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Five Things About Revenge: “Two Graves”

May 20, 2015

Oh, Revenge. We had a decent run, and then a terrible run, and then a mostly baffling run? I want to say I’ll miss you, but mostly I will miss Nolan’s suits. But hey, we’ll always have Aiden’s death face, right? (#alwaysmagical)

1. Okay, let’s start with the most important thing about the finale: Nolan and Emily did not make out even a little bit or platonically run off into the sunset together.  Which is clearly a tragedy.

Ems and Nolan wedding

Ems and Nolan wedding2

The good news is we did get a nice moment and an Ems-intitiated cheek kiss. And frankly, if the intention wasn’t to convince me Nolan is hopelessly pining for her, then both the writing and Gabriel Mann’s facial expressions really, really failed. Read more…

Gimme Some VD: “I’m Thinking of You All the While”

May 19, 2015

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Red wedding, VD style!

We open a surprisingly decent finale to a real mixed bag of a season on the first of many dream sequences. Damon is laying out on the road where he and Elena met, still dressed in his wedding finery. Elena walks up and asks how bad it is, but he deflects.

Elena and Damon dream kiss

Meanwhile, back in the real world… it’s pretty bad. Alaric sobs, clutching at Jo’s body. RIP, Jo! You were pretty awesome. Meanwhile, Damon’s frantically trying to wake Elena up. But his blood no longer works, so he speeds her off to the hospital. Read more…

Five Things About Revenge: “Plea”

May 10, 2015

Holy crap, only one more episode to go! Unfortunately, I’m probably not going to be able to watch the finale for a week, so expect a delayed reaction to that one too.

1. Of course, Victoria’s alive after all. I actually thought she might be dead for real this time, but they wrote this finale before they knew for sure they were canceled, so I supposed it was inevitable.

Victoria's alive

Anyway, I am glad she’ll get to have a big final show down with Ems in the finale, because her remaining minions are just laughable. I mean, for God’s sake, Margaux —  if you’re going to be evil, at least be competently evil! Spilling the whole plan to Emily at the first threat of a sock beating? Weak. Read more…

Nurses’ Ball 2015: Day Three

May 6, 2015

Oh, boy. Guys, I think I went through the five stage of grief all while watching this episode. Admittedly, watching it took a while, because I kept having to pause when I got too angry. But now, having drank a bit and also watched a documentary on the Ebola outbreak for some perspective, I’m finally verging on acceptance.


So, fine. Elizabeth is kind of a supervillain now. You know what? It happens. Ask Tony Stark. And after moving through the denial and anger and the crushing disappointment that the couple I’ve loved for over 15 years just got tanked once again, I’ve decided I’m just going to be supportive.

If Liz wants to be a supervillain? Then by God, I want her to be the best supervillain she can be. Read more…

Nurses’ Ball 2015: Day Two

May 5, 2015

On the second day of the Nurses’ Ball: Brad and Lucas got engaged and smiled at each other with such happiness on their adorable faces and it was actually quite moving? I legit teared up for a moment. I CAN ADMIT IT.

Brad proposal1

Brad proposal2

(Seriously, though: WHERE THE HELL IS BOBBIE? They couldn’t spring for one reaction shot while her son was getting engaged?)

Anyway, then Magic Milo happened, and Michael awkward tossed a briefcase filled with money on the stage and TJ made me uncomfortable with pelvic thrusting and also, there were butts. So many butts: Read more…

Nurses’ Ball 2015: Day One

May 3, 2015

Rounding out a stunning streak of two entertaining episodes in a row, the Nurses’ Ball is here! Which means drama and dresses and Mutti singing her fabulous little heart out, even if the only one who truly appreciates her is fellow drama queen, Spencer.

Lucy Nurses Ball 2015

Mutti's luftballoons

The fashion portion of the evening was… a really mixed bag. Like, seldom have I seen so many attractive people dressed so universally not well? Especially when some of the actors looked so much better at the Emmys last week. Just let them wear their own dresses next time. Read more…

Was that… an episode I didn’t hate?

May 1, 2015

Listen, if you’d told me three years ago that I’d be this invested in either Britt or Brad, I probably wouldn’t have believed you, but BRITT AND BRAD, YOU GUYS!

Brad Britt reunion

Of the many things this show has been missing lately — of the top of my head: romance, character motivation, a day without the mob — happiness is at the top of the list. But Britt + Brad = instant joy, and I missed them so much and I’m so happy! Can she stay forever? Pretty please? Read more…


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