Soap Report: “Boys Over Flowers”

You guys, I have so many KDrama reviews stacked up. And most of them are for shows I really loved! But good lord, this was not one of them.

Where to even begin? Boys Over Flowers is an insanely popular KDrama based on an insanely popular manga, which previously spawned multiple other popular tv adaptations. Basically, people love the crap out of this story.


My body was super ready to love this! High school rich kid drama! Baby Lee Min Ho rocking some ridiculous curls! Sadly, it was all kind of enraging and terrible.

What’s it about? A fictional Korean corporation has created a private school open solely to the one percent. The school is ruled by F4, a gang of four uber-elite seniors worshiped by the rest of the student body because they’re rich and hot and also will casually ruin the lives of anyone who looks at them sideways. Continue reading


Soap Report: “Miss Fisher Series 3”

It’s here, you guys! It’s finally here! Where were all of you when series three of Miss Fisher dropped on Netflix? I was getting into bed when three separate people urgently pinged me. Which really goes to show that I know some quality people who understand my needs.

Jakc and Phryne throat touching

Was this season magical? Full of amazing outfits? Way too short? Yes, yes, and yes. And with a fourth series still up in the air, it managed to end in a way that felt satisfying but still left the door open for more. (And for a movie, if that actually happens.) Continue reading

Soap Report: “Arang and the Magistrate”

Arang and the Magistrate is an off-beat 2011 Korean historical fantasy fusion drama. It’s kind of like Ghost? You know, if Ghost took place in old timey Korea and Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze fell in love. So… nothing like Ghost, really.

Arang and the magistrate

Look, she is a ghost and he has peacock
feathers in his hat. What more do you want?

What’s it about? Arang is an amnesiac ghost with three months to solve the mystery of her death before she gets sentenced to hell. Eun-oh is a reluctant magistrate with the ability to see ghosts and a mystery of his own: his missing mother, whose hairpin just happens to have been in Arang’s possession when she died.

There’s also some business with the Jade Emperor, heavenly fairies, and grim reapers. The combination of mythology, mystery and standard romance works pretty well, and there were even some genuinely creepy moments, which I was not expecting from a KDrama. Continue reading

Soap Report: “Queen In-Hyun’s Man”

I’m not the biggest fan of Joseon era stuff — the costumes just don’t do it for me, frankly — but I’d heard so many good things about this one, I gave it a try anyway and OH EM GEE, YOU GUYS. What a delightful way to spend 16 hours of your life.

Queen In-Hyun's Man2

(Only 16 episodes! What are you waiting for? You can knock that out in one day and still get a solid 8 hours of dreaming about dreamy time travelers in afterward!)

What’s it about? Kim Boong-do is a 17th century scholar and queen’s bodyguard who acquires a mystical talisman that transports him to the present day any time his life is in danger. As you do. Meanwhile, Choi Hee-jin is struggling actress who gets her big break playing that very same queen in a modern KDrama. They meet and fall in love but fate and court intrigue keep getting in their way. Continue reading

Soap Report: “Fated to Love You”

Oh, Fated to Love You. How did you swallow my soul so completely? Guys, this show will be the most adorable/agonizing 20 hours of your life. It’s like the tv equivalent of a cupcake that is filled with tears. YOU WILL LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT.

Fated to Love You

What’s it about? Sweet, naive Kim Mi Young and rich, eccentric Lee Gun are forced to get married after he accidentally knocks her up while they’re both drugged out of their minds. (Don’t ask.)

If that premise does nothing for you, don’t worry. I felt the same way. Then I started watching and the characters basically reached into my heart and started squeezing until I was completely lost? Continue reading

Soap Report: “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”

Friends, I have met the love of my life, and her name is Phryne Fisher. I spent the Christmas break marathoning through all two seasons three seasons of her super duper charming murder mysteries, and I think I can safely say that we are girlfriends for life.

Miss Fisher

What’s it about? Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Australian show based on a series of novels by Kerry Greenwood, in which a rich, eccentric lady solves murders in the 20s while looking fabulous and sleeping with any hot man that wanders into her vicinity. Continue reading

Soap Report: “Secret Garden”

Oh, Secret Garden. We could have had it all. Bickering! Body swap! Two of my favorite things! Alas, it just never came together for me in quite the way that I’d hoped.

For those not up on their K-Dramas, Secret Garden is 20 episode romantic comedy that, sadly, has nothing to do with hunchbacks or creepy English manors. But it makes up for that in cracktastic magical shenanigans and amazing fashion choices. It was not a terrible way to spend twenty hours reading sub-titles, but, well…

Secret Garden cover

What’s it about? This is a classic rich boy/poor girl story, with a side of supernatural added in. Our hero, Joo-won, is the wealthy CEO of a department store. He has a host of neuroses and some very particular opinions about sequins. Gil Ra-im is a poor orphan stunt woman from the wrong side of the tracks, who enters his orbit through a series of misunderstandings and coincidences. Blah blah, sexual tension ensues. Continue reading

Soap Report: “The Veronica Mars Movie”

So, here’s the thing: I was going to at least try to pretend I could be objective about this movie. But it turns out that when you’ve loved something going on ten years, and spent most of those years thinking you’d never see it again… seeing it again is really pretty amazeballs. Like, I’ve basically been floating through the past week and half on a cloud of emotions and unicorns hearts.

And objectivity is overrated, anyway. LET THE SUPER SQUEE DEBRIEF BEGIN.

Veronica and Logan convertible1

On a scale of one to SO SATISFIED, OMG how good was this movie for you? It is literally impossible for me to imagine being more satisfied. (Well, maybe if the movie was twice as long? And if they’d done an NC-17 version of the love scene? I guess I could imagine being slightly more satisfied then.)

Suffice to say: it was super good for me on a spiritual level, I consider ever cent I contributed to the Kickstarter to be money really well spent, and if you’re looking for any sort of technical critique… this is probably not the place to find it. Continue reading

Soap Report: “Veronica Mars”

Happy Veronica Mars day, y’all! I’M SO EXCITED I CAN FINALLY SAY THAT. I’m also — because I am old and lame — not seeing the movie until tomorrow afternoon. So in the meantime: saddle up, marshmallows. We’re doing a soap report, LoVe style.

(Yes, I know that Veronica Mars is technically not a soap opera. It’s just a teenage detective noir mystery/drama that happens to contain a lot of soapy elements. Like family conflict! Paternity lies! Murder, betrayal, love triangles and sexual chemistry up the wazoo! Whatever, just go with it. VERONICA MARS DAY!)

Veronica Mars

A teenage detective? Really? So here’s the deal for the completely uninitiated: the show ran from 2004-2007 and takes place in Neptune, California, a town sharply divided by class. Veronica’s the daughter of the disgraced former sheriff (also known as Keith Mars, World’s Best Dad).

She and the cool kids used to be friends, but then her best friend was murdered, her father was ousted from office, and her mother disappeared. When the show begins, she’s a social outcast in high school, helping her dad with his private investigator business on the side. That’s all you really need to know.

Continue reading