on Elena walking down the middle of a road. Oh, this isn’t ominous at all. She looks around and lays down, looking pretty bleak. Continue reading

Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “I’m Your Puppet”

Only one more episode left this season? Or at least for the spring?  These split seasons get me all confused!


1) Toby isn’t really dead, except he really is, except he might not be? Oh, for the love of Christ, show. Just make it clear, already. I’m tired of worrying about this. If they don’t clear this up in the next episode I’m gonna have a shit fit!

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Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”

I have to admit, I was pretty frustrated with this episode so I was dragging my feet to do my post. However, on rewatching it, the episode did have a few important points:

1) Wilden’s back. And doesn’t appear to have a scratch on him. That seems absolutely implausible and I’m sure we won’t ever get an actual explanation as to how the hell he walked away from that accident. This effing show. So he is back to menace Hannah and her mom..again..some more.


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But… but, who will we hate now?

I’m sad to hear the news that Brandon Barash will be leaving GH. I had been hoping now that Johnny seemed have to hit rock bottom the new regime would be able to do some rehabilitation. *sigh* And I admit, now that Steve is leaving, I had let my heart hope that he and Olivia would be able to somehow get back to their hotness. But alas, no.

Brandon Barash

I feel so many mixed emotions about the news of these exits. Is it a sign that the actors aren’t happy with the changes? Maybe. I’m sure no one would be happy to go from being a featured daily character to being used on more of a rotational basis. But until Kristina talked about going to Pentonville to do her community service, I had forgotten about Johnny completely. There is so much going on with the canvas that it makes sense that there isn’t room for everyone. Continue reading