Farewell, sweet Neurosurgeon!

“Self,” I said to myself last night, “you haven’t posted an episode reaction in a while. Let’s do one tonight.” And then yesterday’s episode featured heavy amounts of Kiki existing, Morgan’s emotional problems, and gross Ava/Paul flirtation.

So, let’s talk about Robin and Patrick’s third (fourth? Does that vow renewal after she came back from the dead count?) wedding!

Scrubs wedding kiss

You know, as sad as I am to lose Jason Thompson — and as especially sad as I am to lose him to Y&R instead of a better opportunity somewhere in primetime — it’s just such a relief that Robin is finally done being kidnapped after almost three straight years of captivity. And even if the stylists have been doing their best to soften the blow by making Patrick’s hair as awful as humanly possible lately, and even though their reunion was totally rushed, I’m also glad to see Scrubs fans getting the happily ever after they’ve been waiting for. Continue reading

The bitch is back.

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since we last saw Ric Lansing in Port Charles! (It’s also hard to believe he wouldn’t have come home to dance on Jason’s grave at least once before now, but whatever.)

Ric returns


When the news first broke that Rick Hearst was on his way back, I had three instant thoughts: 1) please do not let him be here for Elizabeth, 2) please do not let him be here for Alexis, and 3) please do not let him be here for Sonny. Because that is literally the least interesting thing I can  imagine. Continue reading

Well, that was just as irritating as I’d feared.

As soon as the date of Kimberly McCullough’s departure was announced, we all knew it was going to be a bit messy. But I was honestly prepared to let a lot slide because it’s a hard spot for the writers to be in, as long as Jason Thompson is staying.

Robin's choice1

If they’d just said that Robin was off helping other researchers perfect the cure she developed for polonium poisoning and had Emma visiting with her off screen — a la Jax and Jocelyn — I would have accepted that. But of course, that would have meant Patrick wasn’t free to go back to Sabrina without looking like an asshole. And we can’t have that. Continue reading

Have a very merry Scorpio-Drake Day.

You guys, I want to be snarky about how nothing says Christmas like a mob war, or about how anyone thought giving Morgan a gun would be a good idea, or how cute it is that poor TJ actually thought Shawn didn’t want to be a murderer. I really do.

But my belly’s stuffed with cookies and nog, my fingers are tired from wrapping, and the show finally stopped pretending there was a chance in hell Patrick might want anything other than being with Robin:

Patrick chooses Robin1

Patrick chooses Robin2

PATRICK: When I saw you in that church, I  let out a breath that… that I thought I was going to hold for the rest of my life. I am your husband. This is our family. This is our life, and I want it back. I want you back — if you’ll have me.
ROBIN: Of course I will.

Frankly, between Patrick coming to his senses and Robin crying happy tears and KISSES and didgeridoo lessons and the sight of Anna, Duke, and Robert celebrating Christmas together…  this is about as close to good will toward men as I’m likely to get. Continue reading

Well, that was some bullshit.

So, last week! That was fun, huh?

I mean, sure, Felix referred to Robin as Patrick’s “babymama” and I might have almost reached through the television to strangle him. And yeah, maybe Sonny and Shawn spent just a little too much time casually discussing who to murder next.

Robin Patrick reunion2

But Jason Thompson’s never ending cry face! Sabrina fainting all over the place! Maxie getting slapped! It was pretty great.

Then there’s today. I just… what even was that episode? Continue reading

Be still my Scrubs lovin’ heart!

You guys! You guys! YOU. GUYS.

I know I’ve been gone for such a long time. Luckily, Tenillypo has kept the fire burning in my absence. (Thanks, best co-blogger ever!) But today, I was just so effing happy and I had to come back to spew all my candy-filled glee all over you all. Did you have a cigarette at minute 58 of the episode? Because I sure wanted to. Monday I was cursing RC. Now, I love him with all my heart. What a difference a day makes.

Robin Patrick reunion3

ROBIN: It’s okay. Go to Sabrina.
PATRICK: What if I lose you again. I can’t…I can’t…
ROBIN: You’re not gonna lose me again. Tell him baby.
EMMA: I’ve got her, Daddy. I’ll hold onto Mommy.
PATRICK: Don’t move. You stay right here.
ROBIN: I’m not gonna move.

