Five Things About Revenge: “Struggle”

1. So, let me get this straight: the source of Emily’s blackouts is just some random suppressed memory of seeing her dad and Victoria doing it? And as soon as she realized that, everything was hunky dory fine? (Yes, yes — she warned him Vicky was bad news. WHATEVER.)

Dear writers: please don’t introduce crap like this if you don’t actually have a purpose or a plan for it. It is painfully obvious that after a promising start, we’re once again falling into the black hole of Revenge plotting, where there are just too many episodes and not enough story and now everything is stalling out into boring and stupid time-waster bullshit.

Nolan and Aiden2

2. On a related note, can we all take a moment to gag at Aiden getting praised as “the only one” who could have saved Emily — especially when he didn’t even care enough to be concerned until Nolan came begging for help? Although I guess curing her serious mental illness by drowning her wouldn’t have been most people’s play. So in that sense he really was the only one?

The only good thing to come out of this whole mess was Nolan offering to run away with her. (Nolan and Emily’s world tour! The can wear disguises and look for deserving rich assholes who need take downs! I would watch the hell out of that show.)

3. Um, Patrick? Maybe after successfully getting away with murder, you should avoid showing up at your victim’s funeral to stage a public scene? Just a thought? Then again, what can we expect from a guy dim enough to believe his idol would offer him a job after 30 seconds of looking at that terrible painting? (Victoria really should have gotten that DNA test. I refuse to believe any child of hers would be this stupid.) (And I say that knowing Daniel exists.)

Victoria loses Patrick

At least the Victoria/Nolan team up was kind of fun. Mostly, though, I’m torn between being relieved that dead weight Patrick is gone and annoyed that they never did a single interesting thing to justify his existence.

4. The bonding scene with Jack and Emily was nice, but I’m wary of Stevie turning into another waste of time like Patrick. On the other hand, the hints that she has something to do with Ems’ father is promising. If we could get back to the actual revenge portion of Revenge any time soon, that would be really nice.

5. Daniel knows about Aiden! And he has his own PI/minion now. Daddy’s little Grayson is all grown up. But there was not nearly enough Daniel and Emily smiling while shooting eye lasers are each other in this episode. Hopefully next week will improve that sorry state of affairs.


3 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Struggle”

  1. Aiden bugs the heck out of me.

    I heart Nolan.

    What’s the deal with Patrick? I’m getting really tired of Patrick’s comings and goings.

    What exactly is Charlotte’s purpose on the show? I thought Declan was a waste of film…..

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