Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted”

Alright, colds have again taken over our household. I’m going to try to see through the congestion and give you our Five things this week:

1) Strip trivia!! I kind of love “off the rails” Spencer. She could give a crap about anything, including getting naked in front of Andrew.


Speaking of Andrew, he is kind of cute with his clothes off. I also love that Spencer was totally schooling him. Heh.

2) Hannah & Caleb fight about his Dad and quickly make up. Awww, Caleb. You look so much better with your hair combed!


And he looks at Hannah in a way that makes my heart melt. He’s so sweet and vulnerable. I really wanted him to have a good reunion with his father, but clearly since they all were so happy something bad was going to happen. Maybe something like Caleb’s dad stealing from the church? Oops.

3) Wren’s back and he was sent by Mona. You shouldn’t poke the beast, Mona! Spencer ends up confronting Mona at the Decathlon thinger, or jumps her and tries to strangle her, rather. It is all pretty entertaining. Wren continues to look confused, befuddled and to be the least professional doctor I have ever seen. He’s even worse than unethical therapist lady. His involvement in the personal lives of these teenage girls is super creepy, even if he does have a pretty face.

4) Emily and Jason hang out. Honestly, I have no idea why this happened. It was like they needed to find something to do with both of these characters because they don’t really have any kind of relationship so really don’t have any reason to hang out. Anyway, this contrivance leads to Jason confessing that he thinks Mona knows who dug up Alison’s grave. And he thought he saw Melissa with Alison the night of her death, but now he thinks it could have been the blonde friend (CeCe). Also, Emily and Jason get stuck in an elevator together. Emily gets out and Jason falls, but lives.


Except then he disappears from the hospital. Dun!

5) CeCe is also a lying liar who lies. She said her car was towed, but called Aria from the car. She has already appeared suspicious before, but since she is being put out there as sketchy, I think she isn’t ultimately part of the “A” team.

It looks like Spencer might be revealing  the Toby secret to her friends next week. I can’t wait!


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