I can’t even express how amazingly satisfying that was. JT and KMc most definitely still have it. Continue reading

So much truth-telling!

Last year around this time, Lucky had been sitting in a Irish graveyard for a month, Sam was raped (maybe! isn’t it exciting not knowing for sure?) on her honeymoon, and Padilla and Maggie “Just Call Me HELL CLOWN” Wurth were the show’s idea of exciting new female characters. I’m not pointing this out to give you all trauma flashbacks or anything. It’s just that if anyone had told me back then that a year later I’d be typing the next sentence without sarcasm, I’d have probably peed myself laughing.

And yet, here we improbably are: you guys, General Hospital has seriously gotten so good and so satisfying that even though I have never smoked, I end every episode feeling like I need a cigarette.


In fact, the show is now so amazing that there are often multiple candidates for best line of the day and I honestly cannot choose between them: Continue reading


Boy, it sure is a shame Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini hate this show so much! I mean, focusing on the Scorpios and Quartermaines, throwing flashback after flashback at us, bringing back beloved characters for both long term stories and short term catharsis, reminiscing about things that happened ten, fifteen, thirty years ago. What do they think this is — a soap opera?

If you know me, you can probably predict that my reaction to seeing Stuart Damon’s face yesterday was instant and copious weeping. (I can’t lie, folks: there was some serious ugly cry action.)

There’s so much history packed into every second Leslie Charleson and Stuart Damon spend on screen together. Their sweet talk was the perfect balm to the pain of her having kept the truth about AJ from him while he was alive.

But it was Alan and AJ that really sent me over the edge: Continue reading

I’m not ready!

Okay, so I saw in the previews yesterday that Patrick is clearly being set up for a new love interest. And from the episode today, it is looking like an ugly duckling story? How else would you explain that hair?!?

So of course, I used my googlefu and found the info about this new character with a photo of the actress playing her. This only reinforced my thoughts since she is clearly stunning. Hopefully when she becomes a swan she will look older than 14 years old. Patrick looks super old compared to her right now.

I know that they need to give Patrick a new love interest…eventually. I would much rather him be a leading man than be back-burnered as he morns Robin.  But still, I am sooooo not ready for this.  I’m going to try to like this character. Despite the contact embarrassment I experienced while watching her clunky dialogue demonstrating her interest in Patrick and despite my protective feeling towards Scrubs, I’m going to try. I promise. I just hope that the writers try to woo the audience and mend our broken hearts while they do so for Patrick. New relationships need to be earned, people!

Oh and I know he is supposedly going on a date with the super gorgeous Dr. Lady. She just looks like a foil for this new love interest so I’m just pretending she isn’t there. Lalalalalala.


You guys, I can’t express how happy seeing Robin on my screen again makes me. And she’s actually an actual real person and not just a figment of Patrick’s imagination!

If you’ve read any of my posts in the past, you know that I kind of have an unhealthy extreme attachment to Robin. I was devastated when she was leaving and it looked like they might kill her off. And I’m so glad she’s still alive instead… but I hadn’t expected that we would see her alive again until GH was cancelled and Kimberly McCullough came back to give Robin an end to her story. (I know, I know, I’m an optimist!)

It’s so exciting that they didn’t do that. (Did I really just say exciting? About GH? I can’t help myself!) This story has great potential. Already, it’s more interesting than anything else Patrick and Robin have been given in the last few years.

*cough* Lisa *cough*

I know, I know. I should know better by now to not get so worked up. But the new upward trajectory of the show makes me think that we might actually get to see Anna kick ass and find Robin! And maybe there might be an actual mystery as to who did this and the answer might be complicated instead of “psychopath obsessed with Jason”!

(Speaking of Jason, maybe I’m just giddy because I can’t remember the last time I had to see his face on my screen? Life is full of wonders!)

Or maybe my optimism has to do with this one little thing I forgot to mention: EWEN HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH ROBIN’S FAKE DEATH! HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS!

Yes, I am seriously excited.

P.S. Yes, I know KMc is likely only on for a limited time. Don’t harsh my buzz, people!