Soap Report: “The Veronica Mars Movie”

So, here’s the thing: I was going to at least try to pretend I could be objective about this movie. But it turns out that when you’ve loved something going on ten years, and spent most of those years thinking you’d never see it again… seeing it again is really pretty amazeballs. Like, I’ve basically been floating through the past week and half on a cloud of emotions and unicorns hearts.

And objectivity is overrated, anyway. LET THE SUPER SQUEE DEBRIEF BEGIN.

Veronica and Logan convertible1

On a scale of one to SO SATISFIED, OMG how good was this movie for you? It is literally impossible for me to imagine being more satisfied. (Well, maybe if the movie was twice as long? And if they’d done an NC-17 version of the love scene? I guess I could imagine being slightly more satisfied then.)

Suffice to say: it was super good for me on a spiritual level, I consider ever cent I contributed to the Kickstarter to be money really well spent, and if you’re looking for any sort of technical critique… this is probably not the place to find it. Continue reading


Soap Report: “Veronica Mars”

Happy Veronica Mars day, y’all! I’M SO EXCITED I CAN FINALLY SAY THAT. I’m also — because I am old and lame — not seeing the movie until tomorrow afternoon. So in the meantime: saddle up, marshmallows. We’re doing a soap report, LoVe style.

(Yes, I know that Veronica Mars is technically not a soap opera. It’s just a teenage detective noir mystery/drama that happens to contain a lot of soapy elements. Like family conflict! Paternity lies! Murder, betrayal, love triangles and sexual chemistry up the wazoo! Whatever, just go with it. VERONICA MARS DAY!)

Veronica Mars

A teenage detective? Really? So here’s the deal for the completely uninitiated: the show ran from 2004-2007 and takes place in Neptune, California, a town sharply divided by class. Veronica’s the daughter of the disgraced former sheriff (also known as Keith Mars, World’s Best Dad).

She and the cool kids used to be friends, but then her best friend was murdered, her father was ousted from office, and her mother disappeared. When the show begins, she’s a social outcast in high school, helping her dad with his private investigator business on the side. That’s all you really need to know.

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